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Found 50 results

  1. Hi guys Has anyone done an online course in order to get additional Express entry points? I have a bachelor's degree but am still a good couple points short. Having an extra qualification will help but I'm not sure if an online certificate will qualify. Any advice is appreciated! Regards Geoff
  2. I'm considering trying to learn french for the extra points, obviously won't be fluent anytime soon but at least good enough to get some points in the exam (that's the theory anyway) Has anyone tried this? is it worth it? Also considering the cost of the exam? any advice is welcome, currently starting on and it's app.
  3. Just out of curiosity... What is the average timeline from AOR until PPR lately?
  4. Take note of the new figures! Settlement funds requirement for EE has changed. Story here - CIC updated page here -
  5. MrO

    Next ITA draw?

    Hi, does anyone know when the next ITA draw is supposed to be? I was under the impression it was supposed to be yesterday (5 Oct), but there doesn't seem to be any news from CICs website about this? Slightly confused...
  6. MaryJane

    Express Entry Draws 2016

    And we are off! First draw of 2016 - January 6 with 1463 ITAs for applicants with scores of 461 and up Good luck!
  7. Change is coming November 19, 2016.... Read here for the details: The following changes are notable for job offers: A qualifying job offer is now worth 200 points if the offer is in an occupation contained in Major Group 00 of the National Occupational Classification. A qualifying job offer is now worth 50 points if the offer is any other qualifying offer of arranged employment. there will be new ways of being awarded either 50 or 200 points without the need to obtain a LMIA (though points will continue to be awarded to individuals with a new or existing LMIA) The following changes are notable for Canadian education: 0 points, if the foreign national has a secondary school educational credential; 15 points, if the foreign national has an eligible credential from a one-year or two-year post-secondary program; and 30 points, if the foreign national has either: an eligible credential from a post-secondary program of three years or more, an eligible credential from a university-level program at the master’s level or at the level of an entry-to-practice professional degree for an occupation listed in the National Occupational Classification matrix at Skill Level A for which licensing by a provincial regulatory body is required, or an eligible credential from a university-level program at the doctoral level. Changes to ITA submission deadline: Candidates will now have 90 days to submit an application after they receive an ITA.
  8. For the life of me, I cannot update my Express Entry profile to reflect that I have PNP, can someone please help me. I submitted my profile but want to know how to update it or do i have to redo the whole thing? Thanks, Ange
  9. Hi guys Are any of you (or anyone else who reads this) currently busy with your online PR application form or know someone who is? I need a screen shot of the statutory questions section at the end to check wording and unfortunately I can no longer access my application as it is long since submitted. So if anyone can help me out and PM me a screen shot, that would be super helpful! @Charldr @JoannaB @Ribsy @Jobizzle @Nico_Nortje @Douger Thanks in advance
  10. Hello there I am lost in what to do. Perhaps someone can help me on this? I submitted an application for express entry to Canada and received a passport request (PPR) yesterday evening. I am the sole applicant. However, I am getting married in 2 weeks - we have known each other for 2.5 years. My fiancé is not a member on the original express entry application. How should I go about satisfying the landing requirements - and get my PR card? Can I gain port of entry to Canada after our wedding day? Michael
  11. Raymond Chown

    PR application

    Good day everybody I hope someone can provide some advice. My wife received an invite to apply in January from the EE pool, and we submitted all our documentation in early March for our PR application. In the meantime, my family and I have relocated to Canada via work visas and permits through a transfer with the company I work for. We have recently received an email stating our visas are ready, and we should submit our passports and so forth to the VAC. Problem is, we are in Canada already, and we cannot determine whether the email is a duplication with regards to our work visas we received. The immigration lawyers who arranged our work visas think it is a duplication. The Application number is as per our submitted express entry profile. The application number starts with an "E", whilst our work visa number started with a "W". My wife's online CIC express entry profile does not indicate that we need to submit our passports, it just states that the medicals were "passed" and the rest of the items were still "in progress", "under review" or "no other document required at this time". The email we received is as below. Can anybody tell me whether the approval emails look like the one we received, or are they different? Does CIC not issue a letter with a barcode with which they request your passports? We received letters like that with our work visas which we had to take along to the VAC. Thanks Raymond UCI: XXXXXXXX Application: E000XXXXXX August 24, 2016 Dear XXXXX XXXXXXX: YOUR VISAS APPEAR READY TO BE ISSUED Your file appears to be complete and ready for visa issuance. Before we can issue your visas, we require: 1) Duly completed Annex A; 2) Two (2) recent passport size photos of all family members accompanying you to Canada (these photos must not have any holes, (i.e. not be stapled, glued, pinned, etc…); 3) Valid original passports of all family members accompanying you to Canada. Please ensure that your passports have at least one (1) blank page. The validity for all visas will be the same. Visas will be valid for one year from the date of your medical exam or for the validity of your passport, whichever is less. Sending your passports, photos and completed forms Passports should be submitted via the Visa Application Centre nearest you: Pretoria : Canada Visa Application Centre Block D, Brooklyn Office Park 1109 Jan Shoba Street Brooklyn, Pretoria South Africa Harare: Canada Visa Application Centre 100 Prince Edward Street Milton Park, Harare Zimbabwe Port Louis: Canada Visa Application Centre International Organization for Migration (IOM) St. James Court St. Denis Street, Port Louis, Mauritius Please note that there may be additional fees charged by the VAC. Please consult their websites or contact them directly for further information. Thank you for applying for immigration to Canada and we wish you success in your establishment in Canada. Annex A File: E000XXXXXX 1. ENSURE THAT YOU PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FOR YOU AND ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ACCOMPANYING YOU TO CANADA CONTINUE THIS INFORMATION ON A SEPERATE SHEET IF NECESSARY FAMILY NAME FIRST NAME HEIGHT (IN METERS) EYE COLOUR Your Name XXXXX XXXXXXX Spouse Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child 5 Child 6 2. YOU HAVE ENCLOSED PASSPORTS FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY WHO IS ACCOMPANYING YOU TO CANADA. 3. YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT PAGES IN YOUR PASSPORTS SO VISAS MAY BE INSERTED 4. YOUR PASSPORTS ARE VALID 5. YOU HAVE ENCLOSED TWO PHOTOGRAPHS FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY 6. IF SENDING PASSPORTS BY COURIER: HAVE INCLUDED A PRE-ADDRESSED ABD OREOAUD AURWAY BILL. Photograph Specifications TAKE THIS WITH YOU TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER · Immigration photographs are NOT the same as passport photographs. · Two recent photographs of each family member will be required. · Do not write on the back of the photographs. Use labelled envelopes to identify individual family members. Notes to the photographer The photographs must: · show a full front view of the person’s head and shoulders showing full face centred in the middle of the photograph; · have a plain white background; · be identical (black and white or colour) produced from the same untouched negative, or exposed simultaneously by a split-image or multi-lens camera. The photographs must: · measure between 25 mm and 35 mm (1” and 1 3/8”) from chin to crown; · have a 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8” x 1 ¾”) finished size.
  12. Mauritz

    Express Entry Question

    Hi - I'm still very early in the process, have been doing research and consultations with immigration attorney, but before i go through the process i just wanted to check whether people with a score under 440 had been drawn out of the Pool? And do you know whether people could be selected for Provincial programs even if their score is 'lower' than the 1000 people they select?
  13. I have another question where I'm sure the answer is staring me the face, but I'm a little scared to take the step without confirmation. I found this thread by @Raquel about paying the (RPRF) but I didn't find any consensus on how it's achieved and it was dated November and I know some things have changed. I found an update in MyCIC profile asking for payment but I don't see anywhere in the MyCIC to pay them, like I did the application fee. I googled around and found this:, also mentioned by @MaryJane in that same thread. Am I supposed to pay through this place and attach the receipt as an additional document, or am I missing something glaringly obvious. Help?
  14. MaryJane

    Express Entry Year End Report 2015 Some information:
  15. I didn't see this in this forum yet, and I went looking for information on the documents needed for the EE Application. One of our wonderful members posted up their journey which was so super helpful I think I cried when I saw it, but I wanted to see for any official documentation help and I tripped over this: It's basically exactly what the CIC wants with each document, out of the (metaphorical) horse's mouth. I'm taking my chances and following it to the letter. I hope it helps the other applicants! (and for those who got their ITA on 13 Jan, GOOD LUCK FOR SUNDAY!)
  16. tarinerk

    Processing office?

    Hi everyone. If you apply through Express entry under FSW, where is your application processed? In Canada or in Pretoria? Was wondering how it worked and can't seem to find a clear answer. Thanks.
  17. ChrisG

    Fake Profiles on EE?

    I also think there are a lot of people with fake profiles. Which might be the reason the points aren't dropping.
  18. I feel like this is a silly question, but I have googled around and I keep getting conflicting information. Do I book a medical now before I submit my Residence Application, or will they ask me for it after I send it all in? If I don't do it, will my application be incomplete? I have 50 days left so if I need to book I want to do it asap and get it done while I wait for Police Clearance to crawl through the system. As a related question, the letter they sent talks about a 'document checklist' which I for the life of me cannot find in the MyCIC. I have found the old one before Express Entry, but I can't find the new one, if there is one? Is my google-fu deserting me, or am I just blind? Could someone please link me to it so I can pull it down and make sure I have it all. I will adore you forever.
  19. Onyx

    Advice for Proof of Funds

    I'm sitting with a dilemma and want to know if anyone has some pearls of wisdom to share. I received an ITA on 13 Jan and am now in the process of putting together all of the documents and I've hit a snag in the Proof of Funds department. This is a bit of a long story. To explain: In October, I had 99% of the proof of funds and the rest was coming in in time for the application from my earnings. 2/3 was in a Unit trust account and the rest was in a 24hr Call account. So all perfectly acceptable by the CIC, to my understanding. Then the Rand took that massive blow, and the amount you needed just went up. Now with all my sums, I'm more or less 35k down from the total I once needed. So, in order to still qualify, I have to up the amount of money I had really quickly. I have the money I need in a few places, but I either have to call in a loan repayment (my parents owe me a fairly large sum of money), or I have to do a cash deposit. Either way, there is going to a lump sum suddenly entering my account. Now, I know CIC doesn't like lump sums, but is there any way that I can get around this? I was reading up everywhere and apparently if the Proof of Funds is accompanied by an Affidavit stating where the lump sum came from, then it's okay? I've also read up about a Letter of Explanation? Could you somehow explain it in there where it all comes from? If so what documents would need to accompany the letter? Has anyone had this problem with a lump sum being unavoidable and if so, what did you do to get around it? This is partially directed to people who sold items they owned to close the new, sudden gap that has appeared. I have things I can sell fairly quickly, but how do you prove you sold them and that is where the money is coming from?
  20. Leany85

    Work for PR applicant spouse

    I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice? My husband and I have submitted our EE PR application, with me being the main applicant. If all goes well, we are expecting an answer around Feb / March next year. My husband is an experienced computer engineer with a BEng degree and we suspect he will be able to find work much faster than I will (I am in the digital marketing/ communications industry). From what I understand he will need to apply for a work permit once we arrive in Canada, and then wait several months before he is allowed to work. Are there any other ways that we can try for him to find employment sooner? A friend recommended getting in touch with recruiters once the PR application is finalised and trying to find work be fore we go, so that he is "pre-approved" to work before we land. Is that possible and has anyone else followed a similar route? Advice and recommendations welcome.
  21. EyelidGoose

    Double Applications - Express Entry

    Hi guys If this is a duplication of anyone's previous question, please just reply with a link to the thread that can answer the following: My fiance and I are both creating profiles on the CIC website, one with me as the main applicant and one with him as the main applicant. We are both listed on each other's main application to try increase our chances of getting invitations to apply. Yesterday though, whilst Googling, we found that some people advise against this as the CIC supposedly has issues with "double applications". Because if both profiles are chosen, one would decline the invitation and tag along with the other who has accepted and this, from what we've found, reflects badly on the individual and could cause problems. Can anyone verify if this is a problem or not? Has anyone done the double application thing without any problems? Thanks in advance!
  22. srubs

    Payment failure - Express entry

    I received my ITA and have completed my application. However, when it comes to payment the system always produces a "Payment Failure" message, saying that a 204 error was experienced. I contacted my bank and they said that there is no record of an attempt to charge my credit card, thus the problem must be on the side of the merchant. I am paying from South Africa and have tried three different cards, all with the same result. Has anybody else experienced anything similar? How did you overcome it?
  23. Guest

    Express Entry information For those of you thinking of applying for express Entry (EE) the link above has a wealth of information cic shared today. Good luck.
  24. Braam & Sanelle Cronje

    New and applying for WP and for PR under new Express Entry

    Hi All, We are currently awaiting answer on the LMIA. As soon as we have this we plan to apply fo a WP for me, my wife and then Study permits for the kids. Plus PR application for all of us under the new Express Entry. I do have a couple of questions regarding shipment of goods. I know about the B4 forms. What I do need to know is if we don't have a lot of things to ship, it will only be a couple of boxes. What will be suggested, to make use of a Courier company if so who? Or rather ship it on a shared container? Also if so who and any indications of costs will be appreciated. Today I called DHL just to get an idea. For a box that is 541mm x 444mm x 409mm that's not heavier than 25Kg they charge R6 260 - 00 per box to Canada.
  25. Deanne

    Express Entry

    Express Entry What is Express Entry? Express Entry is not a new immigration program, it is a new application mmanagementsystem. No More Eligible Occupation List With the opening of Express Entry it has been implied that there will no longer be a list of eligible occupations for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Instead, anyone with experience in a NOC O, A, B category occupation could put in an application under this program. Shorter Processing Times Once an applicant is invited to apply for Permanent Residency, their application is expected to be processed within six months. Educational Credential Assessments Under the Express Entry Program only those applying under the Federal Skilled Programs will require an educational credential assessment report Points System Applicants will continue to be assessed based on their scores in a variety of categories including skills, work experience, education and language ability. Documents Required The required documents for the various programs will remain essentially the same, although applicants will be required to submit all of their required documents within sixty (60) days of being invited to apply for Permanent Residence or risk losing their invitation. Job Offers Not Mandatory While those who have a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer will be invited to apply for Permanent Residence, those who have the highest score in their category may also be invited to apply for Permanent Residency. Existing Programs Staying Open Under the new Express Entry Program the following immigration categories will still remain open: Federal Skilled WorkerFederal Skilled TradesCanadian Experience ClassProvincial Nominee ProgramsThe selection process for the above mentioned categories may change as well as the applicable points system. We will notify you once these changes have been announced prior to the Express Entry launch in January of 2015. Contact us if you need assistance Tel:+27 (0)11-326-4996 E-mail: Canada Abroad 260 Kent Avenue Ground Floor, Left Wing Ferndale, 2194 South Africa