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Found 7 results

  1. Stefan1274

    B.Engineering CRS score

    Hi everyone, I would like to run something that an agent told me by the fellow forum readers, and get your take on what she told me. I have a B.Engineering (Mechanical) degree from Univ. of Pretoria. Although this qualification is only a bachelor's degree, it is on a higher NQF level than a 'standard' 3 year bachelor's from the same University. According to the agent, this would fetch a higher CRS score than said 3 year program (i.e. for the "Two or more certificates, diplomas..." option in the CRS points tool). Can this be right? It makes sense to me that higher NQF should mean higher CRS, but the wording on those options make me wonder, and so does the decaying credibility of the agent as I read more and more on this forum... I am starting to grow a bit worried, as my CRS score seems to be much lower than what the agent promised it would be. As it stands, it seems that another degree, LMIA job offer or PNP would become non negotiable to get to draw levels. P.S. On that note, can anybody comment on how realistic it is to try to land a NOC 0, A or B job offer while still in the pool? Thank you, A nervous newbie
  2. If I play with a CRS calculator one more time I’ll officially lose the plot. After much deliberation I’ve realized that in order to increase our CRS score to over 400 I need to sign up for additional study courses. The Boss (Hubby) is costing us on points because of his age irrespective of qualification and work experience. Where changing things and having me as the the principal applicant on EE profile is better. Do you think it wise to create one profile for him in the meantime even with the low score and as I manage to complete studies then create my profile? Can any of you think of other ways to increase the CRS score other than additional study and re-write of IELTS if the score isn’t adequate. Would you sign up to learn French? Would you try study two different qualifications at the same time? Would you try stalk people in Manitoba to make friends for EOI? 😂 Even with additional study it looks as if our score will be in the early 400’s In terms of EOI for PNP’s finding that all illusive job to increase the score is a long shot so I’m trying to find ways to increase it as much as possible and doing all the networking etc in the background. I read somewhere yesterday of someone who had a CRS score of 350 and received a PNP from Nova Scotia 🌈 All I know is that succeeding at this point is all I need to stay focused on, whatever it takes.
  3. Liz88

    OINP and EE

    I’ve been playing around with various CRS score counters and would like to know if these tools are a real reflection of the points you may be awarded? I’m asking as my husband is the main applicant and the tools only ever ask for his age and not mine. I’d just like to know - when you do your official application to get into the EE Pool are the questions a lot more in depth and will they then give opportunity for me to put my age etc etc? Is there an opportunity to explain yourself or what your reasons are for coming to Canada or doesn’t that matter? Am I also correct in stating that you cannot apply for OINP? They assess everyone in the pool and invite only who they deem fit? But you can apply to other provinces?
  4. JonnyBlaze

    Short CRS Points

    Dear All, My wife and I finally decided on a mutually agreeable country and city to move to. (After a lot of deliberation & then even more!) We are aiming for Calgary AB. We were hoping on applying for PR and then doing a LSD trip to both activate our 5 year PR Visa and to make sure the choice of city/country was the right one before closing up shop in JHB permanently. Our first port of call was to visit an immigration consultant who ran us through the CRS questionnaire (Main applicant - Wife) and unfortunately we came up a little short, anywhere between the 400-416 mark dependent on our IELTS results. Does anyone have any advice on what we could do to bring our points up quickly & easily? So far, learning French and applying for the PNP seem to be the only two immediate options... On that note, can anyone point me in the direction of the province specific occupational list for PNP (Alberta specifically) & does anyone know to what level ones French fluency needs to reach to attain the extra 30 CRS points available? Going to study further (Honours +32 points) is an option but doing so could result in a potential 5-10 points being subtracted for age so not a guarantee that it would bring the points up to necessary levels either. Thanks to all for any input! Much appreciated!
  5. Coll


    Hi We are now busy getting our ducks in a row and will start applying as soon as we do our IELTS. Eek cannot believe we are actually doing this!!!! Anyway, I've got a few questions that I'm hoping you can help me with as I qualify for the express entry. I've looked at the CRS criteria and am trying to gauge how many points I can get and I've got a few queries: Section A - Core/Human capital factors - level of education - I have a bachelors degree in Accounting under ACCA and I've got a 3 year diploma in AAT as well as a year diploma in Business Computing. Would I qualify for the 'Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. One must be for a program of three or more years'? Section B - Spouse Common Law Factors - My husband studied for a diploma in Clothing technology for 3 years after school but was one subject short of getting his diploma. We have all his papers and exam scores but unfortunately no diploma. Would he still be able to get a score of 7? He also studied for CIPC but only did 2 papers. Does this help his score? Section C - Skills Transferability factors - I have a bachelors degree in Accounting under ACCA and I've got a 3 year diploma in AAT as well as a year diploma in Business Computing. Would I qualify for the 'Two or more post-secondary program credentials AND at least one of these credentials was issued on completion of a post-secondary program of three years or longer' at either 25 or 50 points depending on my score for IELTS? What is the average score most have got for the IELTS? Would it be a long stretch to assume that if I practice and study for the exam that I could possibly get a CLB 10 or more for the IELTS? Any helpful tips on how to pass with flying colours? Rddm2017 - What is a WES? If I get a score of between 401-439 depending on the answers above. How long can I expect to wait? Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  6. CIC has released a CRS Score Distribution of EE Candidates as of March 29, 2017. This is a great read as to how many people are still in the EE pool and if you know your score, you can sort of see where you are and maybe how long the wait is still if the draw continues to happen every 2 weeks. Of course, there are always new applicants going into the pool. If we take the number of invitees that was drawn today (3753) out of below numbers and assume that all candidates above 431 was invited: 3753 - 124 - 422 - 137 -1927 = 1143 difference (rough number of new applicants that joined the pool in a week's time (March 29 - April 5). If we assume that no new applicants join the pool (highly unlikely but we can dream), it will take about 3 more draws to get the EE score down to 400. Anyways, this is just interesting read and discussion. I'll let you guys mull it over.
  7. Change is coming November 19, 2016.... Read here for the details: The following changes are notable for job offers: A qualifying job offer is now worth 200 points if the offer is in an occupation contained in Major Group 00 of the National Occupational Classification. A qualifying job offer is now worth 50 points if the offer is any other qualifying offer of arranged employment. there will be new ways of being awarded either 50 or 200 points without the need to obtain a LMIA (though points will continue to be awarded to individuals with a new or existing LMIA) The following changes are notable for Canadian education: 0 points, if the foreign national has a secondary school educational credential; 15 points, if the foreign national has an eligible credential from a one-year or two-year post-secondary program; and 30 points, if the foreign national has either: an eligible credential from a post-secondary program of three years or more, an eligible credential from a university-level program at the master’s level or at the level of an entry-to-practice professional degree for an occupation listed in the National Occupational Classification matrix at Skill Level A for which licensing by a provincial regulatory body is required, or an eligible credential from a university-level program at the doctoral level. Changes to ITA submission deadline: Candidates will now have 90 days to submit an application after they receive an ITA.