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Found 7 results

  1. I'd like to know if there are any Medical Technologists in this group who have successfully immigrated to Canada. I've done some research and even tried to apply for jobs but I'm told that I need to obtain CSMLS certification. This would be a rather massive and expensive undertaking. I'm hoping there are others out there that have secured jobs prior to being CSMLS certified, and obtained certification whilst working (in Canada). If you have managed this please let me know where you searched for jobs or how you went about the whole process of obtaining your CSMLS certification. I'm looking at settling in British Columbia at this stage. Much appreciated! Yulande
  2. GeorgieB

    Medical concerns

    Hi there I need some advice. I suffer from depression and back problems. Do you think this this will have an impact on the outcome of my medicals. Everything else is fine it's just those 2 things, and I am on medication for them Any help would be appreciated if you have been in a similar situation.
  3. Nixdodd

    Giving birth after landing

    Hi All I'm pregnant (with PR) and have decided to give birth in Canada rather than try to go through the long, expensive, stressful process of sponsorship from SA. So... we were thinking of settling in Gatineau (on the border of Ottawa) because there's no waiting period for pregnant women. Thoughts? We don't speak French and I'm a little nervous about being foreign, a first time mom, and English. O.o Any other suggestions/places we should consider? I'm guessing Discovery Medical Aid won't want to cover a birth in Canada!
  4. ilette

    Medical aid

    Can anyone tell me if we will be legible to go on BC medical after 3 months if we arrive with a work permit and not have PR status yet? Our current medical aid Discovery covers emergencies abroad for 3 months, but what happens after that if we still don't have PR status by then? Any private "medical aid" in BC that you can recommend? Also, do I carry prescription meds for 3 months with the dr prescription letter in my hand luggage?
  5. Onyx

    Medicals - How do they work?

    So I know I'm nowhere near this point, but someone has mentioned something to me and now it's burrowing away at my thoughts so I thought I would ask. With the medicals, provided you get far enough to need one, how exactly does it work? I mean on a practical level. I know you need to go to an appointed doctor in an appointed time, but like... is it a blood test? X-rays? Scans or something? I have never had a medical, so I am totally in the dark. The other question that's part of this is does weight matter? Without going into details, I got a rather abrasive comment that my weight is going to fail me. For the record, I'm about 20kg over the so-called 'ideal'. So I'm heavy but not so much that I thought it was going to be an issue until now. Has anyone been denied on their weight or other previously minor issues? If you have been denied, do you have to just redo the medical? Do they give you time to 'fix' it? Do you have to reapply for everything? Like I said, this wasn't a stress until roughly this morning and now I cannot stop worrying.
  6. Hello everyone! Our work permits are supposed to come thru anytime between now and end of 2014. Will we have medical insurance cover being pregnant prior landing in Canada/having our Work Permits ... or would we have to pay for all appointments, scans and delivery? Do fathers get time off work / 'maternity leave' or does it depend on the company? Thanks so much!!
  7. Hi to all on the forum We are in the work pemit process, we already did the upfront medicals. And our LMO has been approved. By next week we will apply for our work permits and visas. I'm an electrician and have to do the trade test again four days after arrival. For this reason I haven't been active on this great forum it is a lot to learn and understand. Still we have to make time for everything to do with our move. My wife and I would prefer it if I can resign about two months before catching the plane. Our biggest concern is that my 4 year old son is a diabetic. The moment I resign the company will automatically stop my medical aid. We don't want to be in SA for to long without medical cover as my son might need medical assistance or need to go to a hospital. We are trying to find some short term medical insurance. Is there maybe anyone with advice about this matter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jaco