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Found 2 results

  1. Dear friends We have thought and tried to go back overseas for the greater part of the last 10 years. UK was our first choice (lived and fell in love in London) tried, didn't succeed on our green mambas, even with a job offer. Then tried Nz, but it was never a true fit... something about living in mouldy houses on a tiny island. I was watching Masterchef Australia one day, and my severe case of anywhere-but-here-athitis kicked in again. Scoured the forums, scoured the internet and found that accountants where in short supply. But when I calculated my points, I figured out that I didnt have enough since I faffed too long before getting a degree. Australia only counts your after degree experience. So I phoned an agency to make sure. Upon which he dealt me the blow that Oz was definitely out, but Canada was wide open. Hmm... I said, let me phone my person! So we started the process in Feb, paid my whole bonus to an immigration agent. Which was a good thing. Because for 10 years I've dreamt it, but paying that money meant that i had to DO something. But, it also puts the ball in someone else's shoes and you don't know what you don't know. We got out ducks in a row, luckily, since we've been preparing for years, I had a folder with references, unabridged certificates etc. ready for action. Sent in my degrees to WES, did the IELTS and was hoping for a great score. Here's why I wish I didn't spend that money: I'm sitting at 407 on my own. They didn't tell me that I'd need my husband's IELTS score too... told me it's completely optional. Since understanding the process better, I now know that we're probably not in SUCh a great position as our max score would be 430's. The first available appointment in Cape Town is 2 December. I wrote mine 29 July... so we could have done that together! 4 months wasted. Also, because I've entrusted this process to someone else, I didn't quite understand the process. I've had to book and do everything on my own anyways (they do give you step by step instructions). But today I realised why I'm going to have to go at it alone. i've submitted my forms on Monday (in the mean time waiting for my husband's IELTS, we can perhaps have a look at pnp's), I realised that I have no clue and no way of knowing how this process will unfold. Im quite an impatient person, I go for what I want and I chase it down. I wanted to know today, 2 days later that yes, your profile was ceeated! I can only sing of this agency's professionalism but I find it frustrating to wait 24 hours for a reply...24 hours may be the make or break in a Nova Scotia pnp situation for instance. I am a task oriented person, deadline driven and today I realised that I definitely have control issues, especially about things that can change our lives! So here goes us, on our own, with your help! Not sure how to let an agent go, and how to then recreate the profile but I guess at least I will have a chance to act on any given opportunity much faster! Anyways, thanks for reading ?
  2. ElizeE

    Should we use an agency?

    My husband and I are very interested in living and working in Canada for a few years (3 or 4), but we do not intend to stay there permanently. I have made some enquiries at an agency who assists one with one's visa application. They sound confident that we'll both get the visas (don't know if that's just a marketing ploy), but wants to charge us R15,000 each to handle the process. This seems like a lot of money, especially since one still has to add visa fees, medical fees, flights, etc on top of all that. We went on a working holiday to the UK a few years ago and I managed to organize everything myself without any problems. I realize that this is a different ball game, and do think I'm going to end up needing help especially in finding a job, but surely I can do the bulk of the work myself? So here is my question to all of you who have been through this: Should I use an agency and if so, can you recommend any?