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Found 5 results

  1. Some important updates on the QSW program. The intake period will take place on January 18, 2016 to March 31, 2016. There are 2800 spots and applications are made online ( FAQs with regards online applications - Fees at the time of posting: Application fee for a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) - C$773 for main applicant, C$166 for each accompanying family member
  3. MaryJane

    MosaiCanada150 Gatineau 2017

    If you haven't been, you might wanna pop by Parc Jacques Cartier in Gatineau and see these beauts. Park entrance is free. The exhibit is on from June 30 to October 15, 2017 (Thanksgiving). It made me feel like I just stepped into an Edward Scissorhands masterpiece.
  4. Hi Guys, A lot has been said on here regarding the timeline of applications, but our situation is fairly unique and complex at the same time: We are in the process of emigrating to Australia actually but the company I am going to work for wants me to start as soon as possible in Montreal. They are a Canadian company based in Montreal. We are to work there till our Australia PR comes through (about 6 months) and then they will relocate us to Australia. So for now we are looking at some advice to give the company on what is the best avenue to pursue on getting us to Quebec as soon as possible, and if it is possible at all to start with. There's one caveat though: My wife is expecting our third child end April 2016 - which puts a deadline on us travelling on international flights by end February 2016 (latest). We like the idea of having our baby in Montreal, stay there for 6 months and then take the family over all together to Australia. Also bear in mind I actually submitted a complete Express Entry Profile with Police Clearance done earlier this year, so we pretty much have everything, but that was for rest of Canada not Qeubec. 1. What do you think? Can we get a temporary (6 months) kind of visa for Quebec in this short period of time? We need to fly in February. 2. Anyone know the cost implications of being in Quebec for 6 months without a PR (the company will pay for the birth expenses in Quebec) Any agents that could assist would be very helpful. Thank you!
  5. alicelamalice

    Applying for QUEBEC from South Africa

    Good morning people, I would like to get some information from you guys because nobody can help me in south africa itself. I am applying for QSW and one of the things they ask for is: Originals or certified true copies of poof of your income tax payment (or proof of exemption) or proof of social security contributions (or proof of exemption) since and including 2007 for you and your spouse.Now the SARS department does not give a statement of account based on contributions, they only give an acount based on efiling, which does not help me much. The social security, which, i found out is the UIF we pay, does not have any record whatsoever of how much i contribute. I am trying to get my IRP5 stamped by sars in the hope that they do take it into account but i am at lost. Has anybpdy been there? Regards