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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. To introduce myself; I am 19, have been accepted into a university in British Columbia, paid for the first year's tuition, and applied for my study permit [It's been 17 days since sending my full application]. I've been distraught by the thought of my application being denied because they don't have enough proof I will return home after my studies are completed. I have read many posts that say I need to convince the Canada Immigration Officer (in my application), that I will return home and not stay on after. My biggest question to this is simply "Where?". I have sent in all the documents that they required of me at the time, in the application; But I was not once asked about my intent to return, about what personal assets I have on my own name in South Africa [A car pretty much], my previous track record of returning after travels [They did however require a PDF with all the stamped pages of my passport], a cover-letter or letter-of-purpose. None of it. [I have traveled in and around Vancouver for 12 days last month on a visitor visa, and returned home if that helps my case]. My second biggest question is simply "When?" am I supposed to give all of the above mentioned to them then? I've put in a lot of effort into doing everything right and by the book. If my application gets declined I honestly do not know what I would do. So much rests upon that 1 decision, which i fear is out of my hands now. Thank you so so much for reading this all 😝
  2. Hi, I've been reading some blogs, and at one point it was mentioned that Canadian public schools are ok, but not as good as the Private schools (Canadian & SA), but that especially Canadian Private schools are SERIOUSLY expensive! These comments were written in 2004. It was mentioned that discipline in Canadian public schools weren't that great. So I was wondering 10 years down the line - what are the feeling/personal experience from parents now? Especially those who have maybe experienced both SA & Canada school system. Does the Canadian public school system prepare the children for Tertiary Education, or is there a growing gap (that it seems to be happening in SA)? Thank you
  3. Hi everyone So it seems our move might suddenly be only a few months away...eeeek. I'm wondering what the general consensus is around whether you should find a school first then a home to rent close by? Or a home first then a school close by? Am I correct in saying your physical address directly impacts the public schools your child can attend? We have a 4yr old and a 1yr old so will need both Kindergarden and a daycare. Looks like we might arrive around you think a school would take them for the remainder of the school year? Thanks for the's all a little daunting.
  4. FaithFUL

    School homework

    Hi everybody A quick question: do the kids get homework or will we blessed with stress free evenings? I know sport does not feature much in schools (or have I got it wrong?)
  5. This is a useful source of information for those moving to ontaio, to understand the elementary curriculum.