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Found 3 results

  1. warney

    Another Newbie

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading all the latest on the forum for the past couple a days while waiting to be validated, and I just want to start by saying how awesome it is to see how united SAFAS really are. To find a forum like this is such a relief considering all the questions that are crashing through my brain. My wife Joleta and I (Warren) and our two amazing little kiddies, Skylah (2) and Aiden (10 months) are looking to relocate to Canada from Cape Town SA. We started the process in January (first checking out Oz, NZ and the UK... I also sent my CV off to a company in Dubai and I've had a potential job offer in Qatar), but we're really set on Canada. I checked out IXP visas (who phoned me nonstop), but thanks to a couple of good friends and an agent from CanadaAbroad who warned me about them, I was able to sidestep them and have a go at it myself. Using the information on CIC and Job Bank, I was able to find vacancies in my field of work and sent off my CV to about 10 companies (maybe more). I was amazed at the response. In the first week I had 3 responses (2 from Edmonton and 1 in Calgary) all wanting to do a skype interview. Anyway, long story short...I've had 2 follow up interviews and a job offer from the company in Calgary and they managed to secure a positive LMO. Now the real work starts...or so it seems. I’ve since then also been contacted by a company in Oakland. I've done a whole lot of reading, downloaded checklists and checked eligibility etc..., but I thought to check in with you first, since most of you have been through this already. - What is the best route going forward? Any tips? - Does my wife need to also secure a job or can she tag along as my spouse (what visa does she need to apply for - A Visitors Visa?). - Do we all need unabridged birth certificates (I know the kids do). - Will the new LMIA influence the positive LMO? - How much funds do I need to have in my account (do they want statements etc...we also own a house...well a part of it at least...we've paid off around R300k) Will that count in our favour? - How long does all of this take? Timeline? - Do I need to secure visitors driving permit and international driver’s license? - Are there any hidden costs? - How long before we can apply for PR? - Done a lot of research about Calgary and my employer says he grew up on the East Coast, but moving to Calgary was the best decision he ever made. What’s your opinion? - Anyone currently living in Durbanville that is looking to head over? My contact no: 0845608241, maybe we can hook up and chat. Thanks in advance for all the assistance. Super grateful!
  2. M-N

    LMO declined

    Hi everybody, I am really frustrated right now and need some advice. I applied for a position at a company located in Calgary. After doing some interviews, I got an offer that I accepted and the employer started with the the LMO process. The employer contacted me and informed me that the LMO was not approved due to the offer not meeting the median wage requirement. Here's the thing that frustrates me: Apparently Alberta, being a Oil state (or something like that) has a much higher average wages than other provinces, which is understandable because I have seen what some of those people get offered!!! The company I accepted is a very small company and I don't thing the wage they offered is unreasonable but it is just below the median (but far over the low). They did explain to me that they can't really increase my offer as it won't be fair to the other staff members and obviously it won't make business sense. Luckily they are just as frustrated as I am and don't really want to give up on getting me here. Has anyone here experienced this or know of someone that has? Or just any advice will help. I thought we were really lucky and thought we would have had plane tickets by now and now it seems like it will be delayed even more! Both fiance and I can't apply for FSW as our code is capped at the moment. Any help will be much appreciated. Regards, Nicky
  3. Hi all This LMO waiting story is driving me crazy. So I did some interwebs searching and came across this article. Not sure if it is a reputable source but it caught my curiosity. It was posted last year. Anyone still know if it's still relevant? Or anyone used this to get a LMO? Just curious.