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Found 2 results

  1. I know this has been discussed on the forums but it was only today that I wondered if I should give up my SA citizenship because of this. Any thoughts? South Africa’s big expat tax is coming (Article 6 Jan 2019)
  2. Hello all, While a wheedle out the fun in the last steps of the application process, I have started considering what I'm taking and what I am leaving behind when I go and I have a couple of questions, mostly to those who have already landed. I am a single person going, not a soul going with me, or a soul really meeting me when I land. So far, the plan is Vancouver area, but if work calls elsewhere in the meantime, I could be going anywhere. Anyway, I have read a lot about people taking steps back in career and lifestyle, giving up what they had, managing their families and many other things, but I'm moving from basically nothing. I have no house in my name, no car in my name, no debt (or credit score). I won't be shipping a houseful of goods with me. None of that. I left varsity in 2012 and I moved back in with my folks and since then I have been working solidly. That, and my 21st birthday gift of a unit trust account, is how I'm affording to leave. I have left home before; I moved from JHB to GHT and went to Rhodes. Basically student living is my norm so I don't know if there is a backslide from that? My career is baseline Admin Assistant, although I specialize in cash handling and have spent 2.5 years in a position of trust (I keep the safe keys, so they must like me). However, now that the nuts and bolts of reality are setting in, I have a few questions: 1. If you are moving, by yourself with just one blue metal trunk to you name, what would you bring? At the moment I have clothing, the books that are important to me and a few other things, but it will maybe fill half the trunk. Everything else I own is getting sold because my parents are also emigrating, just to Europe and not Canada. 2. I am finding the job thing very confusing all around but the biggest question is: what are my chances of finding a job before I leave SA and landing to one when I get there. I don't really want to be an Admin Assistant for the rest of my life but it's fine for a bit longer. I have a Masters Degree but I don't think the fields of Literature are all that wide open. and now for an awkward but really important question: 3. For my 25th birthday I was given a gift. There were some incredibly sad circumstances that led to this incredible gift, but I will always be thankful for it. However, I'm not sure how to legally get it into Canada without paying my own body-weight in money. I don't want to go into detail but after a string of bad luck with people taking things that don't belong to them, which was my reason for finally deciding to go, my mother was paid out by insurance and decided to get myself and my sister something with the money, rather than try and replace goods with heavy sentimental value. To put this plainly, my mother bought my sister and I a diamond each. I got mine for my 25th, she got hers for her 21st 6 months later. I don't really want to disclose any more than that because I'm paranoid but, it's unset (for now) but certified via Antwerp and all that jazz. How do I get it to Canada legally without making customs have a heart attack? (You're from Africa and you have unset diamonds? go on... no really.) Will I pay tax on it? Is there a form? Would it be easier to just have it set and wear it in? If anyone has insights, please share.