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Found 3 results

  1. MaryJane

    CRA Tax 2017 (Filing Season 2018)

    Tax season starts tomorrow! Hope you guys are ready. The 2018 tax filing season will run from Feb 26, 2018 - April 30, 2018. The CRA will have extended hours with regards tax enquiries. Some of the new things this year: if you get an invite, you may be able to do your taxes over the phone (that's a wow, even for me) a nurse practitioner can now certify a DTC (Disability Tax Credit) certificate Some changes on tax credits and amounts: As of January 1, 2017, the federal education and textbook credits were eliminated. As of January 1, 2017, the children’s arts tax credit and children’s fitness tax credit were eliminated. As of July 1, 2017, the public transit tax credit was eliminated. What's new -
  2. 'Tis the tax season and scam phone calls with regards the CRA are once again prevalent. Here are some things to expect when the real CRA phones you up: * The CRA will not ask for information about your passport, health card or drivers licence. The CRA may validate your identity by asking for certain personal information including your full name, date of birth, your address. * The CRA will not request personal information via email. The CRA will rather notify you that you have a new mail in its secure portal such as MyAccount. You will have to login to read the mail. * The CRA will not email you a link requesting you to fill in an online form with personal and financial details. The CRA may mail you a link to a webpage, form or publication in response to your telephone enquiry. * The CRA will not send you a link to your refund by email or text message. They will send Notice of Assessments through snail mail or via MyAccount. * The CRA will not set up an in-person meeting in a public place to take payment. The CRA might ask you for financial information like the name of your bank and its location. * The CRA will not demand immediate payment via prepaid credit card. The CRA uses online banking, pre-authorised debit, etc. to ask you to pay a tax debt. * The CRA will not threaten with immediate arrest or prison sentence. The CRA will use legal action to recover monies owed if you refuse to pay your debt. More information here - If you suspect a scam, phone the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or visit them online.
  3. Tracey22

    Scams - beware

    We were just potential victims of a scam. We got a message from officer David Jones who is a federal agent investigating tax fraud. We have been named as fraudsters, and must phone him back. If he does not hear from us by the end of the day, RCMP will be called in. My heart stopped. i listened to the message many times. Then my brain kicked in: 1. With a name like David Jones, why did he not have a Canadian or English type accent. he had a weird accent. So I called the CRA's public number - not the one given to me on the voice message. The CRA confirmed it was a scam. The guy stressed THE FOLLOWING: 1. THE CRA NEVER PHONES YOU. If there is an investigation against you, they will send a letter. If the investigation is so severe, they will send either the RCMP or your local police to your house. THEY WILL NEVER CALL YOU 2. THE CRA WILL NEVER GIVE YOU A NUMBER TO CALL. If you are asked to call them, again through a letter, they will give you a toll free number or a public number 3. NEVER EVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL DETAILS TO THE CRA. EVER. When you call the CRA, the person will provide you with your SIN, address etc as security questions. Your personal information is never an answer to a security question. 4. CRA DOES NOT INVESTIGATE FRAUD. This is done by the RCMP or local police Thankfully the logic prevailed over the panic, and nothing happened. The CRA asked us to give all the details we had to the York Region Police. The officer said that the phone number we were given is one of those spoofed by fraudsters. This is what happened when the police are called during those "swatting" scams. Very scary. But if this ever happens to you, DO NOT CALL BACK. Contact the CRA or police through the publicly issued numbers, and not those provided by the phone call.