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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, We are South African an living in Aus (immigrated Nov 2018) at the moment as my hubby got a job and we managed to get a PR visa. Aus was not my first option but that is was our option at the time. We used to own a farm in the Drakensberg, but safety became a huge issue. We had threats on our daughter and stock theft galore! We have been in Aus 14months now and are still wanting to move to Canada. I have looked on the Canada immigration site but find the whole process very confusing. My husband is turning 48 this year and is a heavy duty mechanic (Diploma in Mechanical engineering through tech in South Africa). Unfortunately our IELTS have expired that we used for Aus so will have to redo those. From what I have researched the Express Entry is not an option as we don't get enough points because of hubby's age, and none of my studies es are recognised as a "skill". Any suggestions on where we start the process and which is the best option to apply for that will give us PR? Where to look for jobs (those that I have looked up won't even consider unless you are Canadian or already have a visa)? What sort of captial is needed if you want to start your own business in Canada ect? Hubby did his skills assessment for Aus and they gave him an equivalent qualification for here, so how would we go about getting this skills assessed for Canada and what is the cost in Rands? Who does he get it done through as it is a trade and does the skill assessment expire? We owned our own business in South Africa, but he is now working for an employer in Aus, whilst running a small mobile mechanic business on the side! Any South Africans that have moved from Australia to Canada? I have looked at the Alberta or British Columbia regions as options - anyone cane give me more info on these areas or pics please? I studied Kinesiology in South Africa which is know as Applied Kinesiology in Canada and I'm an Equine sports massage and equine animal behaviour, so my field is alternate therapies with humans and horses. Thank you all in advance:)
  2. Arya

    Cost of Living

    Hi all, So hubby and I received our passports with visas and PR docs this week, the house is on the market, and we're getting ready to leave SA in October. Exciting stuff! I am currently working on my Canadian resume and will start searching for a job soon. Thing is, I need to get some idea of what our cost of living will be so that I can see if we could realistically live off my salary. I can get a rough idea of what salary I can expect to earn from job ads, but I don't know how much of this to deduct for taxes and other statutory payments. And then I don't know what transport, rent, internet, food, telephone, etc would cost. Could anybody give me an idea, or point me in the right direction? Some background information: We're moving to Edmonton, Alberta. I am a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA qualified) with 10 years+ of experience. Currently working on having my CIMA qualification converted to CPA Alberta. I will try to find any role in accounting and am prepared to work at a more junior level than I am accustomed to. Not sure what salary to expect though. Hubby has 10 years of experience as a retail manager, but is currently studying full time to become a teacher. He is willing to do retail work in Canada and then later see if he can get into the Canadian education system. He can't work from around Feb to May of next year as he will have to study though, so we will have to be able to get by on just my salary during that time. No kids - just myself, my husband and two dogs. Looking to rent a house or apartment with a closed-in back yard for the dogs. Does anybody perhaps have a list of their monthly expenses that they can share? Or maybe you could just give the list without amounts, then I can at least do some internet research to fill out the amounts? Much appreciated!
  3. Gary van der Westhuizen

    Cost of Living Toronto (GTA)

    Hi Everyone I haven't seen one of these for Toronto, or at least not recently, and I thought it could be of some assistance. I will qualify this by saying, I am sure these costs aren't absolute. This has been our experience. I am sure you can find some things, if not all, cheaper, and my numbers could be wrong. We have used No Frills( like Shoprite) and Food Basics ( Pick 'n Pay). This is just an indication of what we have experienced. With the HST indicator, this could also not be 100% accurate. One things that everyone tells you, but you don't realize it until you get here, is that everything is ex-HST (VAT) so it takes getting used to, as you end up paying more for some stuff. Description $ Price HST Charged Big Bottle of Ketchup (750ml) 3,88 No HST Big Bottle of Mayo (890 ml) 3,99 No HST Fruit concentrate (makes about 1l) 0,89 HST Mccain Oven bake chips (650g) 2,00 No HST Male work shirt (wear with a tie ) - Old Navy 45,00 HST Oral B floss (2 x 50m) 7,00 HST Zoo Admission 23,00 HST Lysol disinfectant wipes 4,00 HST Bounce - antistatic sheets (80's) 5,00 HST Instant Oats - 500g (about) 2,75 No HST 12 Rolls 2 ply toilet paper 4,97 HST Onions (3 LB) 1,28 No HST Tomatoes per KG 2,82 No HST Becel (basically Flora margerine) 454g 1,97 No HST 4l 2% milk 3,97 No HST Loaf of brown bread 2,29 No HST Famiy size Lays chips 2,50 HST Strawberries 454g 1,88 No HST 12 Eggs - Large 2,27 No HST Cucumber each 0,97 No HST Frozen veggies 2KG 4,99 No HST Pizza - Enough for 4 9,04 HST Lipton tea bags (200) 5,99 No HST Pasta - 500g 0,99 No HST Foam hand soap ( about 250ml) 1,99 HST 6 Beers (Corona or similar) 15,00 HST Bottle of Wine @ LCBO 15+ HST Mcdonalds Meal 10,00 HST Bottle of wine at a Restaurant 50+ HST Medium Double double @ Tim Hortons 2,00 HST Rent 1400+ Nice cell contract (Samsung S8) @ Rogers 100,00 Monthly Movies - new release each 13,50 Womens shoes 40+ King size bed 1 200,00 HST 2 seater couch 610,00 HST The list is by no means exhaustive, but I think it gives you a feel for what things cost, even if it is just ball park numbers. Where ever there is a number with a + it means that is the minimum price, and you can very easily go up, and probably will. We have found with the public transport, depending on your area, that the Presto cards with a monthly TTC pass loaded works out cheaper than paying the $3 per trip(presto $3 vs cash fare @ $3,25) , as with the monthly pass you have unlimited trips, which helps if you are not in downtown, and need to catch a bus, a subway and a bus on the other side again. We have experienced the GO system as rather expensive, but sometimes that is the only way to go. The only problem with the monthly TTC pass is if you need to go to, for example Mississauga, you get charged the $3 again when you get on the miway bus, irrespective of the 2 hour rule. Long term you need a car, in my opinion, as well as the public transport works, it takes time. You can do something in a car that the buss will take 3 times longer, just because of the nature of the beast. Feel free to add or correct anything you don't agree with, or that I have missed.
  4. Backstory found here. The gist: Vancouver Average price: $819,336 Monthly mortgage payment: $3,570 Property tax: $251 Income required: $147,023 Calgary Average price: $465,047 Mortgage mortgage payment: $2,026 Property taxes: $236 Income required: $88,578 Edmonton Average price: $365,520 Mortgage payment: $1,592 Property tax: $244 Salary required: $72,617 Regina Average price: $331,161 Monthly mortgage payment: $1,443 Property tax: $378 Income required: $72,028 Saskatoon Average price: $349,322 Monthly mortgage payment: $1,522 Property tax: $366 Income required: $74,546 Winnipeg Average price: $270,605 Monthly mortgage payment: $1,179 Property tax: $274 Income required: $58,235 Ottawa Average price: $357,887 Monthly mortgage payment: $1,559 Property tax: $336 Income required: $74,820.28 Toronto Average price: $587,505 Monthly mortgage payment: $2,560 Property tax: $354 Income required: $113,009 Montreal Average price: $344,273 Monthly mortgage payment: $1,500 Property tax: $237 Income required: $68,884 Halifax Average price: $264,447 Monthly mortgage payment: $1,152 Property tax: $266 Income required: $56,929