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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. To introduce myself; I am 19, have been accepted into a university in British Columbia, paid for the first year's tuition, and applied for my study permit [It's been 17 days since sending my full application]. I've been distraught by the thought of my application being denied because they don't have enough proof I will return home after my studies are completed. I have read many posts that say I need to convince the Canada Immigration Officer (in my application), that I will return home and not stay on after. My biggest question to this is simply "Where?". I have sent in all the documents that they required of me at the time, in the application; But I was not once asked about my intent to return, about what personal assets I have on my own name in South Africa [A car pretty much], my previous track record of returning after travels [They did however require a PDF with all the stamped pages of my passport], a cover-letter or letter-of-purpose. None of it. [I have traveled in and around Vancouver for 12 days last month on a visitor visa, and returned home if that helps my case]. My second biggest question is simply "When?" am I supposed to give all of the above mentioned to them then? I've put in a lot of effort into doing everything right and by the book. If my application gets declined I honestly do not know what I would do. So much rests upon that 1 decision, which i fear is out of my hands now. Thank you so so much for reading this all 😝
  2. Hi everyone So it seems our move might suddenly be only a few months away...eeeek. I'm wondering what the general consensus is around whether you should find a school first then a home to rent close by? Or a home first then a school close by? Am I correct in saying your physical address directly impacts the public schools your child can attend? We have a 4yr old and a 1yr old so will need both Kindergarden and a daycare. Looks like we might arrive around you think a school would take them for the remainder of the school year? Thanks for the's all a little daunting.
  3. FaithFUL

    School homework

    Hi everybody A quick question: do the kids get homework or will we blessed with stress free evenings? I know sport does not feature much in schools (or have I got it wrong?)
  4. Hi, I've been reading some blogs, and at one point it was mentioned that Canadian public schools are ok, but not as good as the Private schools (Canadian & SA), but that especially Canadian Private schools are SERIOUSLY expensive! These comments were written in 2004. It was mentioned that discipline in Canadian public schools weren't that great. So I was wondering 10 years down the line - what are the feeling/personal experience from parents now? Especially those who have maybe experienced both SA & Canada school system. Does the Canadian public school system prepare the children for Tertiary Education, or is there a growing gap (that it seems to be happening in SA)? Thank you
  5. This is a useful source of information for those moving to ontaio, to understand the elementary curriculum.