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Found 34 results

  1. Hi, Is anyone having issues uploading your DEGREE certificates to WES. I have my originals and have scanned them but receiving a different error each time. I tried different browsers, changed scanners, formats, used different computers, tried using the APP and it all fails. Please can anyone help? I have tried calling and no one answers, just kept on hold. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I am busy reading up on reviews of both the services of WES and of ICAS and there seem to be warnings and complaints about both of them. From a South Africans perspective, which of the two would you guys recommend? Would like to know some pros and cons of both organisations that South Africans have experienced first hand. Am I correct that with WES, the institution can send off your results OR I can do it myself, but with ICAS, this needs to be done by the institution? I would rather do it myself to ensure that there are no mistakes. Yup, I'm a stress ball..
  3. Delenedv

    WES Evaluation

    Can someone help with which WES Assessment we should request. Is it the Course by Course or Evaluation for Immigration? Reason for my question, we would like to join professional bodies once we are in Canada (for a CPA and Industrial engineer). According to the board for industrial engineers in Saskatchewan, they need the Course by course evaluation. Can this Course BY course evaluation be used for EE as well?
  4. YolandeSchuld

    WES evaluation of CATHSSETA Diploma

    Good day everyone I am currently in the process of getting all my qualifications evaluated by WES and one of my qualifications is a National Diploma in Service Management (SAQA ID 20414) that I obtained at Capital Hotel School and Training Academy in 2010.I haven't worked in this field of study as I did my degree directly after.I have read through all the forums and I have also searched endlessly online and I think I know the answer to my question but I would love some confirmation. This National Diploma's primary or delegated quality assurance functionary is CATHSSETA (Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports Education and Training Authority ).After I saw that they are not currently an accredited provider of the National Diploma in Service Management on the registered qualification page on the SAQA website and also inquiring as to whether or not Capital Hotel School is registered at the Department of Higher Education and the response was that they are not and their application is still in progress.I am quite concerned that they would not be a recognized institution at WES. I have also been getting very vague responses from them with regards to my academic transcripts and this was their one response when I asked them for it " Firstly, I need to ensure that I have what is requested, as we do not keep information for longer that 5 years, as per our accreditation bodies requirements." I went to their campus today as I could only get off from work this morning and they told me that they can't help me and that they will try and accommodate me on the 4th of February.I was already unsure about submitting this qualification to WES but after today I am even more unsure and I just don't want to waste precious time trying to get these documents from them. Deep down I know that WES will not evaluate it,especially after reading more about SETA qualifications/trade qualifications on these forums,but for some reason I just cant get rid of the feeling that maybe it will count for something and I just would just like confirmation. Can someone please help my confused brain out?
  5. CharleneK

    Tuks transcripts via MIE timeline

    I submitted a request for my University of Pretoria academic transcripts (to be sent to WES) to Management Integrity Solutions (MIE) on 10 December 2018. It took 6 emails, a few faxes and a couple of rants before they confirmed receipt of my request and the funds. On average, how long after MIE confirms payment do the transcripts arrive at WES? I am trying to enrol in a Masters Degree through distance learning in New Orleans from Canada, and I never thought I'd be dealing with MIE or WES 22 years after immigrating....
  6. hi, I just did my WES registration and now need to submit my 'Academic Records Request Form' to the US. The email address for Student Records ( is, I doubt that my request will get to the right person as it is a generic admin address. Does anyone know of another email adress I can use? Thanks, Pieter
  7. Hi there, I've enrolled at USB for 2019 to do my Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Leadership Development in order to get more points for our EE profile. The course is highly recommended in SA, but is very pricey. On the USB website is states that USB is internationally accredited and therefore I would assume that the WES will assess my qualification on completion of my studies. My concern is regarding a post that I saw today stating that WES does not consider such courses as post graduate. Another individual wishing to immigrate posted that his similar qualification from GIBS were declined by WES, eventhough GIBS is an accredited institute / business school, affiliated with University of Pretoria. Has anyone perhaps completed studies at USB and received WES accreditation? I'm desperate to find an answer as I can't continue with the studies if it won't help with our EE points. The USB course is extremely expensive and I need to know whether it will be worth the money and effort.
  8. Kim S

    WES Requirements and Time-frames

    Good day I'm hoping to get some info and any tips experienced when submitting qualifications to WES. Both my husband and I submitted all our certifications and transcripts to WES. First they acknowledged receipt of all my documents, but for my husband they said that we did not submit 2 of his certifications even though we checked, double and even triple checked that everything was included in the envelope. I have a Diploma as well as a Bachelors Degree, however now they are asking me for the prerequisites for my diploma, which is essentially my matric Certificate. Has anyone experienced the same issue with them, as the department of Education only gives you a single certificate with your symbols and on it. Do I now have to submit my matric certificate? Also WES seems very delayed, their website says that the report will be completed 20 days from the date they receive all your documentation, but it has now been almost 3 months, and they just keep requesting new docs, and saying they didn't receive docs that we know we sent. When you send queries via their website, they provide generic responses 5-6 days later and its not even related to the query that you have made. For those who have been through the WES process what was the turn around time for getting your final report, and is there a better verification agency to use?
  9. Hi, I seem to have noticed that there are a few chartered accountants (CA(SA)) on the forum, and I was wondering whether you need your certificate in theory of accountancy evaluated by WES in order to do a conversion from CA(SA) to CPA? We're struggling to get any kind of academic transcript for my husband's CTA from UNISA to submit to WES. Would appreciate any help!
  10. iTee23

    WES Evaluation Issues

    Hello Guys, Apologies for the long post but I am in a bit of fix. I've been in the pool for almost 1 year now, and been stuck at 418. A few months ago, I was able to apply for the SINP, but as a part of the application, I needed a license to practice (NOC 2173). I applied to a licensing body who required a WES Course by Course Evaluation of my certificates. A little background - I had my initial WES Evaluation (Document by Document) done a few years ago, and I only evaluated my Degree Certificate, but I had a pre-degree Diploma certificate that I didn't evaluate (it was not required by WES then). Fast forward a few years, The Diploma was needed for the Course by Course evaluation - I submitted the transcript and certificate for this. WES then completed the course by course which showed that I could actually claim for 2 or more certificates for Express Entry which typically pushes my point up to 450 - this makes SINP nomination application unnecessary. The problem I have is this. I requested WES to update my initial Document by Document evaluation to include the Diploma certificate (as indicated in the Course by Course), paid for it and all. But unfortunately, they canceled the evaluation - And they had a strange reason - We have reviewed your documents and determined that they do not reflect additional study beyond what was included in the original evaluation report. The new course by course evaluation clearly shows that I can claim for CIC's 2 or more certificates, while the Document by Document exempts the Diploma (See below): Document by Document summary looks like 1. Credential: Bachelor of Science Year: 2007 Major/Specialization: Computer Science Canadian Equivalency: Bachelor's degree (four years) And here is what the Course by Course looks like 1. Credential: Bachelor of Science Year: 2003 Major/Specialization: Data Processing Canadian Equivalency: Completion of a college-level certificate (one year) 2. Credential: Bachelor of Science Year: 2007 Major/Specialization: Computer Science Canadian Equivalency: Bachelor's degree (four years) I can think of two options 1. Ask WES to include the second certificate in the Document by Document 2. Use the course by course evaluation for IRCC. Can someone please advice on what I should do. Time is not entirely on my side either as my profile expires on Jan 20. Educational credential assessment: What your report means - This shows I can actually claim for 2 or more certificates. I want to know if IRCC will accept the Course By Course. I have read a lot of people say WES puts your file under review indefinitely if you request for a re-evaluation. FYI - There is an option to send the Course by Course to IRCC as well from the WES Website. Much appreciated.
  11. I have been trying, in vain, to reach the Department of Basic Education for an update on my husband matric certificate reprint. Does anyone have an email, telephone number, smoke signal for someone that I can get in touch with?
  12. GeorgieB

    Applying for Express Entry

    Hi everyone 😊 My husband and I are in the process of applying for EE. We have 443 points would it be advisable to both submit profiles and see who gets chosen first. I was not aware I needed to send my degree to Wes as well so I will be doing that soon. My husbands report should be ready on the 20 August and we are writing out ielts on the 18th. Should I get our work references ready in the mean time? This whole processes is a bit overwhelming and any advice would be appreciated. ❤️
  13. Stefan1274

    ECA Recognised Institutions

    Hi everyone, Is there a resource that exists which shows which SA academic institutions are recognised by ECA? I would like to know this before enrolling in a course. Thanks, S.
  14. I am in desperate need of advice, My Boyfriend can't seem to get his results from the college he went to, they cant find his exam or some other nonsense excuse, so now we have a bit of a problem because can I state that he has a matric in the application if it hasn't been assessed? Further, we have been staying together for a year but we don't have a lease agreement as its a verbal agreement and the water and lights are included so we don't have any utility bills to prove it, would an affidavit be enough to prove we are common-law partners? As for my qualifications, I am finishing my honours this year but I'm not sure if I should get my degree assessed and then if we cant get in send the honours for assessment or is it just better to send everything to WES together? What would be the most cost-effective, yet still give us the best chance in the pool? I wanted to write the TEF exam for some extra points but when I spoke to them, they said its really only for advanced French speakers, I was planning on doing an intensive 3 month course to cover this part and hopefully boost our score quite a bit but after speaking to them I'm not sure if its worth it ? Then lastly, when is the best time to enter the pool? We really want to get to Canada ASAP but we are afraid that we won't get in or have to wait in the pool forever. If anyone could give us some guidance we would really appreciate it.
  15. Melanie Ferreira (Dezines)


    Hi all, new here and super happy to have found this forum! Please can you help answering the following questions re WES: 1. My husband has a degree via UNISA, which he will get the transcripts from UNISA this week. Is it necessary to have his matric certificate also sent in or is his degree sufficient? 2. I have my N4 & N5 secretarial diploma via the old Techical Colleges. Where do we have these evaluated and will they count for post 1 or 2 year qualifications? Thanks so much!
  16. Andriesvn

    WES and UNISA

    If anyone is struggling with Unisa and getting them to cooperate with a WES assessment, here's what happened to me. I e-mailed the forms to and asked for help with the process. I got an e-mail within a few days that my request will be forwarded to the correct department. A few weeks pass and nothing happens. I send another e-mail but didn't even get a response this time. I then approached my lecturers, but they said that academic staff were not allowed to conduct administrative tasks. I called the closest UNISA to me, which is in Parow and got in touch with a person there who would get all the documents ready and from whom the couriers could collect the envelope, Diane Coetzee, Supervisor Student Administration, drumroll please... I was about to send Diane the documents when I got an e-mail from WES saying my evaluation was completed. It turns out that someone from Unisa couriered the documents without telling me. What good fortune! Thought I'd share my process in case someone else needs it as well.
  17. Avital

    City & Guilds

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I have seen a lot of helpful information on the forum so thanks so much for this. My husband, our 7 month old son and I have decided that we would like to start a brighter future in Canada. After seeing an agent and doing intensive research and reading, we decided that we would attempt to apply ourselves. I am experiencing an issue with getting my education recognized and wanted to find out if anyone else has gone through something similar. I studied an International Professional Advanced Chef Management Diploma through Capsicum Culinary Studio. This course was a 2 year course but I received three separate diplomas for the course: Diploma in Patisserie, Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking and an Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts. These Diplomas are from City & Guilds and are level IVQ 2 & IVQ 3. It was advised to me to go through BCIT to have my education assessed but they are not even considering it to be a 1 year course. This is the reply I received from them: "Thank you for your email. Please note the credential that has been submitted is out of scope of what we can assess. We cannot do this credential because it less than one-year duration and it is a trans-national credential. You are welcome to apply with any other academic credentials the client may have. " I would like to try and have it assessed through IQAS as this was another company recommended to me by the agent but IQAS requires me to pay up front - which I don't mind doing if I get the results I need but of course this cannot be guaranteed. Any advise on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I am currently studying a business degree part time so if all else fails we will wait to apply at the end of next year, but if my previous course is recognized - we can start the process earlier. Thanks in advance!
  18. Rddm2017

    Edinburgh Business School

    Hi everyone, Can someone please help me? I've obtained my post graduate certificate for my MBA (still in progress) at Edinburgh Business School. I've contact them to ask whether the qualification does meet the minimum requirements for WES, they can't answer me. I don't understand the UK education system that well. I've obtained: Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF) Credit Points 60 or European Credit and Transfer System (ECTS) Credit Points 30 Can I send my certificate and academic transcript to WES, as I really don't want to waist money and time? TIA
  19. I would love to know if anyone has had qualifications obtained at a Private institution (specifically Vega or Inscape) assessed by WES? We have had our TUT and University degrees assessed with positive results from WES. And we've done our IELTS. But we've had a bit of a curveball... My husband might be starting a 3year contract in SA soon that will put us in a much better financial position, so we might have to postpone our plans with 3 yrs. Now I am seriously considering doing a BA degree at Vega for the 3 yrs, but I'm just a bit concerned that it wont be recognised in Canada. I have contacted WES directly to enquire but they say that they cant tell me at all prior to sending my transcripts.
  20. Since I live in Namibia, I cannot go to a campus and get my academic transcript. And it has been an uphill battle. I did send my request to the general fax line as per the instructions, but who knows whether the instructions will be followed. I scoured the UNISA website and internet for email addresses, and started mailing all of them (probably 20 mails add's all in all). Finally someone responded and I was able to receive my academic transcript. I send a courier directly to this person and they collected it on my behalf. I gave clear instructions to the couriers as to the sealing of the envelope. I'm a bit OCD, so I want to be able to track the envelope when sending it off to WES. Otherwise UNISA will send it via snail mail. Received it this morning and everything is perfectly in order to send off to WES. Please pm me if you need his details. I know how frustrating the process can be and am more than willing to share any info.
  21. Chambersfam

    WES Education credentials: CFA?

    Hi there! It's been a long time since I posted as we didn't make enough points on our first Express Entry application. I am now going to apply again as it has just expired. My question is: WES didn't recognize my husband's three-year CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) qualification, in spite of the fact that it is a well recognized qualification in the USA and Canada, and seems to be in great demand from what we've seen on websites advertising jobs. On a recent trip to Toronto we saw posters all over the city advertising CFA courses. I would love to add this to our education credentials as it would hopefully boost our points. On a positive note: recently CIC sent an email saying that having a sibling who has PR in Canada will from now on boost points. This is great news as my husband's brother got his PR a few months ago (they've been in Canada 7 years already, on a work visa).
  22. Dear All Could someone in the medical field or with knowledge of the medical field in Alberta province please advise us. My wife has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedicine with post qualification of clinical pathology in medical laboratory. She is currently registered with HPCSA (equivalent to CSMLS in Canada) After much research, it seems that Laboratory Services in Canada use IQAS as the preferred ECA body rather than WES. Is WES not valid for the medical industry? I ask as I do not wish to have to pay for my ECA twice.Does anyone know if IQAS is acceptable for the CRS calculation for entrance into the EE pool? Have any immigrants had luck being employed as a medical laboratory technician? If so, did you have to start lower down the ladder as a lab assistant and work yourself up again, or did they recognize the Saffa experience right off the bat? How would you compare the medical industry in Canada vs SA? Should one apply to write the Canadian board exam with CSMLS before applying for employment? I have read that labs don't run 24/7 like here in SA. Is this true and if so what are the typical hours? Thank you in advance to all those whom respond!!!
  23. Hi All New to the forum. Has anyone done their vetting of their Secondary education through WES via Umalusi recently? The reason I am asking is that WES required Umalusi to send correspondence directly to them but Umalusi doesn't let the public apply for verification. You need to use an external party. The problem is that all of them only issue a email report on their letterhead and not on an Umalusi letterhead nor in physical form that i can courier. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hi All, I am in a bit of a flap and wondering if anyone has successfully navigated this issue before. I just got an email from WES saying that the IRCC has informed them that they cannot access my report as when I upgraded I did not grant the access. They said I needed to pay the required fee ($30) dollars to have the report sent to the IRCC. So I have just done that. Now I am worried though that it's already too late. I am not sure how it happened as I am sure I clicked for immigration when I ordered the report. Will it be automatically considered now or should I send a note and a copy of the report and explaination via the case specific enquiry? I would hate to be refused after all this because they didn't see I have them access before they reject me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Hi, I'm in the process to do my EE from within Canada. Currently here on a work permit through an inter-company transfer. Want to get my and my wife's degree accredited via WES. How have others gone about this? Did you use a specific company or did you get a family member to go to University of Pretoria on your behalf? I have seen that a company called QVS can help but not sure from their website if they can get all the documentation and send it off to WES. I'm more than happy to pay them to do that for me. Any ideas or suggestions welcome. Thanks, Christopher