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Found 12 results

  1. Any mechanics on the site? What is the process of getting your qualification assessed? Hubby studied Diploma of Mechanical Engineering through the then Technikon Natal now know as Durban University of technology! And did his apprenticeship (mechanics) with the KZN department of transport. Australia issued him with cert 3 in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology. Any idea what NOC code we should be looking up and who do we get his qualifications assessed through? NOC 7312 looks like the closest to what he currently does! We just keep going in circles with the websites! We looking to move to either BC or Alberta.
  2. Hi all, I am busy reading up on reviews of both the services of WES and of ICAS and there seem to be warnings and complaints about both of them. From a South Africans perspective, which of the two would you guys recommend? Would like to know some pros and cons of both organisations that South Africans have experienced first hand. Am I correct that with WES, the institution can send off your results OR I can do it myself, but with ICAS, this needs to be done by the institution? I would rather do it myself to ensure that there are no mistakes. Yup, I'm a stress ball..
  3. Stefan1274

    ECA Recognised Institutions

    Hi everyone, Is there a resource that exists which shows which SA academic institutions are recognised by ECA? I would like to know this before enrolling in a course. Thanks, S.
  4. Avital

    City & Guilds

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I have seen a lot of helpful information on the forum so thanks so much for this. My husband, our 7 month old son and I have decided that we would like to start a brighter future in Canada. After seeing an agent and doing intensive research and reading, we decided that we would attempt to apply ourselves. I am experiencing an issue with getting my education recognized and wanted to find out if anyone else has gone through something similar. I studied an International Professional Advanced Chef Management Diploma through Capsicum Culinary Studio. This course was a 2 year course but I received three separate diplomas for the course: Diploma in Patisserie, Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking and an Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts. These Diplomas are from City & Guilds and are level IVQ 2 & IVQ 3. It was advised to me to go through BCIT to have my education assessed but they are not even considering it to be a 1 year course. This is the reply I received from them: "Thank you for your email. Please note the credential that has been submitted is out of scope of what we can assess. We cannot do this credential because it less than one-year duration and it is a trans-national credential. You are welcome to apply with any other academic credentials the client may have. " I would like to try and have it assessed through IQAS as this was another company recommended to me by the agent but IQAS requires me to pay up front - which I don't mind doing if I get the results I need but of course this cannot be guaranteed. Any advise on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I am currently studying a business degree part time so if all else fails we will wait to apply at the end of next year, but if my previous course is recognized - we can start the process earlier. Thanks in advance!
  5. Avital

    ECA for Intec College

    Hi All, I just posted a query regarding my City & Guilds qualifications but I have another query regarding my current studies. I am studying a business Advanced Diploma as an Executive Personal Assistant through a college called INTEC. My qualification is considered a NQF 7 and gives me 360 credits and I am studying part-time. I have 3 years to complete the course but I am aiming to complete it after my exams next year in June/July. I would like to find out if it will play a role that I finish my course in 1 year instead of 3? Will it only be assessed as a 1 year course or do they look at the NQF level and credits? I know that when you apply for an ECA the ask from what year to what year you studied your course. Has anyone studied through INTEC and what process did you have to go through to get transcripts? TIA
  6. Hi All. my name is Jason and currently live in New Zealand. I have lived here for about 3.5 years and am trying to gather information to move to Canada. My main concern is the qualification assessment. Has anyone had their old national technical certificates evaluated (N3-N6)? I have read on some of the designated authorities websites that part of the process is to directly request transcripts from the educational authority that issued them i.e. the Department of Education. Now I don't mean to sound negative but I have been through trying to request a certificate which they forgot to issue to me and it took months to get anywhere. I still have the original transcripts provided once the course was complete. Can I not use these instead? Has anyone had any experience with the request for transcripts? and if so how long did it take? Cheers and TIA.
  7. Dear All Could someone in the medical field or with knowledge of the medical field in Alberta province please advise us. My wife has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedicine with post qualification of clinical pathology in medical laboratory. She is currently registered with HPCSA (equivalent to CSMLS in Canada) After much research, it seems that Laboratory Services in Canada use IQAS as the preferred ECA body rather than WES. Is WES not valid for the medical industry? I ask as I do not wish to have to pay for my ECA twice.Does anyone know if IQAS is acceptable for the CRS calculation for entrance into the EE pool? Have any immigrants had luck being employed as a medical laboratory technician? If so, did you have to start lower down the ladder as a lab assistant and work yourself up again, or did they recognize the Saffa experience right off the bat? How would you compare the medical industry in Canada vs SA? Should one apply to write the Canadian board exam with CSMLS before applying for employment? I have read that labs don't run 24/7 like here in SA. Is this true and if so what are the typical hours? Thank you in advance to all those whom respond!!!
  8. AdeleDBN

    WES Assesment

    Hi, Please can someone help! I am having my first freak out session (one of many to come I am sure). I have submitted my documents and paid for WES assessment in October - documents were received on 21 October and status changed to evaluation in progress. Expecting my report any day now I went on the website and I realized that I mailed my documents to WES USA and not Canada? Would that be a problem? Were did you send your documents? Canada or USA?
  9. QueenOfHeartsZA

    Who did you use for your ECA

    Hi I feel very nervous as everyone seems to have used WES for their ECA. I only found this site after I had started the process through the University of Toronto. I would like to hear, it anyone used Utoronto and how long it took. What degrees did you submit and what was the results that you obtained?
  10. Jeanne-M

    WES - Canadian Equivalency Summary

    Hi, Is there someone who would be willing to clear this up for me? I don't want to make a mistake on our EE profile. I am really confused about the Canadian equivalency summary on my WES report. So, the report I received from WES states: CANADIAN EQUIVALENCY SUMMARY - Bachelor's Degree (three years) and bachelor's degree (four years). In the 'Level of Education' field, should I select 'Bachelor's Degree...', or should I select 'Two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees...'? Would appreciate any advice!
  11. EyelidGoose

    Couriers and ECA

    Hi everyone Newbie to the forum here, and there are a few things I'd like to ask you guys about. Firstly, have any alumni from UJ applied for their ECA via WES? If so, what was the process you followed? My attachment needs to get his transcript sent to WES through UJ/QVS.Secondly, my transcript is going to WES directly from my college but the college has asked me to sort out the courier and fees etc. Does anyone know if this will be a problem on WES' side seeing as the package will be coming from "me" and not my college? (I'm going to organise the courier to collect from my college and deliver to WES, I'm just worried they'll have an issue with it).Thirdly, if the above isn't going to be a problem, do you guys think I could drop off my envelope with my copies of my degree and have the courier collect both at the same time to save on fees or should I play it safe and deliver both separately? How did you guys send through your documents?And lastly, which couriers are the best? I'm not too fussed on who's cheapest, just who is most reliable.Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing everyone's stories Have an awesome one!
  12. The WES educational credential assessment (ECA) lists my majors as Applied Mathematics and Statistics. But my majors were actually slightly different: Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics. The graduation certificate just lists the degree, not the majors. But if you read the transcript carefully, it has the following at the end: "SUBJECT DISTINCTION MATHS, MATHS STATS, CM - MATHS 3, MATHS STATS 3" (CM = cert of merit). Other than that, there is no indication of what my majors actually were. It obviously makes sense to enter the WES majors in the application form, as that's the only information verifiable on any other source document. But does anyone have any advice (or experience) as to whether it's better to: Include a "full disclosure" addendum (in this case explaining that the WES assessment of the Canadian equivalent majors is different from the original majors, and I have entered the WES majors in the form) Include a disclaimer without any further explanation (e.g. a footnote: "As assessed by WES") Just use the WES majors without any further explanation i.e. favour simplicity over accuracy.I've tried to phrase these options in more general terms, so that the advice can be useful in other similar circumstances as well. [NB: The majors don't matter for the purposes of the application, as I am applying under NOC 2174 - computer programmer. This is really about the best policy to follow when dealing with CIC.]