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Found 42 results

  1. JennyVee

    UNISA and WES

    Hi guys Apologies in advance if this topic should have been placed under an existing discussion. I'm in the process of applying for WES, and I need to get UNISA to send stuff off to them. Just wondering if anyone knows the magic number to call or department to contact? I've had so many hassles with UNISA over the last 5 years and they're just so massive, that I'd like to go straight to the right place this time. I saw on a couple threads that some people have physically visited their regional office, so I'm aware of that option, but if possible I'd like to just email and pay. If this is wishful thinking (and it probably is) then so be it. Off to UNISA I go. Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys, Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same problem? I tried checking my EE application status online on numerous occasions using my UCI and Application Number via ECAS, but nothing available. It always says "we were not able to identify you using the information you provided...". As per MYCIC Login details as follows; Medicals passed, Additional documents were requested and provided Received RPRF Letter and we were advised that processing of our application has begun and we paid the RPRF Fee Background check has been in progress for over a week We did send CIC a Case specific inquiry with the following automatic response: "only able to respond to case-specific inquiries and the service standard is 20 working days". QUESTION: How can I get access to ECAS ? Do I receive a email from CIC regarding this? June 2015 - Arrived in Canada on a Work Permit Sept 2015 - EE Profile created - 747 points 02 Oct 2015 - ITA Received 09 Nov 2015 - Upfront Medicals done 21 Nov 2015 - Application submitted from within Canada & AOR Received 03 Dec 2015 - Medicals Passed 22 Dec 2015 - Additional doc's requested from CIC (SA Police clearances) 29 Dec 2015 - Submitted SA Police clearances to CIC 11 Jan 2016 - RPRF requested from CIC and Paid same day 12 Jan 2016 - Background check changed to "In Progress" - NO ECAS Access to date
  3. Onyx

    Advice for Proof of Funds

    I'm sitting with a dilemma and want to know if anyone has some pearls of wisdom to share. I received an ITA on 13 Jan and am now in the process of putting together all of the documents and I've hit a snag in the Proof of Funds department. This is a bit of a long story. To explain: In October, I had 99% of the proof of funds and the rest was coming in in time for the application from my earnings. 2/3 was in a Unit trust account and the rest was in a 24hr Call account. So all perfectly acceptable by the CIC, to my understanding. Then the Rand took that massive blow, and the amount you needed just went up. Now with all my sums, I'm more or less 35k down from the total I once needed. So, in order to still qualify, I have to up the amount of money I had really quickly. I have the money I need in a few places, but I either have to call in a loan repayment (my parents owe me a fairly large sum of money), or I have to do a cash deposit. Either way, there is going to a lump sum suddenly entering my account. Now, I know CIC doesn't like lump sums, but is there any way that I can get around this? I was reading up everywhere and apparently if the Proof of Funds is accompanied by an Affidavit stating where the lump sum came from, then it's okay? I've also read up about a Letter of Explanation? Could you somehow explain it in there where it all comes from? If so what documents would need to accompany the letter? Has anyone had this problem with a lump sum being unavoidable and if so, what did you do to get around it? This is partially directed to people who sold items they owned to close the new, sudden gap that has appeared. I have things I can sell fairly quickly, but how do you prove you sold them and that is where the money is coming from?
  4. EyelidGoose

    Double Applications - Express Entry

    Hi guys If this is a duplication of anyone's previous question, please just reply with a link to the thread that can answer the following: My fiance and I are both creating profiles on the CIC website, one with me as the main applicant and one with him as the main applicant. We are both listed on each other's main application to try increase our chances of getting invitations to apply. Yesterday though, whilst Googling, we found that some people advise against this as the CIC supposedly has issues with "double applications". Because if both profiles are chosen, one would decline the invitation and tag along with the other who has accepted and this, from what we've found, reflects badly on the individual and could cause problems. Can anyone verify if this is a problem or not? Has anyone done the double application thing without any problems? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ydean Hartzenberg

    Work Permit or Immigrate?

    Good day. My wife and I have made the decision to get our paper work in order to move to Canada. I am lost in a sea of information and am unsure of exactly how to tackle the process. If anyone can help with advice, we would greatly appreciate it. Here is my train of thought: I have contacts in Canada since I've visited there twice. I would therefore think it might be easier to get jobs for both me and my wife through the networks we've already built up, rather than going through an agency or lawyer or be thrown into the pool. I am not sure how this would impact on LMIA's and the like? With regard to the application, we are unsure whether to go over on temporary work visa's and then while we are there apply for PR. Is this the norm? It seems quicker to get into Canada this way. I would think getting all our credentials assessed and language proficiency tests done, things that take time, will enable us to see how we compete in the Canadian market, thus making us employable. Is it possible, or even advisable to do things this way round or not? We are also thinking it might be wise to get processes that take time, such as WES Credentials Assessments, IELTS, Unabridged certificates, etc..., going. Would it make a difference in the timeline once we've put in our applications at CIC this way or not?Please advise us on how to tackle this giant. Yours kindly
  6. Hi All, We would just like to share with you our experience throughout this whole stressful, emotional roller coaster process..... My Husband was fortunate enough to receive a written job offer last year in Edmonton. Very thankful One year prior to him receiving a job offer we were thinking of Immigrating to Canada and came across a Immigration company named Global visas, also known as IXP Visas. Unfortunately we fell victim to this incompetent company who took us for a ride by making false empty promises by assisting us in finding jobs in Canada etc....and scammed us out of a lot of money. Avoid these liars, they are a dodgy immigration advise and services firm, please stay away from them!!! And so when he received the job offer June '14 we thought to ourselves well we already paid Global Visas all this money the least that they could do was to process our Work Permit applications....Biggest mistake of our lives! When they submitted our applications Aug '14 on our behalf they messed it up so badly our applications got REFUSED Oct '14, we were devastated to say the least but we were not ready to give up hope just yet.... second time round we did some proper research and came across Cobus Kriek (ex South African) from Matrixvisa whom assisted us with resubmitting our applications 03 Dec '14 and today we received passport requests!!! A very big thank you to Cobus for his professional service and assistance in helping us. I highly recommend him to anyone looking at immigrating or going over on Work Permits.
  7. Hi Guys, Hope you are all well? We applied for Work Permits and received passport request from CIC Pretoria Immigration section. Does anyone know if we should send it to the Embassy directly or VFS Global? We read somewhere on this Forum that you cannot go directly to the embassy and have to go through VFS? Are there specific times for collection and drop off? Thank You
  8. Finally!!!! The long wait is over,received Passport requests today from CIC Looking forward to our move to Canada soon! Super excited!!!
  9. Hi All, Our applications has been with CIC Pretoria for 4 months, 2 weeks already, upfront medicals done last year..... As per their website, processing times for Temporary Work permit applications are 5 months, do CIC request Passports within the 5 months processing stage or after? Also, after sending passports, how long does CIC take to stamp the Visa? Crossing our fingers, we hope for the best, hopefully waiting this long should be good news??? Your reply would be appreciated!Thanks
  10. Hi All, Hope you are well! I have just have one question, is it just me or is CIC Pretoria extremely quite the last few weeks? There is no way to contact them except via email but then they rarely reply. I also realized that the work permit processing times is different from 4 months on the website to 5 months on the CIC Canada website, which one are correct? Another 4 months later since I re-submitted my Work Permit application,(almost 8 months in total), this waiting game is no fun at all, guess I will have to sit and wait my turn to get in front of the queue.
  11. Hi, I am trying to create an application for an open work permit for my wifeand add our baby, I have entered alll the data in CIC info page/start you application, it has generated an application for my wife, but nowere is there an option to add a dependant. Can anyone assist me with information how to add the baby on the appliacation (My work permit has been approved), I am trying to apply for my wife and child. Thanks
  12. Hi there, Hope everyone is well! I was hoping someone could help me with some information. My husband`s profession was capped last year so we had to wait to see the 2014/ 2015 FSW`s list released in the last week of April 2014. His profession was on the list (and the number of visas allocated had been increased.... all good news for us!) so we got our docs together, triple checked them and sent them off on 2 May 2014. My question is - does anyone know at what point your application gets acknowledged? We didn't use a representative and we haven`t received any sort of application number so can not even look on the CIC website under "Check your application status."( ) Can anyone help us? Thanks a mil.
  13. jodrih

    Proof of Funds ?

    Dear Forum Members, Please help. I have seen on a recent post from Reshen, Charl&Wouter, that it is not necessary to show all proof of funds in hard cash. It can be shown in provident fund as well. Is this true ? Because this dreaded fund thing is keeping me from applying for the FSW programme. I have some investments and cash but not R220 000 in cash in my bank balance , I do have enough though in my provident funds. Also can I not include the current value of my house if sold ( because I want to sell my house if we immigrate ) and the amount we owe, would that not also qualify as proof of funds. Also , is it really necessary to use a migration agent or attorney. Some people say if you are really focused you can do it yourself, or would you say one should use an agent to be sure your application will be accepted the first time. Thank you for your help. I do not want to not apply because of this proof of funds issue. Jodrih
  14. LilyZA

    Need advice :)

    Hi Everyone I am basically posting this to hear what your opinion is regarding our application. We have everything ready to in our application, except: - Our unabridged birth certificates. I.e. The full version, with your mom and dads names etc. We initially (naïvely) thought that the small yellow birth certificate was adequate, but discovered that we were wrong during the weekend. Sigh. You think you can prepare everything in advance, and then chaos strikes! What fun Anyway, we were hoping to apply within the first week of the reopening of the FSWP as my common-law partner's NOC is one of the most sought after - Computer Programmer. Now we will have to wait to apply for the unabridged version of our birth certificate, which can take up to 4 weeks (we might use docassist if we get desperate). My biggest fear is that the cap will be reached on his NOC before we can get ours in?! Is this even a possibility or am I being a total neurotic? We'd probably have it by the CIC latest end of May, could it fill that quickly? Thanks in advance!
  15. LilyZA

    Photos for the application

    Hi Anyone tell me where in Cape Town we can have photos taken with the specifications needed for the application? The photos must: measure between 25 mm and 30 mm (1”and 1 3/8”) from chin to crown;have a 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8” x 1 ¾”) finished size.We went to a photo place in Cavendish that does Visa photos etc, a while back but the guy had no idea what I was talking about so we left it at that, but now that we are a couple days away from submitting our application it's probably worth doing We're going to try Orms in the morning, but if that fails?
  16. ElizeE

    Should we use an agency?

    My husband and I are very interested in living and working in Canada for a few years (3 or 4), but we do not intend to stay there permanently. I have made some enquiries at an agency who assists one with one's visa application. They sound confident that we'll both get the visas (don't know if that's just a marketing ploy), but wants to charge us R15,000 each to handle the process. This seems like a lot of money, especially since one still has to add visa fees, medical fees, flights, etc on top of all that. We went on a working holiday to the UK a few years ago and I managed to organize everything myself without any problems. I realize that this is a different ball game, and do think I'm going to end up needing help especially in finding a job, but surely I can do the bulk of the work myself? So here is my question to all of you who have been through this: Should I use an agency and if so, can you recommend any?
  17. StephenBreetzke

    Application Mystery - Where to go and what to do?

    Hi all... Stephen here (or for those that prefer, Steve). I am new to these forums and find myself unsure of what I should be doing concerning the application to immigrate to Canada. To give you a bit of background of who I am and the position I am in, here is my story. I am a 36 year old male that is in a common law partnership with my 29 year old girlfriend (Melissa) and her 4 year old daughter (Roxanne). We are not married as of yet, but will be pursuing that in the future. I have been wanting to immigrate to Canada for many years now, and now that I have a family of my own, I find it even more important to get this application on the go ASAP. I qualify for the FSW program and have more than enough points for the application. I have a B-Tech (Hon) Degree as a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (CPO) in the medical field with about 9 years of experience. Melissa (my girlfriend) however does not meet the standards to apply on the FSW program, but might possibly be able to get a job offer in her current field, but we have not pursued this option to it's fullest as of yet. I have been waiting for the applications to open for the FSW program to see what changes might have been made, and now I find that my job is not one of the 24 that is being accepted at this time. I think the NOC code that I should apply for is 3219. I feel I have encounted a spanner in the works. Where do I go from here?... 1) Do I wait for my NOC code to become available for the next application? 2) Do I try and find a job and go through on a work permit? 3) Do I apply anyway on the FSW program now, in hope that at a later stage my application is accepted? I feel Canada will be a great move for us as a new family. I would like to land in Canada before Roxanne starts primary school, or at least within the first year or so of her starting school so that she follows the same curiculum as the rest of the kids. Basically, I would like to make it as pain free for her to move with us. Any advise and guidance would surely help me tread water in the right direction. With my best regards, Steve.