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Found 33 results

  1. Hi, I need advice. I have a commercial helicopter license and want to immigrate to Canada. Through the express entry system they do not give you an option for skills like a pilot license. Does anyone know how I should enter my license in to the system? How will my EE points be calculated for a pilot license? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. IRCC, formerly CIC, updates instructions on police certificates with respect to Express Entry selection system. This update may affect individuals who receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA). Please read carefully. To note, PCCs are required upfront. Updates on CIC website -
  3. ChrisG

    Fake Profiles on EE?

    I also think there are a lot of people with fake profiles. Which might be the reason the points aren't dropping.
  4. Hi guys There's been a change to the figures on the settlement funds requirement. Please make sure your EE profiles have the "correct" amounts. As at January 12, 2016 Single - $12,164 Family of 2 - $15,143 Family of 3 - $18,617 Family of 4 - $22,603 Family of 5 - $25,636 Family of 6 - $28,913 Family of 7 - $32,191
  5. Hi everyone, It has been a while since I was on the forum but it is good to be back. Those of you who know a little about our background and situation know we are in the begining process of our EE PR aplication and without family, friends or financial support are going it alone. Which is a little scary I might add. Yesterday we registered a MyCIC account and started to fill in the EE profile. I seem to have a couple of problems on a few of the sections, for example it will ask you for City/Town and there is nothing to select in the box, and one is unable to type anything into it either. Then when you Save and Exit it shows in the top right corner that the section is in progress. Has anyone had the same problems? I have signed out and back in again with the smae result. I also need advice on a few questions, like when they ask for the amount of funds one will bring with, we are here in Canada and working, we have no funds in SA. What does one put in? We are nervous that we put in the incorrect information and all our hard work and effort is for noting and we have to go back to SA in the end. Please assist were you all can it will be greatly appreciated, and thank you all in advance.
  6. Onyx

    Medicals - How do they work?

    So I know I'm nowhere near this point, but someone has mentioned something to me and now it's burrowing away at my thoughts so I thought I would ask. With the medicals, provided you get far enough to need one, how exactly does it work? I mean on a practical level. I know you need to go to an appointed doctor in an appointed time, but like... is it a blood test? X-rays? Scans or something? I have never had a medical, so I am totally in the dark. The other question that's part of this is does weight matter? Without going into details, I got a rather abrasive comment that my weight is going to fail me. For the record, I'm about 20kg over the so-called 'ideal'. So I'm heavy but not so much that I thought it was going to be an issue until now. Has anyone been denied on their weight or other previously minor issues? If you have been denied, do you have to just redo the medical? Do they give you time to 'fix' it? Do you have to reapply for everything? Like I said, this wasn't a stress until roughly this morning and now I cannot stop worrying.
  7. Braam & Sanelle Cronje

    EE and Certification or Education

    Hi All, I have started to create an EE EOI. I have a Certificate, Certified Electronics Technician, how do i enter this detail under the educational part of the EOI? Bit more detail about the certification: It was issued by Electronics Technicians Association ( and it was the CETa that i did. On the certificate it states person with at least two years of experiance and educaion. I had to make use of a Proctor this side to take the online exam. ETA is a well known international association based in Indiana USA. Thing is they ask dates from and to that you have attended this school, I did not attend it, I studied for about 6 months before taking the exam. So can any one please advice how I enter this detail on EOI
  8. Guest

    Express Entry information For those of you thinking of applying for express Entry (EE) the link above has a wealth of information cic shared today. Good luck.