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Found 4 results

  1. Our Story so far So my Wife and myself have done our IELTS exams , we did our degree equivalency via WES both are 4 year Degrees. But Due to age , myself being 41 and my wife 32. Our EE points are 310 for myself as primary or else 350 if she was. Then if we have more than out 7.5 average in IELTS to a max of 9 , we will only get 40 point more thus < 400 Points in general. So that means I need to get a Work Visa, but cannot go looking for work. What can we do ?? Time is ticking and doing more studies is worth less than the years etc loss via age ? I feel totally powerless , stuck here unable to get my wife and kids out. I have lots of work experience as a Developer for Big Government Projects , Universities etc . but the system is rather impersonal and only looks at a number not your story *We looked at NZ also but you cannot get in with out work and you may not go look for work. Aus rules to get in is also hard with a very high IELTS expected and we don`t like Aus even if it could be a spring board to NZ after x years Thanks for your help
  2. If I play with a CRS calculator one more time I’ll officially lose the plot. After much deliberation I’ve realized that in order to increase our CRS score to over 400 I need to sign up for additional study courses. The Boss (Hubby) is costing us on points because of his age irrespective of qualification and work experience. Where changing things and having me as the the principal applicant on EE profile is better. Do you think it wise to create one profile for him in the meantime even with the low score and as I manage to complete studies then create my profile? Can any of you think of other ways to increase the CRS score other than additional study and re-write of IELTS if the score isn’t adequate. Would you sign up to learn French? Would you try study two different qualifications at the same time? Would you try stalk people in Manitoba to make friends for EOI? 😂 Even with additional study it looks as if our score will be in the early 400’s In terms of EOI for PNP’s finding that all illusive job to increase the score is a long shot so I’m trying to find ways to increase it as much as possible and doing all the networking etc in the background. I read somewhere yesterday of someone who had a CRS score of 350 and received a PNP from Nova Scotia 🌈 All I know is that succeeding at this point is all I need to stay focused on, whatever it takes.
  3. Liz88

    OINP and EE

    I’ve been playing around with various CRS score counters and would like to know if these tools are a real reflection of the points you may be awarded? I’m asking as my husband is the main applicant and the tools only ever ask for his age and not mine. I’d just like to know - when you do your official application to get into the EE Pool are the questions a lot more in depth and will they then give opportunity for me to put my age etc etc? Is there an opportunity to explain yourself or what your reasons are for coming to Canada or doesn’t that matter? Am I also correct in stating that you cannot apply for OINP? They assess everyone in the pool and invite only who they deem fit? But you can apply to other provinces?
  4. Hi SACANADA Forum I am a registered master installation and industrial electrician. According to the cic website points system, I must have a job offer to be considered. Should I apply for permanent residency before the end of the year even if I do not have a permanent job offer in Canada as yet? If I get a job offer during the process could I then update my application? What are the implications if waiting for next year and the new express entry system? Does age influence the process if you are a few years younger that the upper limit of 55?Welcome suggestions and ideas.