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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone I have been afforded the opportunity to expand our company GoodX Software ( in Canada. It is a complete medical practice software solution that offers: bookings, debtors, patients, clinical notes, credit and debit control, online bookings, VOIP, online payments, submitting medical claims, and more. We are currently looking at starting out in Calgary, Alberta, and I was hoping some of the members here would be willing to complete our market research and validation questionnaire: If anyone here has any suggestions on other forums or groups I could post the questionnaire in, I would greatly appreciate it! Please feel free to share the link with any Canadian doctors you might know. Thanks and website : linkedin page :
  2. Hi all I am making my first landing visit to Canada next year feb 2018 for a few weeks, very exciting! I'm visiting Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver while i'm there. Curious to know if anyone on here is involved in the startup space, specifically tech startups in either Toronto or Vancouver preferably? I am looking to get some insight into the relevant communities there. Alternatively if anyone has moved an existing SA business across when they left SA, would also be great to hear about your experience? Thanks Kind regards Justin
  3. Hello everyone We've been playing around with the idea of starting a Canadian company before moving over & securing business over there. It will basically be a Canadian 'agency' for an existing SA business ie the Canadian company will import from SA & sell in Canada & possibly the USA. What pitfalls would there be by doing this? Is this doable while still in SA? We're still a long way from ITA, but we know it will happen. This is a risk we're willing to take but we've still got a lot of homework to do. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hello SACANADA community I have been a member of this site for a long time and it helped me when we first moved to Canada We moved to Canada in 2006 and I started my Canadian business in 2007. We manufacture and distribute custom products to the North American market and we do the majority of our business in the USA. The business is profitable and has afforded us a quality life so far. I built this business with very little money and I really took the Canadian dream and ran with it In 2010 we (as a family) decided to return home on vacation for 6 weeks. During the 6 weeks I was not able to take time off so I brought my laptop along with me and worked the entire time while the wife and four kids had a fabulous holiday. By mid-2011 my company was doing around 80 percent of our revenue in the USA and I was working from a home office in Vancouver. By this time I had pretty much outsourced every function of the business except sales and marketing and things were going well. During 2011 and with a recent quad heart bypass surgery on my mother, I was pondering the future of my business and whether I should sell it so I can spend more time with my family, during this time it dawned on me that with the current outsourcing structure and the fact that we are doing 80% of our revenue remotely: how would it be any different if I have a customer in Florida and they are serviced from Vancouver or Cape Town? So to cut a long story short …here is the kicker. In December 2011 we moved back to Cape Town to be closer to family and I have been operating my company from here for the past 3 ½ years, I work PST hours which translates into an interesting schedule. . Even though we have a small mailing handling sorting and shipping office in Vancouver and we are a British Columbia registered Corporation we are managed and run from Cape Town. I had some reservations about marketing the business for sale in the USA or Canada but at the same time I have realised that a massive opportunity lies in the fact that anyone who is on their way to Canada and is looking for an opportunity to learn and train in SA and then seamlessly continue to operate the business upon arrival in Canada….this may be of interest to the right person. What are your thoughts on this? Is there anyone out there who is moving to Canada who may be interested? On a personal level I would like to simplify my life and spend time with my wife and four children, as you can imagine I have had to sacrifice time with them to operate the business in this way especially with the backward work hours. As it stands we have not listed the company for sale yet and I would prefer to remain anonymous until we do , I have requested permission from the board admin to keep this anonymous for now. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your time Africanadian
  5. Hey all, We are at the big decision phase, and a big factor in moving would be knowing that we can open our own business in Canada. My wife and I are engineers in South Africa, but we supplement our income by being entrepreneurs as well. We own two dry cleaning franchises, a management consulting business and a construction business. Our plan is to emigrate the skilled migrant route, and then for one of us to work as an engineer while the other runs a franchise. Any entrepreneurs out there who can comment on how easy/difficult it is to run a business in Canada, versus in South Africa? Can you sommer buy a Fish and Chips franchise, get training from the franchisee, and get going fairly easily? How easy is it to rent a space in a mall; fit out a store; employ staff and get going? I am sure its a lot more costly in Canada... in SA one can buy a turnkey business for between R650k and R1.4 million. We love the independence of having another source of income, which is also a backup plan. My wife is not keen on moving if it means we will both have to work as employees forever...
  6. Canadanewbie


    Wanted: We are looking for people to add events and information to our Canadanewbies site. Currently the site is very "Toronto" biased and we would prefer to have it more "Canada" feel, however without living in an area, it can be very difficult to pick on the "local is lekker" flavor. We need ex pat volunteers all across Canada, to share events and information that is important to making your area so special to you and other ex South Africans. All help most welcome! thanks
  7. Canadanewbie

    Entrepreneurial visa

    For those South Africans wanting to start your own business in Canada take a look at this new visa:
  8. Great family business for sale. An established South African meat and grocery deli for sale in Edmonton, Alberta doing around $400,000 in annual sales. This busy shop has high quality equipment and a cornerstone to the South African community. It’s seen steady growth over the years and produces many of your South African favorites. The owner wants to step back from the busy lifestyle. For more information email