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Found 5 results

  1. Ruan123

    Moving to Canada in Jan-Feb 2019

    Hi We have been in the process of applying for Express Entry to Manitoba. (Process started about a year ago, when we decided we want to move to Manitoba from SA - process officialy started early this year). My husband has a possible job offer and should we leave in Jan-Feb 19 we would need some pointers on below: Travel insurance and medical coverage. Which airline to fly? Who allows dogs in cabin? How to go about in renting a house so that when we get there we have somewhere to live. (or are hotels cheap enough for us to book into while we look for somewhere to live?) What is the process in buying a car once we get there? My husband needs to take over some tools, will it be cheaper to sell here and by new ones there? (he is a Diesel Mechanic and will need them to work) Just some general information regarding the whole process, things we need to do or get in place before we leave and once we get there, will be greatly appreciated! Regards
  2. Reibtseb

    Car buying advice (Vancouver)

    Hi all! So...I received a job offer in Delta. BC...and since I'm heading over there on the 28th of Jan and starting work on the 6th of Feb, I figured I'd start looking at cars... Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to be able to buy a car once I land? Do I need an IDP/L? Or will my SA license work until I manage to get the test done for the BC license? Or do I need to have the BC license before even thinking of buying... Rental might get expensive if that is the case, but since I don't know anyone there I figure that would be the simplest solution? Can you do the driver's test with a rental? I think that's it for now... Also, where do I look for accommodation near Tilbury, Delta? What suburbs are good and not too expensive? I'd like to be able to go out to the mountains on a weekend...:) Edit: It seems the company would like me to work on their North Vancouver sites for the first few months. Then they also have a site near Ladner/Westham Island. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, my wife and I purchased a ford focus SE flex fuel sedan 8 months ago, and we are now looking to sell, it's a 2013 model, 2 liter, automatic, has blue tooth, heated seats, cloth interior and 78000km on the clock, accident free with no scratches dents, clean accident history and is very fuel efficient. I just put on brand new winter tires in December and I will throw in the summer tires as well, we stay in Guelph, Ontario. Price is $8500 and it is negotiable within reason, it's a great car well looked after.
  4. Lourens52

    White as the driven snow

    Here’s a question for those who’ve experienced at least one winter driving from a snow-driving virgin (meant in the politest way possible). I’ve been partial to white cars for the most part. White cars don’t show dirt as quickly/easily as black gleamer, and is, I think, safer because of visibility issues. There’s surprisingly little real research about car colour and safety bar an Australian study that found that white cars are, under certain conditions a little safer because of improved visibility. There’s also a UK study (dating back to the 1970s) but its methodology has been somewhat discredited. There’s lot’s of anecdotal online commentary about silver/grey cars often being rear-ended in colder climates (UK, Canada, northern states in the USA). But this could be because it’s a popular colour. Also in Canada? It would seem the insurers don’t find a correlation and so don’t differentiate the premiums based on car-colour. I’m sure if they could add a buck or two because you chose to drive a puce-coloured passion wagon with yellow polka dots, they would load you. But of course, I’ve never driven in driven snow. So dear experienced forumites: What’s your experience in Canada? Do white cars blend into the white background, turning you into a dangerous ghost rider? Or should I indulge in that red Jeep Wrangler (I’ve wanted one since I was a youngster), or is that just an excuse to break the budget? Ah the budget, the red machine will have to wait until well after we’re settled. Ok well, well, ‘blerrie’ well after! Apologies to those with sensitive ears. White push-bike? PS Those shiny black FBI wagons are smart too, but to keep the shine on... eish, white it is unless advised otherwise by the esteemed experienced forumites.
  5. MaryJane

    Buying a Secondhand Car

    Just wanted to ask around with regards to secondhand cars and what to look out for. A friend is selling his old car for $1000 (negotiable). It's very old. It's a 2000 Acura 1.6 EL. It's in good condition though and still running. I know there's things to think about like mileage, accident history, if it will pass emissions test and all others, but what else do I really need to check/ask for before buying it? I don't plan to keep this car for long (don't think it will last that long either but maybe a year or 2 or 3). It will be a second car. What do you guys think?