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Found 4 results

  1. BaliAshmita

    finding employment in Canada

    Hi all, one of the main concerns when getting your PR is employment and source of income when you get to Canada. If you are in your process, if you find a job and add that offer to your EE profile, it will add +600 to your CRS. (you will get an invite the next round of invites). but a lot of people have to find employment when they get to Canada. I have found this video to be very informative on how to look for employment before and after you get to Canada + it tells you about your resume and cover letter.
  2. Kodi33

    Reputable Resume Writers in Canada

    Hi all, From all the excellent info I've read my wife and I are going to have our resume, cover letter and Linked-in profile revamped. We are looking to go 1 Nov 2018. There are so many firms doing it from searching online and charging anything from R2k - R6k. I don't mind paying for quality work but has anyone used someone that they can recommend? Thanks in advance 😃
  3. Meyer88

    Resume/ Cv

    Good day members. I was wondering if there is anyone that can provide me with some insight, advice etc. I am looking for a legitimate and reliable service to "Canadify" or call it what you will my CV. I believe it is extremely important to make your cv appeal to the Canadian job market and have been told that this is actually crucial. So is there anybody that I can get in contact with that will be able to help me with this? Any info to get me going in the right direction will be appreciated...
  4. Craig Weaver is a leader in the field of Talent Management with almost twenty years international experience in Canada, the USA, Europe and Africa. His experience spans several industry sectors including financial services, natural resources, forest products, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas and nuclear power generation to name a few. Craig regularly conducts Career Transition support workshops for new graduates, immigrants and people in career transition. Craig lives in Toronto, Canada with his family where he practices Talent Management and teaches as a Sessional lecturer in the Department of Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. As a Talent Management professional, Craig also delivers coaching service to business leaders to support the achievement of the strategic business goals of their organizations. He is offering Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills and Career Transition services, that can help you be successful in the Canadian market place. Services Offered Basic Package: Price for resume review: C$80 Price for 1-hour consultative Skype call on your Career Transition: C$80 Value-Added Package: Price for resume review plus 1-hour consultative Skype call on your career transition: C$150 Advanced Package: Price for resume review plus 1-hour consultative Skype call, or in-person meeting on your career transition plus 1.5-hours coaching on interviewing skills: C$450 Premium Package: Price for resume review plus 1-hour consultative Skype call, or in-person meeting on your career transition plus 2-hours coaching of preparation and interviewing skills for a specific job interview for a specific job and organization to which you have applied: C$600 Please contact Craig for more information at: