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Found 33 results

  1. Received a job offer in Kamloops BC and employer submitted LMIA application. Job has been advertised for 3 months and should have a positive result. What is the suggested immigration route? Work visa first then PR/EE once we landed and settled or PR/EE from the get go? Family of 4. Any guidance/suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. Timestamp 6:24pm EST The SINP EE stream opened today with 400 spots and remains open up to now. You do not need a job offer to apply for the stream. Make sure your occupation is on the list of in-demand occupation (revised Jan 4) - More info here -
  3. Hi everybody, this is my first post but I have been browsing the forum for quite a while now, picking up all the tips as I go along, thank you. Yesterday, I submitted my EE profile which should have resulted in around 436 points. My wife and I have both done the IELTS tests and have received our results. I have had my degree (mechanical engineering) certified by WES, and my wife's is in process of being certified. I have more than 5 years work experience as well. This morning there was a message on my cic account stating that my application does not meet minimum requirements for EE! Anybody have experience with an issue like this? Can I appeal the rejection? Regards
  4. Melanie Ferreira (Dezines)

    Application in BC, lower points and general advice

    Hi all, need some advice/opinions please. We met with an immigration agent on Friday to look at our qual and points etc. Hubby did his IELTS on Friday and sent in his degree into WES, so waiting on that. I will be doing my IELTS end Oct. According to the agent, we qualify with 73 points to go into the EE pool but from there we only have 385 points which limits us quite a bit. My husband's NOC code is 0213 (IT Management). If we try and improve our points, it will only go up with 20 and then down with 10 as he gets one year older next year (he is 40 currently) The recommendation was to look at BC, as they have a shortage with their fairly new BC Tech Pilot program. Is there anyone on this forum that has gone through this program and can give any input or thoughts? We really wanted to look at Toronto (or anywhere really where we can find a job). We've heard that BC is crazy expensive and not a good option. Happy to focus just on BC but it would have been great if we could have had a bigger net to throw open.... Would be grateful for your advice/opinion/share of your personal experience!
  5. Hi all, new to this site - it is great source of information, thank you! Quick question - my wife and I have 20 years work experience at various companies and, of course, for most of them we do not have a letter of employment on file. Should we start collecting this all the way back to when we started working, or will they only check the last 10 years of work experience? Thanks!
  6. Chris_K

    Recruiter to assist LMIA

    Hi All. Just got our application in about a month ago. It seems I am considered too old... And here I thought 44 was still spring chicken. LOL... So my points are 375, so it looks like I need a job offer to make the grade. I am a senior IT professional with over 18 years experience. I would really appreciate some help in finding a recruiter that might have clients that are prepared to do the LMIA and hopefully make an offer.
  7. Coll


    Hi We are now busy getting our ducks in a row and will start applying as soon as we do our IELTS. Eek cannot believe we are actually doing this!!!! Anyway, I've got a few questions that I'm hoping you can help me with as I qualify for the express entry. I've looked at the CRS criteria and am trying to gauge how many points I can get and I've got a few queries: Section A - Core/Human capital factors - level of education - I have a bachelors degree in Accounting under ACCA and I've got a 3 year diploma in AAT as well as a year diploma in Business Computing. Would I qualify for the 'Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. One must be for a program of three or more years'? Section B - Spouse Common Law Factors - My husband studied for a diploma in Clothing technology for 3 years after school but was one subject short of getting his diploma. We have all his papers and exam scores but unfortunately no diploma. Would he still be able to get a score of 7? He also studied for CIPC but only did 2 papers. Does this help his score? Section C - Skills Transferability factors - I have a bachelors degree in Accounting under ACCA and I've got a 3 year diploma in AAT as well as a year diploma in Business Computing. Would I qualify for the 'Two or more post-secondary program credentials AND at least one of these credentials was issued on completion of a post-secondary program of three years or longer' at either 25 or 50 points depending on my score for IELTS? What is the average score most have got for the IELTS? Would it be a long stretch to assume that if I practice and study for the exam that I could possibly get a CLB 10 or more for the IELTS? Any helpful tips on how to pass with flying colours? Rddm2017 - What is a WES? If I get a score of between 401-439 depending on the answers above. How long can I expect to wait? Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  8. CIC has released a CRS Score Distribution of EE Candidates as of March 29, 2017. This is a great read as to how many people are still in the EE pool and if you know your score, you can sort of see where you are and maybe how long the wait is still if the draw continues to happen every 2 weeks. Of course, there are always new applicants going into the pool. If we take the number of invitees that was drawn today (3753) out of below numbers and assume that all candidates above 431 was invited: 3753 - 124 - 422 - 137 -1927 = 1143 difference (rough number of new applicants that joined the pool in a week's time (March 29 - April 5). If we assume that no new applicants join the pool (highly unlikely but we can dream), it will take about 3 more draws to get the EE score down to 400. Anyways, this is just interesting read and discussion. I'll let you guys mull it over.
  9. MaryJane

    EE CRS Changes Come June 6

    Main changes coming Spring 2017: 1. if you have French language abilities 2. if you have a sibling in Canada 3. Job Bank registration will become voluntary IIRC (former CIC) will likely give you 15 additional CRS points if you can prove you have intermediate French language skills (around CLB7). IIRC will also give 15 additional CRS points if you have a sibling in Canada, who is either a permanent resident or citizen. Canadavisa article - CIC news article -
  10. Just out of curiosity... What is the average timeline from AOR until PPR lately?
  11. Take note of the new figures! Settlement funds requirement for EE has changed. Story here - CIC updated page here -
  12. Nala

    Express Entry Draws 2017

    Help!!! First draw for 2017 seems to have resulted in invites for all scores 468 and above .... including me Im at a bit of a loss though - having submitted my profile almost exactly a year ago ... I have since moved on with my life and naturally the idea of moving to Canada became a distant maybe ..... in the very far future. The invitation came as a huge surprise. It would seem that a change in November resulted in increased scores for education???? Anyone else on this forum included in the first lot of 2017 invites??
  13. Change is coming November 19, 2016.... Read here for the details: The following changes are notable for job offers: A qualifying job offer is now worth 200 points if the offer is in an occupation contained in Major Group 00 of the National Occupational Classification. A qualifying job offer is now worth 50 points if the offer is any other qualifying offer of arranged employment. there will be new ways of being awarded either 50 or 200 points without the need to obtain a LMIA (though points will continue to be awarded to individuals with a new or existing LMIA) The following changes are notable for Canadian education: 0 points, if the foreign national has a secondary school educational credential; 15 points, if the foreign national has an eligible credential from a one-year or two-year post-secondary program; and 30 points, if the foreign national has either: an eligible credential from a post-secondary program of three years or more, an eligible credential from a university-level program at the master’s level or at the level of an entry-to-practice professional degree for an occupation listed in the National Occupational Classification matrix at Skill Level A for which licensing by a provincial regulatory body is required, or an eligible credential from a university-level program at the doctoral level. Changes to ITA submission deadline: Candidates will now have 90 days to submit an application after they receive an ITA.
  14. Jaco M

    Six month mark EE PR

    Hi everyone, So today is the 6-month mark after submitting my PR application via EE. Was wondering how many people - if any - waited longer than 6 months for the final decision on their applications? I heard the CIC website had trouble handling the traffic load after the US election results. Don't know how true this is, but hopefully, it doesn't delay my application. I'm really keen to kickstart this adventure and hope to receive good news soon. Thanks for all the friendly help I have received on this forum. Jaco
  15. For the life of me, I cannot update my Express Entry profile to reflect that I have PNP, can someone please help me. I submitted my profile but want to know how to update it or do i have to redo the whole thing? Thanks, Ange
  16. MrO

    Next ITA draw?

    Hi, does anyone know when the next ITA draw is supposed to be? I was under the impression it was supposed to be yesterday (5 Oct), but there doesn't seem to be any news from CICs website about this? Slightly confused...
  17. Angiedoo

    BC PNP and EE

    Hi All, I finally got invited to apply for BC PNP and I paid my fee today, I am now waiting for their decision. I have an open EE profile that shows no PNP at this time. The problem is my OWP expires 27 December 2016 and it could take 2-3 months for a decision to be made... should I wait for the decision or apply for a bridging OWP in the meantime or should I apply for that now while i wait for the BC PNP decision?
  18. momof3


    Hi everyone. Say im the main applicant, points a bit low, and then hubby get the job offer it shouldn't be a problem if he's not the main applicant.
  19. Mauritz

    Express Entry Question

    Hi - I'm still very early in the process, have been doing research and consultations with immigration attorney, but before i go through the process i just wanted to check whether people with a score under 440 had been drawn out of the Pool? And do you know whether people could be selected for Provincial programs even if their score is 'lower' than the 1000 people they select?
  20. Hey all, I think I'm in the final stages of this long process, but something has happened and I don't know whether I should be nervous or not. I got my ITA on 13 Jan and sent my paperwork through 11 March (Police clearance FTL >.>). I got asked to pay my RPRF 27 April (most expensive birthday present of my life) and then, checking every so often as you do, I logged on on 4 June to see this: Application/profile status Closed Review of eligibility Passed Review of medical results Passed Review of submitted documents Provided Scheduling an interview A background check is needed Complete Final decision This application has been approved So that was all the yay! Best news ever! But, it's been about a week now and I haven't got my PPR Letter. In fact, I haven't gotten any messages of any kind. It didn't even flag me that they had updated my profile, I found it because I check obsessively. I have some big questions to answer at work so I know I have to have patience but my work life is bottle-necking. The supervisor at my job is leaving at the end of the month and I don't want to be there without her because I will be the last sucker left holding the bag. I want to leave about the same time as her, but I can't justify resigning if I don't have concrete proof that I'm into the last stages of emigrating. To explain why I would need to justify resigning and to whom: I live with my parents at the moment. They pay 95% of my bills so I can save all the money I'm earning to take with me, on condition I am actually earning money. I can't become the unemployed layabout if I can't prove there is an end in sight. IE. I have resigned to sell up stuff, find work that side and book a ticket. So back to the main question: how long should it take for the PPR letter to come through? Anyone have any insights? Am I worrying for nothing or is this out of the ordinary? I worry because most people seem to have gotten the letter before their status changed. On a different note because I'm going to will it to come through soon, my Police Clearance is going to run out in about two months, possibly before I leave. Is it worth getting another one? Do I need a valid one when I land?
  21. I have another question where I'm sure the answer is staring me the face, but I'm a little scared to take the step without confirmation. I found this thread by @Raquel about paying the (RPRF) but I didn't find any consensus on how it's achieved and it was dated November and I know some things have changed. I found an update in MyCIC profile asking for payment but I don't see anywhere in the MyCIC to pay them, like I did the application fee. I googled around and found this:, also mentioned by @MaryJane in that same thread. Am I supposed to pay through this place and attach the receipt as an additional document, or am I missing something glaringly obvious. Help?
  22. MaryJane

    Express Entry Year End Report 2015 Some information:
  23. I didn't see this in this forum yet, and I went looking for information on the documents needed for the EE Application. One of our wonderful members posted up their journey which was so super helpful I think I cried when I saw it, but I wanted to see for any official documentation help and I tripped over this: It's basically exactly what the CIC wants with each document, out of the (metaphorical) horse's mouth. I'm taking my chances and following it to the letter. I hope it helps the other applicants! (and for those who got their ITA on 13 Jan, GOOD LUCK FOR SUNDAY!)
  24. IRCC, formerly CIC, updates instructions on police certificates with respect to Express Entry selection system. This update may affect individuals who receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA). Please read carefully. To note, PCCs are required upfront. Updates on CIC website -
  25. ChrisG

    Fake Profiles on EE?

    I also think there are a lot of people with fake profiles. Which might be the reason the points aren't dropping.