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Found 6 results

  1. iguessee

    Well Hello There

    So, a tentative Hello to you all I'm 32 and have been unemployed for the last 4 years. For that reason alone, my partner will be the main applicant so I have chosen not to take the IELTS nor convert my degrees with WES. Currently, we're coming up to that halfway phase so there's only the work reference letters to go. I would really appreciate it if someone could advise me about my prospects in Canada since I will be starting from scratch. Given my skill sets, I would say that I would initially be applying for care giver positions though I am open to suggestions. Which begs the question: Should I have gotten my degrees authenticated for use in job applications in-country? My degrees are BA. Psychological Counselling and Honours BA Psychology. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch
  2. d1trut5r

    Degree or Not

    Hi - I only have an MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) but no qualifications or degrees except matric - does this count in any form to my application? Thank you!
  3. Are there any okes on the forum here that successfully registered as n Pr Tech Eng or Technician in Canada with their B-Tech and/or National Diploma? What process did you follow to have your qualifications accredited /recognized in Canada? I understand that each province has its own professional organization (like a provincial ECSA for each province) and that they have different rules, laws and regulations. Then you get the and (Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists). Who answers to who?
  4. GrantM

    WES Credential Verification

    Hello wonderful forumites! So we are beginning with the processes and jumping through the necessary hoops. I have my language test (hopefully) booked for the 17th and tomorrow I need to get my degree verification process going. Later in the week when work eases up, we will apply for birth certs and my lady's new passport. So I have decided to use WES Almost $300 but I couldn't find a more cost effective way? Feel free to let me know if there is! I am thinking of having it posted/couriered to my uncle in Canada to save a few bucks. I'm sure $80 to courier to SA is robbery. I just have a few questions which I would appreciate some help with. Does the photocopy of my degree that I have to courier to WES need to be certified? As far as I can tell it does not need to be. My degree was obtained through UNISA. Does anyone know roughly how long it takes UNISA to send through your transcripts? Does anyone have a connection at UNISA or perhaps have the correct contact details for me to send the request to? The email I have tracked down is that I found here: Does UNISA courier the docs or post them? I assume they post them which means it will take 8 to 12 weeks to get there, no? Does WES only charge my card once they have issued their report? Or to they take the money as soon as they can?Thanks peeps! Enjoy what's left of your Sunday!
  5. J and B

    Degree Recognition

    Greetings from SA. My partner and I are looking to both be in Canada sometime next December or so. I am a fully qualified mechanical engineer with an honors degree (B.Ing which is basically a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering) that is from the University of Johannesburg. The degree is said to be internationally recognized however my question is, how do I get my degree recognized in Canada? Furthermore are there additional tests that I may need to take? Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. jonathan.b

    Job hunting without a degree

    Hi all You guys have been very helpful to me in the past when I've posted my various questions and problems. Maybe you could help me solve this one. How do I job hunt outside of Canada? Bear in mind I don't have any qualifications, only experience. I do have: - PR Status - A SIM Card/SIM Number. I realise that it's difficult to apply for work outside of the country, since you can't go door to door with your resumé. Can anyone give me ideas, or places where I can go about applying? I would REALLY appreciate it. Jonathan