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Found 5 results

  1. If you want to chat with people in and around the Ottawa/Gatineau area, there is a new Facebook group. It is a closed group, so comments and posts will not be seen by the public. You will need to request to be added to the group. After just a few days, the group already has 82 members!
  2. graciax452

    Ottawa Landing Story

    Hi all, busy typing this at Heathrow on my way back (another super long layover), not an exciting landing story by any account, but will hopefully help someone. I had to chaperone Girl Guides who had a WHO Violence against children conference in Ottawa which pushed up my landing a bit. I prepared my Goods to follow lists and proof of funds, and we flew via Heathrow to Ottawa, super long 8 hour layover at Heathrow, definitely not fun even with 16 year olds. We arrived in Ottawa but were last off the flight as we were in no rush and of course the girls wanted to freshen up so we were last at customs. The line actually halved whilst we were in the bathroom... They have a new declaration system at customs now, you go to machine/self service terminal and scan your passport, answer questions, get your picture taken etc and declare, all on the self service terminal. If all goes well you get a receipt from the terminal and voila you are done, no mess no fuss.You go to the immigration line just show the receipt and you are through. Because the system is new there were number of assistants helping people. If you are not so lucky e.g. passport will not scan or it if bombs out after taking photos which is a glitch they said they are fixing then you join the normal customs line. We had to do this as ours bombed out after the photo. The immigration agent used a yellow declaration slip, and asked us how long we were there, funds on hand and if we had food etc. When done he said have a safe trip so I asked him where I could do my landing and he said to go to immigration, which we had to anyway as we had a yellow slip. We collected our bags and went to immigration. Only two agents were working and the people in front took an age about half an hour each, but after they were gone everyone else took only about 4 to 7 minutes. I got the girls passports stamped then did my landing. The immigration lady took the COPR. She asked how long I was staying and I said 5 days so she said I could not give an address to send PR card to as they can't send it if I'm not in the country, even if it's sending to my sister, she said it has to be sent where I'll be in Canada. She said to update the address when I am about to move to settle so they PR card can be sent there. So I'll have to update my address online to get the card sent to my sisters' in Edmonton. She then stapled my completed COPR to my passport told me I'd need a PRTD in order to come back. She asked me if I had a goods following list, but that I didn't need it as yet, as I was going to come back later and could bring it then. I told her I had it and she said if I was sure it was complete I could go get it stamped by the second guy who was checking bags. We went over, he took my passport filled out a form and stamped my copies of the goods to follow lists and gave me copies of the one he filled as well. No one asked for proof of funds. We then took the bus from in front of the airport to our hotel. Easy peasy. As I was there with the girls and had to stay with them I did not manage to apply for SIN, the one time I passed by Services Canada was during lunch and the wait time was 1 hour long, about 10 people in front of me so I left it. The Services Canada lady said it would only take 10 minutes to get if there was no wait time. So week is over and now we are on our way back
  3. Piper

    Ottawa or Montreal?

    Has anyone lived in both Ottawa and Montreal? I know that I can't compare two cities, but I'd like to connect with individuals who have lived in both and who are willing to share personal experiences. I'm leaning towards declining a firm job offer in Montreal in order to risk everything and pursue further interviews in Ottawa... this is probably one of the biggest life choices I've had to make in a while.
  4. Piper

    First world problems

    Good day folks We were really fortunate to get our PR in 1 month and 2 days in 2016. We were given 14 months from approval (not from medical) to enter Canada and initially thought we'd make use of all of this time due to certain life circumstances at the time. As life goes, things suddenly changed and we decided that we are finally ready to leave SA. We must land by November 2017. I'm looking forward to spending Christmas in Canada and hopefully this December will be a holiday for us! I entered the job market last week in order to secure employment prior to moving. We have the time, so why not at least try? I'm trying to make the transition as "smooth" as possible. Within the past 2 weeks I've done Skype interviews (in the middle of the night!) and will be flying over to do the second round of interviews within the next few weeks. Eekh! My husband got one Skype interview thus far. (I'm hoping he gets a good job as we are in our mid to late 20s and want to start a family in the next few years.) Our first preference is Ottawa for numerous reasons, although not all of my interviews are there unfortunately. Questions: 1) Does anyone work for the Bank of Canada? (Equivalent to the Reserve Bank in SA as far as I understand.) 2) Does anyone work for the Canadian National Research Council? (Equivalent to the CSIR in SA as far as I understand.) 3) Does anyone have any first hand experience in terms of getting "Reliability status" (the lowest level of "Secret clearance" in Canada and yes, you can get this as a PR). 4) Is anyone on here a Solutions Architect (IT) in Ottawa? 5) Any recommendations of legitimate property rental agents (specific people as opposed to the generic websites) as the market and online sources are rife with scams, especially for newcomers! 6) Please share any personal suggestions and complaints regarding the public transportation system in Ottawa. It seems as if the construction industry is currently booming in Ottawa as the Department of Public Works recently and publically announced major upgrades to numerous projects in Ottawa over the next 10 years. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Jason & Marianne

    Any Former South African's in Ottawa

    Good day All The process of our FSW Visa applicatiion is nearing conclution and we are considering Ottawa for the big move... Is there anyone on the forum who currently resides in Ottawa and would you suggest it for our move and why? Any suggestions/advice welcomed - specifically also refer to transportation, living conditions, culture, activities, etc. or Thanks!!