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Found 8 results

  1. MaryJane

    In case you missed it... has moved! Our constant accompanying website all these years has now taken up a new address.
  2. MaryJane

    New IRC Minister

    In case the news went by silently.... There's a new IRC Minister in town (or sometimes we still call CIC minister)...Mr Ahmed Hussen. Here's CBC News breaking the story: Toronto MP Ahmed Hussen 1st Somali-Canadian appointed to federal cabinet
  3. jaredvdm

    Canadian Immigration Videos

    Hey guys, Not sure if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything in the search. The guy, Matthew Iwama is an immigration and visa expert. His videos are easy to follow and pretty short. Hope this helps some of you. Cheers
  4. Hi guys Are any of you (or anyone else who reads this) currently busy with your online PR application form or know someone who is? I need a screen shot of the statutory questions section at the end to check wording and unfortunately I can no longer access my application as it is long since submitted. So if anyone can help me out and PM me a screen shot, that would be super helpful! @Charldr @JoannaB @Ribsy @Jobizzle @Nico_Nortje @Douger Thanks in advance
  5. EyelidGoose

    Double Applications - Express Entry

    Hi guys If this is a duplication of anyone's previous question, please just reply with a link to the thread that can answer the following: My fiance and I are both creating profiles on the CIC website, one with me as the main applicant and one with him as the main applicant. We are both listed on each other's main application to try increase our chances of getting invitations to apply. Yesterday though, whilst Googling, we found that some people advise against this as the CIC supposedly has issues with "double applications". Because if both profiles are chosen, one would decline the invitation and tag along with the other who has accepted and this, from what we've found, reflects badly on the individual and could cause problems. Can anyone verify if this is a problem or not? Has anyone done the double application thing without any problems? Thanks in advance!
  6. Deanne

    Express Entry

    Express Entry What is Express Entry? Express Entry is not a new immigration program, it is a new application mmanagementsystem. No More Eligible Occupation List With the opening of Express Entry it has been implied that there will no longer be a list of eligible occupations for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Instead, anyone with experience in a NOC O, A, B category occupation could put in an application under this program. Shorter Processing Times Once an applicant is invited to apply for Permanent Residency, their application is expected to be processed within six months. Educational Credential Assessments Under the Express Entry Program only those applying under the Federal Skilled Programs will require an educational credential assessment report Points System Applicants will continue to be assessed based on their scores in a variety of categories including skills, work experience, education and language ability. Documents Required The required documents for the various programs will remain essentially the same, although applicants will be required to submit all of their required documents within sixty (60) days of being invited to apply for Permanent Residence or risk losing their invitation. Job Offers Not Mandatory While those who have a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer will be invited to apply for Permanent Residence, those who have the highest score in their category may also be invited to apply for Permanent Residency. Existing Programs Staying Open Under the new Express Entry Program the following immigration categories will still remain open: Federal Skilled WorkerFederal Skilled TradesCanadian Experience ClassProvincial Nominee ProgramsThe selection process for the above mentioned categories may change as well as the applicable points system. We will notify you once these changes have been announced prior to the Express Entry launch in January of 2015. Contact us if you need assistance Tel:+27 (0)11-326-4996 E-mail: Canada Abroad 260 Kent Avenue Ground Floor, Left Wing Ferndale, 2194 South Africa
  7. dmkza

    Work permit

    Has anyone applied for a work permit lately and how long did it take to get approved? Our agent says that it should take about 4 months. We have a possitive LMO. Thanks in advance
  8. LilyZA

    Need advice :)

    Hi Everyone I am basically posting this to hear what your opinion is regarding our application. We have everything ready to in our application, except: - Our unabridged birth certificates. I.e. The full version, with your mom and dads names etc. We initially (naïvely) thought that the small yellow birth certificate was adequate, but discovered that we were wrong during the weekend. Sigh. You think you can prepare everything in advance, and then chaos strikes! What fun Anyway, we were hoping to apply within the first week of the reopening of the FSWP as my common-law partner's NOC is one of the most sought after - Computer Programmer. Now we will have to wait to apply for the unabridged version of our birth certificate, which can take up to 4 weeks (we might use docassist if we get desperate). My biggest fear is that the cap will be reached on his NOC before we can get ours in?! Is this even a possibility or am I being a total neurotic? We'd probably have it by the CIC latest end of May, could it fill that quickly? Thanks in advance!