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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! I hope everyone's 2020 is going well so far. With my PR application busy processing, I've been debating where to move to later this year. I thought perhaps some of you wise folk could offer me some advice. I just want to preface by saying that I don't really mind things like weather, activities/entertainment, etc. at this point. I'm more concerned about finding work in my field (and affording housing). I can figure the rest out, or resettle, at a later stage. Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph-Hamilton vs Edmonton/Calgary As you can see, after much research online, I'm trying to decide between the Kitchener region of Ontario or moving to one of the major Albertan cities. These are my options as they seem sizable, but don't have the extravagant property prices of the likes of Toronto or Vancouver. I have 4 years of full-time marketing experience, as well as a business science master's degree. In my field, as a marketing coordinator/specialist/assistant, I can fortunately work at a variety of companies in various industries. I could also work as an administrative assistant, executive assistant, office manager, etc. So, that's my summary. Which would you recommend for ease of finding work? Kitchener area or one of the Alberta cities? Or somewhere I've not yet considered?
  2. Hi all! It's a pleasure to meet everyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading threads on this forum over the past while, leading up to my own application period. Now, I can happily say that's begun. I'm busy getting all my documents in order, getting ECA, etc. and intend to enter the pool at the start of 2020. After a lengthy period of research, I settled on Edmonton as my destination, due to a number of factors I know about myself, and I'm sure I'll be happy with my decision. However, I am somewhat concerned about how long it'll take to find work there, so any insights will be greatly appreciated. I have a marketing master's and a couple of years of full-time marketing experience behind me. Luckily my field means I can work at an extremely broad range of companies/institutions. 1. At what point do you think I should begin reaching out to companies advertising jobs (and recruiters)? 2. What do you think the chances are of my getting Skype/phone interviews while still in SA? 3. Any advice in terms of what to do once I've hard landed next year, for finding work soonest (if I haven't already)? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  3. Arya

    Cost of Living

    Hi all, So hubby and I received our passports with visas and PR docs this week, the house is on the market, and we're getting ready to leave SA in October. Exciting stuff! I am currently working on my Canadian resume and will start searching for a job soon. Thing is, I need to get some idea of what our cost of living will be so that I can see if we could realistically live off my salary. I can get a rough idea of what salary I can expect to earn from job ads, but I don't know how much of this to deduct for taxes and other statutory payments. And then I don't know what transport, rent, internet, food, telephone, etc would cost. Could anybody give me an idea, or point me in the right direction? Some background information: We're moving to Edmonton, Alberta. I am a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA qualified) with 10 years+ of experience. Currently working on having my CIMA qualification converted to CPA Alberta. I will try to find any role in accounting and am prepared to work at a more junior level than I am accustomed to. Not sure what salary to expect though. Hubby has 10 years of experience as a retail manager, but is currently studying full time to become a teacher. He is willing to do retail work in Canada and then later see if he can get into the Canadian education system. He can't work from around Feb to May of next year as he will have to study though, so we will have to be able to get by on just my salary during that time. No kids - just myself, my husband and two dogs. Looking to rent a house or apartment with a closed-in back yard for the dogs. Does anybody perhaps have a list of their monthly expenses that they can share? Or maybe you could just give the list without amounts, then I can at least do some internet research to fill out the amounts? Much appreciated!
  4. Kersfeesplanne in Edmonton Ons beplan 'n Kersdiens en Kersete vir Saterdagmiddag 12 Desember. Dit word by Dayspring Presbyterian Church, op 11445-40 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta gehou. Ons kom 4 pm bymekaar en die diens begin 4:30. Daarna eet ons gesellig saam. RSVP asseblief (hier by hierdie post) voor Saterdag 28 November of jy/julle kom. Elzabe Roux sal jou/ julle dan kontak in verband met die eetgoed, aangesien dit Potluck ete is. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Christmas plans in Edmonton We are planning a Christmas service and Christmas dinner for Saturday afternoon December 12. It is being held at Dayspring Presbyterian Church, on 11445-40 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta. We gather at 4 pm and start worship at 4:30. Then we have an enjoyable supper together. Please RSVP (here at this post) before Saturday November 28 if you intend to come. Elzabe Roux will then contact you with regards to with food you plan to bring, as it will be a Potluck supper.
  5. Opportunity for LMR techs willing to relocate. Intermediate to Senior in Edmonton and Fort St John. Junior in Edmonton. Senior min 10 years experience. Intermediate min 5 years, Junior 2-3 years. Will involve field work so drivers license a must. Analogue 2 way radio and paging. DMR (MotoTrbo & NXDN), Trunked, Conventional, Simulcast systems, Radio dispatch systems, Microwave PTP / PMP, Indoor and outdoor antenna analysis, Basic IP networking and troubleshooting, Installations, SCADA, Rigging. If you think you have the skill set and experience please contact for more information.
  6. Great family business for sale. An established South African meat and grocery deli for sale in Edmonton, Alberta doing around $400,000 in annual sales. This busy shop has high quality equipment and a cornerstone to the South African community. It’s seen steady growth over the years and produces many of your South African favorites. The owner wants to step back from the busy lifestyle. For more information email