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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all! I hope everyone's 2020 is going well so far. With my PR application busy processing, I've been debating where to move to later this year. I thought perhaps some of you wise folk could offer me some advice. I just want to preface by saying that I don't really mind things like weather, activities/entertainment, etc. at this point. I'm more concerned about finding work in my field (and affording housing). I can figure the rest out, or resettle, at a later stage. Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph-Hamilton vs Edmonton/Calgary As you can see, after much research online, I'm trying to decide between the Kitchener region of Ontario or moving to one of the major Albertan cities. These are my options as they seem sizable, but don't have the extravagant property prices of the likes of Toronto or Vancouver. I have 4 years of full-time marketing experience, as well as a business science master's degree. In my field, as a marketing coordinator/specialist/assistant, I can fortunately work at a variety of companies in various industries. I could also work as an administrative assistant, executive assistant, office manager, etc. So, that's my summary. Which would you recommend for ease of finding work? Kitchener area or one of the Alberta cities? Or somewhere I've not yet considered?
  2. Hi All, We are South African an living in Aus (immigrated Nov 2018) at the moment as my hubby got a job and we managed to get a PR visa. Aus was not my first option but that is was our option at the time. We used to own a farm in the Drakensberg, but safety became a huge issue. We had threats on our daughter and stock theft galore! We have been in Aus 14months now and are still wanting to move to Canada. I have looked on the Canada immigration site but find the whole process very confusing. My husband is turning 48 this year and is a heavy duty mechanic (Diploma in Mechanical engineering through tech in South Africa). Unfortunately our IELTS have expired that we used for Aus so will have to redo those. From what I have researched the Express Entry is not an option as we don't get enough points because of hubby's age, and none of my studies es are recognised as a "skill". Any suggestions on where we start the process and which is the best option to apply for that will give us PR? Where to look for jobs (those that I have looked up won't even consider unless you are Canadian or already have a visa)? What sort of captial is needed if you want to start your own business in Canada ect? Hubby did his skills assessment for Aus and they gave him an equivalent qualification for here, so how would we go about getting this skills assessed for Canada and what is the cost in Rands? Who does he get it done through as it is a trade and does the skill assessment expire? We owned our own business in South Africa, but he is now working for an employer in Aus, whilst running a small mobile mechanic business on the side! Any South Africans that have moved from Australia to Canada? I have looked at the Alberta or British Columbia regions as options - anyone cane give me more info on these areas or pics please? I studied Kinesiology in South Africa which is know as Applied Kinesiology in Canada and I'm an Equine sports massage and equine animal behaviour, so my field is alternate therapies with humans and horses. Thank you all in advance:)
  3. HeidiPatrick

    PNP process advice?

    Hi All So I have done loads of reading and am still confused. So hubby gets very low points for EE when we do the calculations as he turns 48 this year so no points for his age. Do we apply for a PNP first and then try for EE? Can you submit PNP application to 2 different provinces at the same time and see which comes through first? Once you PNP is accepted what does that actually mean and give you? Would you still need to apply for a work permit ect? Does it help to secure a job first before applying for PNP? Husband is a heavy duty mechanic / mechanical engineer, would Alberta or BC be a better option job wise and availability? Does IELTS and trade assessments have to be done before applying for PNP? Or when does that all get done, as I know they expire after a period! Thank you in advance
  4. Hi all! It's a pleasure to meet everyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading threads on this forum over the past while, leading up to my own application period. Now, I can happily say that's begun. I'm busy getting all my documents in order, getting ECA, etc. and intend to enter the pool at the start of 2020. After a lengthy period of research, I settled on Edmonton as my destination, due to a number of factors I know about myself, and I'm sure I'll be happy with my decision. However, I am somewhat concerned about how long it'll take to find work there, so any insights will be greatly appreciated. I have a marketing master's and a couple of years of full-time marketing experience behind me. Luckily my field means I can work at an extremely broad range of companies/institutions. 1. At what point do you think I should begin reaching out to companies advertising jobs (and recruiters)? 2. What do you think the chances are of my getting Skype/phone interviews while still in SA? 3. Any advice in terms of what to do once I've hard landed next year, for finding work soonest (if I haven't already)? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  5. JennyVee

    Immigrating with Work Gear

    @LouwVrystaat and I are working on the finer details of our arrival in Canada (tickets booked for 28 November! ) and we could use some advice regarding equipment that needs to come along. I've gone through the links provided in our PoPR document, but still need to know: Is there a weight/size limit to what we bring with? Does it make a difference if the goods are to be used for work? We need to bring along some sound recording equipment for use in the film industry, and, as far as I can see, we just need to list each item we bring with. Is it really this simple, or is there a different protocol for work gear? I checked this link out, but am not sure if it only refers to goods you're buying from across the border, or actual items you already own and want to bring along when immigrating. Thanks in advance!
  6. JonnyBlaze

    Short CRS Points

    Dear All, My wife and I finally decided on a mutually agreeable country and city to move to. (After a lot of deliberation & then even more!) We are aiming for Calgary AB. We were hoping on applying for PR and then doing a LSD trip to both activate our 5 year PR Visa and to make sure the choice of city/country was the right one before closing up shop in JHB permanently. Our first port of call was to visit an immigration consultant who ran us through the CRS questionnaire (Main applicant - Wife) and unfortunately we came up a little short, anywhere between the 400-416 mark dependent on our IELTS results. Does anyone have any advice on what we could do to bring our points up quickly & easily? So far, learning French and applying for the PNP seem to be the only two immediate options... On that note, can anyone point me in the direction of the province specific occupational list for PNP (Alberta specifically) & does anyone know to what level ones French fluency needs to reach to attain the extra 30 CRS points available? Going to study further (Honours +32 points) is an option but doing so could result in a potential 5-10 points being subtracted for age so not a guarantee that it would bring the points up to necessary levels either. Thanks to all for any input! Much appreciated!
  7. Hi all, Just thought I'd share this bit of information I saw for anyone considering applying for a TWP for Alberta. While this can be discouraging it is important to note that Alberta is currently having a hard time employment-wise. This is no different than trying to attain that coveted LMIA, it may just be an extra "hurdle" that needs to be jumped over.
  8. Robyn3

    Alberta Drivers

    Hi All, I have read all the topics surrounding obtaining an Alberta Drivers License but I have honestly confused myself with the whole process and just want to check on a few things. I arrived in Canada on vacation, and have ended up staying. Because I didn't plan to stay, I don't have an international drivers license or an RTMC letter. I should have my international drivers in the next few days (it's being posted from SA). For the RTMC letter, do I simple write to the RTMC and request my driving history? With regards to obtaining a drivers license in Alberta, do I have to convert my SA license within 3 months of landing in order to have my SA driving history count? After my knowledge test, am I correct in saying that I hand in my SA license and after approval (I read 2 weeks?) I will be allowed to do my road test? I feel like the drivers is the most difficult thing I've had to adjust to in Canada. All other things have gone smoothly, except for this I was actually driving for a few weeks on just my SA license, no international license, as I was told that was fine. Then yesterday I was told that it's illegal to drive in Alberta without an international license. So now I'm trying to wrap my head around everything. I have been in Calgary since 17 May, so my 3 months is up on 17 August. Would I need to have done the learners test by then? I read on the Alberta Service website that one can drive with an international license for one year? But if I did that, then my SA driving record wouldn't count as I'm over the 3 month mark? Any advice/help would be so appreciated!! Robyn
  9. My girlfriend and I want to move to Alberta as first choice. Be it Calgary or Edmonton, or even the smaller places like Red Deer and Fort McMurray. I've spent almost 6 years doing IT Support at the North West University in Potchefstroom. I've also run my own Web Development company on a part time basis for 4 years. I did do it full time for almost all of 2012, before coming back to the university. I also ran my own hosting with cPanel and WHM. 2 Years other IT Support experience. So to some it up. 8-9 Years IT Support Experience. 4-5 Years Web Development and Hosting Experience. I will complete my 3 Year Diploma in IT through UNISA in June 2015. This can be completed globally. I will be doing my BTech in IT after completing the diploma. I have the other usual certificates like CompTIA A+, N+, ITIL Foundation Level. My skills include all things IT Support related like Windows (OS and Server), Mac OSX, Linux. Office Software Suite. Hardware and Software, etc. VMWare, Ticket Systems like BMC Remedy and OTRS, VPN, LAN and WiFi installations and repairs. Mobile Devices, Printers. Remote Support, Telephonic Support. Novell, GroupWise, Active Directory, Exchange. This is in a university with thousands of staff members. My web skills include languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Python. Just started learning jQuery and revision control systems like Git. Can build a responsive website from scratch using Bootstrap I also have experience in CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other out the box solutions like OpenCart. I'm also very skilled with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, NotePad++, Sublime Text. Also have beginner experience with So basically. I'm just looking for someone that will be willing to sponsor a dedicated, hard worker, who has the proof that he doesn't just sit back and relax at work, and is always busy trying to improve their skills and abilities. Be it in a small little one horse town or in a city.
  10. My partner and I are both looking for jobs in Calgary or further afield, but mainly Alberta, as we start the immigration process. I thought it might be worth posting it on here, to see if anyone is on the lookout. About us: - My partner is a .NET Computer Programmer with over 10 years industry experience, he is on the skilled shortage list. - I am a Graphic Designer, with a BA in Creative Brand Communication and over 5 years industry experience. We are both hard-working, committed and extremely passionate about our chosen careers, so we feel we would be top candidates for positions in both our fields. Please contact me if you need more info or if you know of someone who is looking for someone with our skills and experience. Thank you in advance.
  11. Here an interesting article I dug up via Twitter: Statistics Canada released the second batch of figures Wednesday from its voluntary National Household Survey, looking at labour, education, workplace, commuting, work language and mobility and migration. Some highlights: Higher learning 64.8 per cent of working-age women now have a post-secondary education, compared with 63.4 per cent of men the first time the percentage for women has bypassed that for men. Women accounted for 59 per cent of Canadians aged 25 to 34 with a university degree, compared with 47.3 per cent of their 55- to 64-year-old counterparts. Employment data The most common occupations for women in 2011: retail salesperson; administrative assistant; registered nurse; cashier; schoolteacher. The most common occupations for men: retail salesperson; truck driver; retail and wholesale manager; carpenter; janitor, caretaker and building superintendent. Canada had more than three million workers aged 55 and over in 2011, comprising 18.7 per cent of total employment, compared with 15.5 per cent in 2006. Employment rates were highest in Yukon (69.7 per cent), N.W.T. (66.8 per cent) and the Prairies, particularly Alberta (69 per cent) and Saskatchewan (65.1 per cent). Rates were lowest in Newfoundland and Labrador (50.7 per cent) and Nunavut (52.1 per cent). Daily commute Roughly 15.4 million Canadians said they commute to work each day, with three out of four driving a vehicle and just 5.6 per cent making the trip as passengers. The data also said 1.1 million people work from home. Public transit was used by 12 per cent of commuters, up from 11 per cent in 2006. Of those, 63.5 per cent took a bus, 25 per cent rode the subway or elevated-rail train, 11.2 per cent took light-rail transit, streetcar or commuter train, and 0.3 per cent travelled by ferry. About 880,000 commuters, or 5.7 per cent, reported walking to work each day, while only 201,800 people 1.3 per cent rode a bicycle, the same percentage as in 2006. First Nations and higher learning Among Aboriginal Peoples aged 25 to 64, 48.4 per cent had some sort of post-secondary education, the majority a trades certificate or college diploma. Almost 10 per cent reported having a university degree, compared with 26.5 per cent of the non-aboriginal population.
  12. Great family business for sale. An established South African meat and grocery deli for sale in Edmonton, Alberta doing around $400,000 in annual sales. This busy shop has high quality equipment and a cornerstone to the South African community. It’s seen steady growth over the years and produces many of your South African favorites. The owner wants to step back from the busy lifestyle. For more information email