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Found 42 results

  1. Theron

    Sept 2019 PR Applications

    Hi everyone. Let's keep in touch if you applied for PR during September 2019. Also checkout the Consolidated e-APR Tracker (Express Entry Permanent Residency Application) on myimmitracker. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Nickstar

    January 2020 Applications

    Hello All, New to this forum. Hoping to leverage of the experience of the members here. My husband & I just passed our IELTS tests. I'm 38, he is 39 - which is a concern for me, as we both have our next birthdays in March. The big 40 looming. I am using a consultant in Canada to assist with my application. Does anyone have any experiences/recommend such? Also, god-willing we are accepted....hoping to find employment in British Columbia. I hear the weather there is warmer. Not sure what the employment opportunities are like there compared to other provinces? would appreciate some advice. We are very excited and hopefully the process isn't too painful. ETA for our move is 2021, fingers crossed.
  3. Hi All, We are South African an living in Aus at the moment as my hubby got a job and we managed to get a PR visa. Aus was not my first option but that is was our option at the time. We used to own a farm in the Drakensberg, but safety became a huge issue. We had threats on our daughter and stock theft galore! We have been in Aus 14months now and are still wanting to move to Canada. I have looked on the Canada immigration site but find the whole process very confusing. My husband is turning 48 this year and is a heavy duty mechanic (Diploma in Mechanical engineering through tech in South Africa). Unfortunately our IELTS have expired that we used for Aus so will have to redo those. From what I have researched the Express Entry is not an option as we don't get enough points because of hubby's age, and none of my studies es are recognised as a "skill". Any suggestions on where we start the process and which is the best option to apply for that will give us PR? Where to look for jobs (those that Ihave looked up won't even consider unless you are Canadian or already have a visa)? Any South Africans that have moved from Australia to Canada? I have looked at the Alberta or British Columbia regions as options - anyone cane give me more info on these areas or pics please? I'm studied Kinesiology in South Africa which is know as Applied Kinesiology in Canada and I'm an Equine sports massage and equine animal behaviour, so my field is alternate therapies with humans and horses. Thank you all in advance:)
  4. Hi. To introduce myself; I am 19, have been accepted into a university in British Columbia, paid for the first year's tuition, and applied for my study permit [It's been 17 days since sending my full application]. I've been distraught by the thought of my application being denied because they don't have enough proof I will return home after my studies are completed. I have read many posts that say I need to convince the Canada Immigration Officer (in my application), that I will return home and not stay on after. My biggest question to this is simply "Where?". I have sent in all the documents that they required of me at the time, in the application; But I was not once asked about my intent to return, about what personal assets I have on my own name in South Africa [A car pretty much], my previous track record of returning after travels [They did however require a PDF with all the stamped pages of my passport], a cover-letter or letter-of-purpose. None of it. [I have traveled in and around Vancouver for 12 days last month on a visitor visa, and returned home if that helps my case]. My second biggest question is simply "When?" am I supposed to give all of the above mentioned to them then? I've put in a lot of effort into doing everything right and by the book. If my application gets declined I honestly do not know what I would do. So much rests upon that 1 decision, which i fear is out of my hands now. Thank you so so much for reading this all 😝
  5. CallMeIshmael

    And so it begins!

    Hi guys! I submitted my profile this morning and was kind of disappointed when I checked the CIC website only to find that the round of invitations was done today so I was only expecting to get the ITA on the next draw but I just got a message and I’ve been invited to apply!!! I’m freaking out a bit but I’ve got most of everything in order, just need to transfer the remaing funds to my saving account on the next payday and should have my complete application by March 15th. Anyone else applying between now and April feel free to post on here so that we can share our timeline! x
  6. reystander

    Pretoria VO Application Processing

    Hi All Some background on my application: FSWO - single applicant AOR: 29 Jan MEP: 19 Mar BIL: 21 Mar GCMS ordered 25 April My file was handed to Pretoria VO on 28 March and since then I am unable to obtain any updates on progress. Before this I was able to call CIC whilst my file was in Sydney, NS. With there being an extremely limited amount of info on Pretoria VO I was hoping people with applications at Pretoria VO or those who have received PPR from Pretoria VO could share their experiences and shed some light. TIA
  7. Carla9xx

    Best time to complete each step

    Hi everyone, Please, can anyone give me some advice on when to do what in this process because I am afraid we have to redo things a few time before we actually go? I have completed my IELTS test last year already and i am very aware they are only valid for 2 years, we have finally gotten to a more stable financial situation and would really like to get things going, should i complete my medicals and police clearance along with the work experience reference letter before I do my online application. Any advice on when the best time would be for each step would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi there I really hope that there is someone who can help me. I am currently in the process of completing my application and will hopefully submit it this week (once my husband receives his academic assessment report from WES) Before we started this process I met with an immigration consultant to see if we were eligible to apply. During our consult I mentioned that my qualifications and area of work experience are not in the same field and she told me that this wasn't a problem. However under the work experience tab there is a field that asks me to enter the date when my qualification, necessary in the NOC description, was completed. The NOC description says that a degree or diploma in business, marketing, public relations etc may be required. I do not have a qualification in that field. My job title is 'PR and communications' but my responsibilities are definitely not limited to this title. I received the job 6 yrs ago because I had a university qualification, great people skills, very confident and good with communication. My employer did not require a degree/diploma in public relations. If I put in the date I received my drama qualification and the NOC is 'public relations', is this going to cause incongruencies on my application. Would really appreciate some insight. (I have contacted the immigration consultant but due to high volumes she has not been able to respond yet) Thanks in advance
  9. tanchett

    Life works in mysterious ways...

    When I wrote my first blog post in October, I had every intention of continuing to detail every step of our process on this platform. I hoped that it would prove helpful to others and also, that sharing my fears and concerns would help keep me sane. Funny how things don't always go according to plan. If you read my first post, you'll remember that I was at that all-too-familiar stage of doubt. Doubts about why we're doing this, doubts about whether we can. And then - something completely unexpected happened that threw our lives into absolute chaos. So there we were, getting all our documents in order and all the boxes checked before submitting our application. Our WES documents were complete, we'd done better than expected on the IELTS - all was going our way. We'd made a booking for our medicals to be done in Pretoria, with no real concerns for the outcome. Aside from a previous, but treated, heart issue with my husband, my 7-year old son and I were in almost perfect health. How wrong we were. Looking back now, and as crazy as it may sound, we have nothing but our Canadian PR application to thank for saving our son's life. Without it, we would probably not have noticed that something was wrong until it was too late. Within ten minutes of seeing my son, the amazing doctors at Hatmed were able to sense that something was not quite right. To this day I still ask myself, "how could we not have noticed?" What followed was a weeks worth of appointments, MRIs and tests. For the first time in months, our Canadian application wasn't even a thought. Without going into too much of detail, it was eventually discovered that my son had a large, extra-rare type of tumor growing inside his spine. It had probably been growing for years. We had no idea. He presented no previous symptoms - just a healthy, normal little boy. Within the space of two weeks, we had found a specialist, completed his surgery and were on the long road to recovery. It doesn't sound like much as I write it down, but there are no real words to describe the rollercoaster of emotions that we went through during that period. Life, in a sense, stopped. Canada, South Africa - none of it mattered anymore. We were just constantly thankful that we started the process to begin with - without it, we never would have known. Life works in mysterious ways. So where are we now? I'm happy (ecstatic, panicked, stressed out, over the moon) to report that this morning we received our golden e-mail. We submitted our application in December 2017. It's been a long, difficult, life-changing road to get us here and we'll forever be thankful to the long list of people who helped us along the way, who held our hands and wiped our tears when it all got too difficult - who reminded us that it all brought us here. Canada - we're here, we're healthy, we've got so much life to look forward to. We'll be seeing you soon.
  10. MaryJane

    Citizenship Applications 2017

    So I'm starting this thread for the peeps applying for citizenship this year or late 2016. If you're still holding on in the process, do join in. To date, I have not submitted our application...but soon. Slowly gathering everything together. And that almost $2k price tag is an ouch! What is the citizenship timeline nowadays? I know CIC says it's about 12 months, but somebody with recent experience could shed more light on this. @Wolverine, was yours around 6 months? Any tips, suggestions or words of encouragement from former applicants (now citizens) would be much appreciated.
  11. Meyer88

    Common law proof.

    Hi Members Just a question, ill keep it short. I am the main applicant and my fiancé will accompany me to Canada for PR status should we be lucky enough to obtain it, I have been together with my fiancé for quite a number of year and she is my dependant. I have read on CIC's website all the types of proof, Medical aid, Life insurances, Joint banking accounts etc. and seems like we have all that. I would just like to know if there had been someone recently that went over or received and ITA and what documents did you submit and was there any issues and challenges when it came to getting a PR visa for yourself and your partner if you are not married but have been common law partners for a number of years Regards M
  12. ChrisBooth_360

    Applying for an open work permit

    So I've been searching all over the Canadian government website trying to find out if it's possible to apply for a temporary open work permit without having a job first. I managed to log in and take a questionnaire, but at the end of the questionnaire, it just told me that I was not eligible to immigrate and that I should look into how to apply for a temporary work permit. And when I clicked on the available link, it just took me straight to the beginning! Does anyone on here know if it's possible to just apply for a temporary work permit without having a job first? And how would I go about that? (The government website has been very difficult to navigate) P.S. I'm not looking to immigrate to Canada, I would just like to work there for a year or two. And I am currently looking for a job too.
  13. tanchett

    To new beginnings...

    What are we doing? This is the question that runs through my head most days. When it's been a long day and I pop off to the shops on the way home from my comfortable job because I can't find the energy to dig through my mess of a freezer for something to cook. When my mum offers to babysit my son on Friday night so that the hubby and I can enjoy a date night (which is just a fancy way of saying we lie on the couch in our pajamas and binge watch whatever's on Netflix). When the entire family has a braai and we play 30 Seconds until our stomachs hurt from all the laughing. Those are the moments when I stop and look around and think, what are we even doing? Can I give this all up? And then the guilt comes trip trapping on my door. Life's easy here and comfortable but I know what the end goal is. My mind knows why we're doing this, my heart sometimes puts up a fight. Still, I long for car trips that don't include me scouring every inch around that robot (traffic light) before I dare to stop my car. Trips to coffee shops where I don't have to make sure I can physically feel my handbag at all times. Days when I don't get snippy with my seven year old for taking too long to get out of the car in the mall parking lot - just in case someone is watching and ready to pounce. My son's seven and so full of innocence and wonder. He has big dreams of being a robotic engineer even though I think he no idea what that really means. I close my eyes and see a day when he finishes high school having worked his little heart out, only to not be accepted into the university he wants to attend. I think even further to the day he's qualified and interviews for a job he's perfect for, that he will never ever even be considered for. And that's when the question arises - what are we even doing? Am I just being a paranoid mum? Do we have what it takes to make it through this? Is it normal to feel this way or is it smooth sailing for people wanting to leave? So here we are. We've spent years researching countries we could maybe get into, with no luck. Canada was always the mirage in the window, beautiful but untouchable. Then the Express Entry changes came into effect, and here we find ourselves: ITA received, application in the process of being completed. This forum has been an eye-opener. So many amazing stories of strength and perseverance and hope. It's exactly what we need during this time when we question our every decision. We're ready for this. Ready to face every hardship that gets thrown our way. Ready to start from the bottom. Ready to fight to make it work. To new beginnings... To new adventures.
  14. Hi all, new to this site - it is great source of information, thank you! Quick question - my wife and I have 20 years work experience at various companies and, of course, for most of them we do not have a letter of employment on file. Should we start collecting this all the way back to when we started working, or will they only check the last 10 years of work experience? Thanks!
  15. jodrih

    Time to enter Canada after PR

    Dear Forum Members, Hope everyone is well and that all applicants receive positive outcomes. Please help me. I have been searching, but I am struggling to find an answer. If a family receive PR, is it called 'right of permanent residence', one has to send the whole family's passports to Canadian Visa office in Pretoria ? What happens then, I read that the PR cards (?) will only be sent to a Canadian address....... Then, how much time will we as a family of four have to enter Canada from the date that PR is granted - for the sake of 'activating' PR. I know we can stay in Canada if we want, but say we have a house or a business still to sell which we could not do before the initial trip, how long will we then have to get back to Canada to avoid losing our status. enjoy your day! Jodrih
  16. Good day members. I would just like to hear comments from any individuals that are willing to share info, experience or just to add their 2cents. After having a look at the OINP document requirements I have observed the following: Your passport must have been valid for at least two years prior to your application. If your passport has not been valid for at least two years, include copies of all of the pages of your previous passport. Now for majority of people I guess this will not be a problem. But in saying that not all of us has had the need for a passport and have had the opportunity to travel across borders. So to put it rather bluntly, am I screwed? My passport is new I guess 6 months old. I had a passport that expired somewhere in 2011 and honestly without needing to elaborate on it, there simply was just no need to renew it back then. So by having a valid passport that is not older than 2 years will this seriously prevent me from obtaining a PR? AND Did you really submit all previous works payslips, IRP5's etc? I only have work experience reference letters from those employers? I really will struggle to find payslips and employment contracts. Any experiences or inputs that you would like to share? Are all the PNP requesting this? Any way around this? Thanks
  17. Kim Lester

    Job change

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask some advice. If I have a new job opportunity (in a different field than what I am currently in and different from my education), will this affect my application? Will I have to change my NOC code according to the new job? Also, will they count my experience in that field as priority or will they take into consideration my other experience as well? I am worried that if I do a career change now, it will adversely affect our chances of getting into Canada. We are in the beginning stages - getting documents together for EE profile. Any advice would really help a lot!!! Thanks in advance!
  18. JonnyBlaze

    Short CRS Points

    Dear All, My wife and I finally decided on a mutually agreeable country and city to move to. (After a lot of deliberation & then even more!) We are aiming for Calgary AB. We were hoping on applying for PR and then doing a LSD trip to both activate our 5 year PR Visa and to make sure the choice of city/country was the right one before closing up shop in JHB permanently. Our first port of call was to visit an immigration consultant who ran us through the CRS questionnaire (Main applicant - Wife) and unfortunately we came up a little short, anywhere between the 400-416 mark dependent on our IELTS results. Does anyone have any advice on what we could do to bring our points up quickly & easily? So far, learning French and applying for the PNP seem to be the only two immediate options... On that note, can anyone point me in the direction of the province specific occupational list for PNP (Alberta specifically) & does anyone know to what level ones French fluency needs to reach to attain the extra 30 CRS points available? Going to study further (Honours +32 points) is an option but doing so could result in a potential 5-10 points being subtracted for age so not a guarantee that it would bring the points up to necessary levels either. Thanks to all for any input! Much appreciated!
  19. Hi there, Does anyone know whether you need to get your high school matric certificate as well as your tertiary degree verified by WES or only the highest qualification i.e. the degree? Thanks!
  20. Hi everyone, New to the forum, We received our ITA on the 11th of January and we are in the process of getting all of the relevant information together, We have a question regarding submission of POF, We will be selling our business to cover the minimum amount needed, but after consultation with Canada Abroad it seems that this process may not play into our favour, We have been in contact with our accountants to start evaluating our business to enable us to see what it's worth as we will be putting it on the market before we leave anyways, but it seems submitting this as POF is not going to be adequate, further to that, it seems the application process may be delayed if we should submit an evaluation to CIC, and not have the minimum funds required still showing in a bank account somewhere, I know that the rules have changed and that you may use property to provide proof of funds, but no one seems to be in favour of this idea? Has anyone been able to provide funds by property or a business? Thanks in advance, Claudi
  21. TraceyOB

    Withdrawing EE profiles

    Hiiii Feel as though I have read every scrap of info on the net and still can't find a clear answer! I have created an EE profile (482 points wahoo!) but with a family emergency that needs attending to, if I get an ITA in the next few weeks, I won't sufficient time to get all the necessary documentation and medicals etc. SO my question is... has anyone here successfully withdrawn their profile and made a new one at a later stage? Did you have issues with connecting it to the job bank again? Then also when the EE profile asks you if you have applied for immigration before, do you say yes or no? Trying to decide if it is more risky to withdraw or to decline an ITA!
  22. Raymond Chown

    PR application

    Good day everybody I hope someone can provide some advice. My wife received an invite to apply in January from the EE pool, and we submitted all our documentation in early March for our PR application. In the meantime, my family and I have relocated to Canada via work visas and permits through a transfer with the company I work for. We have recently received an email stating our visas are ready, and we should submit our passports and so forth to the VAC. Problem is, we are in Canada already, and we cannot determine whether the email is a duplication with regards to our work visas we received. The immigration lawyers who arranged our work visas think it is a duplication. The Application number is as per our submitted express entry profile. The application number starts with an "E", whilst our work visa number started with a "W". My wife's online CIC express entry profile does not indicate that we need to submit our passports, it just states that the medicals were "passed" and the rest of the items were still "in progress", "under review" or "no other document required at this time". The email we received is as below. Can anybody tell me whether the approval emails look like the one we received, or are they different? Does CIC not issue a letter with a barcode with which they request your passports? We received letters like that with our work visas which we had to take along to the VAC. Thanks Raymond UCI: XXXXXXXX Application: E000XXXXXX August 24, 2016 Dear XXXXX XXXXXXX: YOUR VISAS APPEAR READY TO BE ISSUED Your file appears to be complete and ready for visa issuance. Before we can issue your visas, we require: 1) Duly completed Annex A; 2) Two (2) recent passport size photos of all family members accompanying you to Canada (these photos must not have any holes, (i.e. not be stapled, glued, pinned, etc…); 3) Valid original passports of all family members accompanying you to Canada. Please ensure that your passports have at least one (1) blank page. The validity for all visas will be the same. Visas will be valid for one year from the date of your medical exam or for the validity of your passport, whichever is less. Sending your passports, photos and completed forms Passports should be submitted via the Visa Application Centre nearest you: Pretoria : Canada Visa Application Centre Block D, Brooklyn Office Park 1109 Jan Shoba Street Brooklyn, Pretoria South Africa Harare: Canada Visa Application Centre 100 Prince Edward Street Milton Park, Harare Zimbabwe Port Louis: Canada Visa Application Centre International Organization for Migration (IOM) St. James Court St. Denis Street, Port Louis, Mauritius Please note that there may be additional fees charged by the VAC. Please consult their websites or contact them directly for further information. Thank you for applying for immigration to Canada and we wish you success in your establishment in Canada. Annex A File: E000XXXXXX 1. ENSURE THAT YOU PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FOR YOU AND ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ACCOMPANYING YOU TO CANADA CONTINUE THIS INFORMATION ON A SEPERATE SHEET IF NECESSARY FAMILY NAME FIRST NAME HEIGHT (IN METERS) EYE COLOUR Your Name XXXXX XXXXXXX Spouse Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child 5 Child 6 2. YOU HAVE ENCLOSED PASSPORTS FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY WHO IS ACCOMPANYING YOU TO CANADA. 3. YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT PAGES IN YOUR PASSPORTS SO VISAS MAY BE INSERTED 4. YOUR PASSPORTS ARE VALID 5. YOU HAVE ENCLOSED TWO PHOTOGRAPHS FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY 6. IF SENDING PASSPORTS BY COURIER: HAVE INCLUDED A PRE-ADDRESSED ABD OREOAUD AURWAY BILL. Photograph Specifications TAKE THIS WITH YOU TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER · Immigration photographs are NOT the same as passport photographs. · Two recent photographs of each family member will be required. · Do not write on the back of the photographs. Use labelled envelopes to identify individual family members. Notes to the photographer The photographs must: · show a full front view of the person’s head and shoulders showing full face centred in the middle of the photograph; · have a plain white background; · be identical (black and white or colour) produced from the same untouched negative, or exposed simultaneously by a split-image or multi-lens camera. The photographs must: · measure between 25 mm and 35 mm (1” and 1 3/8”) from chin to crown; · have a 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8” x 1 ¾”) finished size.
  23. MaryJane

    IRCC PR Application Statistics

    After a while, it's no longer exciting to watch the EE scores going up and down (or staying the same really). We need some other information to get our teeth into. The open data on IRCC information offers some more insight. Here's some (maybe not that fun yet still) interesting fact: PR visas issued in 2015 for South Africans = 958 out of 295,700 (total PRs issued in the world) PR visas issued from Jan to Mar 2016 for South Africans = 320 out of 89,712 ***See, Pretoria is doing something*** But where do most South Africans choose to settle? PR admissions into provinces and territories in 2015: South Africans seem to like Alberta (AB) a lot --- 265 of them went there. Second place is British Columbia (BC) with 245, and Ontario (ON) a close third with 240 PRs. The rest had the following: Manitoba (MB) - 30; Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) - 10; Nova Scotia (NS) - 15; PEI - 5; Quebec (QC) - 25; Saskatchewan (SK) - 120; New Brunswick (NB), Northwest Territories (NT), Nunavut (NT), Yukon (YT) - all had 0 For 2016 Q1 so far: AB - 105; BC - 35; MB - 10; ON - 70; SK - 45 If you wanna do some other stats, here's where you can find the rest of the open data information - The reports are updated regularly.
  24. MoMo

    WES and postage

    Hi All I've sent through the WES forms to UKZN for Academic Transcripts / Records. As clearly indicated by WES, these documents need to be sent by the University directly to WES. Now, given the state with our local postal service, I have asked the university to use a courier service which I will pay for. The university said that I should arrange the courier to pickup. Now, would this be viewed as me, the applicant, sending the documents or the university? Has anyone used the local postal service recently for this purpose? If yes, what were your results and timing for the delivery to WES? Thanks!
  25. I didn't see this in this forum yet, and I went looking for information on the documents needed for the EE Application. One of our wonderful members posted up their journey which was so super helpful I think I cried when I saw it, but I wanted to see for any official documentation help and I tripped over this: It's basically exactly what the CIC wants with each document, out of the (metaphorical) horse's mouth. I'm taking my chances and following it to the letter. I hope it helps the other applicants! (and for those who got their ITA on 13 Jan, GOOD LUCK FOR SUNDAY!)