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    Good Day to the Forum, So this story has been long over due and I hope you at least have one laugh reading it. We started our journey in June 2018 with our EE application and getting all the required paperwork in place, finally by end Feb 2019 we received that coveted golden email as you say. At first you talk about immigration and as the process follows you start informing family of what is to come... but when that email hits your inbox, you suddenly have an epiphany: "What the hell should I do now? I am so not ready for this". Then you start working through a list, one by one ticking off the items. Suddenly you don't own a car, you live with family and frankly to everybody else you stuff is worthless, but you sold all of it. You have reduced you life into 8 suitcases and 4 backpacks. Ahead of us lies the next step, saying goodbye to family, some of which we will see for the last time, and you limit the gathering at airport. Don't care how tough you are...it hurts saying goodbye. Holding back the tears you wave as you pass through security. Wow... it hits you again, now what. The twins (almost 2 year old boys), they are going nuts in this big building with trolley rides and escalators. We take a seat on a bench to check our tickets again and then make our way to the boarding gates. The lady asks for our boarding pass before we can enter the staging area to wait to board the plane. We had all our paper work neatly in a flip folder, I put my backpack down and suddenly get that cold, scared and shock feeling from my ears to my heels. Where is the folder...passports, COPR, tickets, proof of funds, etc.. its all in there...THE BENCH... I flip around and bolt through the airport, I skip two three steps up the stair case hoping no-one has taken it... as I turn the corner approaching this bench I see two security ladies have just noticed our folder, out of breath I am trying to explain to the ladies that they can check the folder, my passport is in there with a terrible photo this guy in it. Ok got it back... Walk back to find my boys all over the place, and my poor wife trying fruitlessly to get them to sit still... but wait we went the Doc a week before our trip and he prescribe some awesome stuff to calm the buys down. Don't get me wrong I don't give my kids anything other than medication when they are sick and vitamins...but we are about to spend 27hours on a airborne box with two year olds that are hard to control at home... gave them a dose and 45mins later being boarded they were a lot more docile. Flying emirates, we had a stop over in Dubai 8hours later (Stop over 19hours)...boys slept the entire flight... we get out of the airport to go to a hotel, just to break the trip up and give the boys a bath and rest a bit before we continue our trip. Back on the plane, dosed again... 14 hour flight to Toronto... 3:30 hour stop over (enough for landing paperwork)... then on to Calgary... Oh no, no no no... Flight delayed in Dubai... All landing paperwork took as expected 1H30 including S/N numbers... but now our bags were offloaded, we need to get them, get on a mono-rail shuttle train and get our connection with westjet to Calgary... get there... O sorry, booking closed they cannot except more baggage... really? Now I leave the wife, kids and bags there... because the emirates counter is back on the other side of the airport... back on the rail... looking for one small emirates desk in the airport terminal. I finally found it... no more flights today... What? after I calmed down... ok next step... explain... O first flight in the morning...We are on it. Good, let me spend some more money to book into the airport hotel. Get back to the wife who is now livid with the boys because we have no communication between us... ok everybody calm down... hotel... there we go... nice room... had a good bath and rest. Next morning first thing we are at the gate...bags and all... "O, my apologies sir. You tickets have the kids booked as on-the-lap infants, this does not correspond to your original bookings and they will need to rebook your tickets again"............I go silent....... then..... what the do you mean... "Sorry Sir emirates will have to rebook you again"... Now... Wife, Kids, Bags...all of it back on the mono rail... other terminal... where the is emirates... O no sir they only have a desk person when there is a flight, only this afternoon there will be someone....bbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp.... my heart just skipped a beat from the frustration... Ok... phoned them... through a airport link phone... booked us Air Canada to Calgary in departing in 30min... there we go. Finally we land in Calgary... no hassle... I got a bag with some prized cutlery, my pocket knife collection and so one... No-one stopped us once to check any of it... Awesome. We get a cab, get to the Airbnb and finally stretch out... we have made it. Since then everything has been great, awesome support from the communities, met some wonderful South Africans. Helped us a lot. Found a good job and we are enjoying Canada very much. The boys are still alive, we have settled... enough... have a place to sit, sleep, eat and watch the rugby... Well done Bokke! Glad we went through it all, it will be worth it in the end... I truly believe that.
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    Here’s my full timeline below guys: AoR: Apr 9 MEP: May 17 BIL: May 17 Biometrics Complete: May 23 July 4th called CIC: VO CPC Ottawa Jul 30th Ordered GCMS Notes (Criminality passed, eligibility and security not started) Last update on file June 19 16 Sept called CIC: No update RPRF Request: Oct 18 RPRF Paid: Oct 18 Ghost Update: Oct 21 PPR: 22 Oct Passport Submitted: Oct 28 Application Approved: Nov 6 Visa Stamped: Nov 6 Return Tracker Activated:Nov 7 CoPR/Passport Received: Nov 8 Landed: Nov 11 I’m still at the airport waiting for my ride, just went out for a quick smoke in the snow (might be my motivation to quit haha) Landing was a breeze, took less than 10 minutes, I have no goods to follow and nothing to declare so it was a smooth process through immigration and customs. It’s Remembrance Day here today so Service Canada and Banks etc are closed, I’ll apply for my SIN and all the other stuff tomorrow.
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    Hi All, though I would just give an update here since I last posted here. We did IELTS in June 2019 and was unable to get CLB 9 (Aka 7 for writing) on the first attempt. Managed to easily score 9s and 8.5 in the other categories. I did a lot of research before attempting IELTS again and I have seen numerous people getting 6.5 for writing and having to write 3 or 4 times and ask and pay for remarks to get a 7 for writing. Therefore, I decided to try my luck with some job applications since my profession was on the 29 in demand jobs in BC. Against all odds I was able to obtain a job offer after applying for around 20 positions. The idea was to rather spend an extra R8000 for the BCPNP Application and be ensured of PR, instead of attempting IELTS another 1 or 2 (or more) times. The process went pretty smooth from there. I did everything myself, here is my detailed timeline: 5 May 2019 – WES - Application paid and submitted 9 May 2019 – WES - Degree and transcripts collected at University and mail via Aramex 22 Jul 2019 - WES completed 8 Jun 2019 – IELTS 3 Oct 2019 – Job offer (BCPNP Tech Pilot eligible) 13 Oct 2019 – Created EE Profile 13 Oct 2019 – Registered on BCPNP 15 Oct 2019 – Invitation to apply for BCPNP 6 Nov 2019 – BCPNP Application submitted 7 Nov 2019 – BCPNP approved and 600 points added to EE profile 13 Nov 2019 – EE invitation to apply 22 Nov 2019 – Called to book medical in CPT, first available date 8 January 2020 2 Dec 2019 – Work permit and spouse open work permit applications submitted 2 Dec 2019 – Biometrics for work permit requested 12 Dec 2019 – Medical request for work permit 8 Jan 2020 – Went for Medicals in Cape Town 9 Jan 2020 – PR application submitted 23 Jan 2020 – Biometrics for PR 10 Feb 2020 – Additional document request for WP (SA employment reference letter) 24 Feb 2020 – Passport request for Work Permit 28 Feb 2020 – Passports submitted at VFS Canada CPT – Walk in 3 March 2020 – WP application status changed to approved and waiting for visas to be couriered back to CPT Finishing at my current job on 31 March 2020, and looking to fly to Canada in Mid April. Starting work in Cloverdale/Langley, BC on 20 April 2020!
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    Hi all... So got our Golden e-mail late last night! Excited to say the least. Was up watching football and then saw the email so running on dreams and minimal sleep at the moment.
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    Yes thanks, I haven't even posted here yet. Has been a crazy day with everyone asking questions and congratulating/ informing the work etc. Don't know what I'll do with all my free time from tomorrow when I don't need to refresh my email every 5 minutes 🤷‍♂️
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    @Kitcatwe got our PPR email on Friday afternoon! Thank you so m so much for your advice and encouragement
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    Nelline I don’t want to fall into the trap of being an alarmist but this is going to really hurt the economy. Lots of business is going to lose revenue as well as many workers. All of the major economists are calling for a recession later this year. Right now, based on what I am seeing, I would strongly recommend that anyone planning on landing here without a job, postpones their landing. Job searching is going to to be ridiculously hard. I work for one of major banks and I work very close with one of the Executive Vice Presidents and he sits on the big committees. From what I am hearing, this is very serious in economic terms and it’s being echoed by our chief economist.
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    Hi @fry Yes, I'm pretty sure there are even more of these types of meetups and groups than in SA, especially in the larger cities. Here in Victoria we have VIATEC that sends out regular newsletter with events and job opportunities in the tech industry specifically and they even organize the yearly VIATEC Awards which is like the Oscars for the Victoria tech industry. It looks like Accelerate Okanagan might be a similar organization in Kelowna. I also belong to Slack workspaces called "YYJ Tech Ladies" (YYJ = Victoria) and "Vancouver Developers". I think these Slack workspaces are a really great way to network and meet people in the industry, especially for those who tend to be more introvert as you can send messages to any member or reply to their posts/comments in an easy, more casual way online. It looks like this might be the Slack workspace for the Kelowna tech industry: https://kelowna.slack.com/. In this article he says that he can send you an invite to this Slack workspace if you fill out the form and it has a lot of other info about the industry as well: https://www.rbdawson.com/okanagan-tech I hope this helps! 🙂
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    Thanks guys. Received our golden email today (2020-02-13).
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    Update from our side. AOR 28 May 2019. September 2019, received notes and eligibility was not met due to proof of funds. September 2019, sent additional documents to clarify proof of funds. 12 February 2020, ghost update. 13 February 2020, received golden email!!!
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    Received our golden email last night 😁
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    You’ve only been Australia a short period of time. Way too soon to be considering another move. I would say the same if you were in Canada. Emigration is extremely hard and it can take several years to really settle so making the “stay or go” assessment so soon is... too soon! Waite another 2 years before making such a massive decision or you might end up feeling the same after landing in Canada. If Australia feels “off” then you have what is normal actually. You shouldn’t expect to feel settled so soon. You’ve given up everything and it can take years to settle.
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    We received the golden email this morning. Really hope all you guys get it soon. I know you all want to finalise this before the end of the year, so good luck and holding thumbs.
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    An update from our side, received PPR on 12 November. Timeline as follows: ITA: 17 ApriL 2019 AOR: 2 May 2019 ADR: 12 June 2019 Biometrics: 13 June 2019 Webform: 2 November 2019 Ghost update: 8 November 2019 PPR: 12 November 2019 Passports submitted: 16 November 2019 Good luck to everyone still waiting, hope you all receive some good news soon 🤞
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    @OHCANADAAA It seems you have been ignored ! This is totally un-Canadian ! Sorry......I will ignore you no-longer. I did type a reply, but then I deleted it as I am somewhat different now days. I work in the mechanical / engineering / electronic industry. You are right, you cannot (are not supposed) to call yourself and "Engineer" if you are no P.Eng. Your limitations are mainly that you cannot sign off designs & probably can't get stuff-fall-down-everyone dies - insurance. (The stuff lawyers LOVE !) There was a case in Alberta where the multi-story car-park collapsed because the P.Eng. engineer(s) forgot to take into account the weight of the cars ! Well, that's what they told me here. Fortunately there is a dire shortage of smart people here right now. Many companies will word their adverts - "Engineer" or "Equivalent experience" . They know that there are many very skilled people who have not become P.Engs. Your initial problem is to get "Canadian Experience" - I used to think it was a crock - of -doodie However, having been here for a while, I see it has some merit. It's more about newcomers (I believe that's the politically correct term - you didn't melt did you ?! ) having a chance to acclimatise. I have seen finance people, some doctors in admin and fancy pants' just drop into a fancy job, but this is the exception not the norm. Most of us have to start at the bottom - Your first problem is they don't generally use metric here - it's all feet and inches - 10-32, 1/4 24 Bolts etc.... Mind you, that might become offensive - feet, and inches - because they are just not inclusive . Also, Tucker Carson (Fox news) said that the metric system is senseless and "evil" if I remember correctly, ha, ha - that's why he's in news/politics and not engineering ! That said, the abundance of Snowflakes and Darwin Award candidates make it easier for smart skilled non-snowflake (mentally strong & hard working) people to ascend the ranks quite quickly. Despite my caustic nature, I have risen quite rapidly from the bog like a cloud of recently fracked methane and H2S. I have finally burst out into the world where I can stink in peace. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS. If were me, I'd get here, get some experience here, and then decide which way to go - others may disagree - they are all wrong and offend me, I'm going to need a "mental health day now". Where's HR? They have a saying here, how do you melt a snowflake - ha, ha, no, that's not it - it's "How do you eat an elephant" - one bite at a time and also "Slow and steady". We design a ton of stuff on CAD - (I think "CAD" is inclusive), once we're happy, it goes to our local P.Eng. (Separate company), get's "the stamp" - and we all live happily ever after. In answer to one of your questions, it generally does not matter if a non registered engineer does the design as long as a registered one stamps it, and they will if it's not going to end in Jail time.
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    @Seth try not to think of it. Our PPR took 6.5 months and the last 2 weeks was hell. I can suggest only expecting a response after 6 months and using your energy elsewhere, I would be far less stressed if I had done that. Take a look at the average processing time on myimmitracker and work out your date from there.
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    Part 1 - Getting everything ready! WES, PCC, IELTS Our journey started in May 2020 during lockdown. Myself (28) my wife (28) and my son (1) made our decision to make a move, at first, we decided on Australia, but due to the difficulty in applying and cost, it never sat completely well with us. We just kept on reading and talking without actually doing anything. But through our research, especially in regards to my wife’s occupation, we came across possible opportunities for her in Canada. We started reading and watching as much as we could, and something about Canada just sat well with us. The process cost was a lot cheaper than Australia, and the process simpler. So, in just two weeks of starting we decided to start our process by ourselves. The following steps are as thorough as possible to help others in the future. We decided that we would pay extra wherever we could to make things move along, for example, DocAssist etc. in order to reduce stress somewhat and perhaps make things as quick as possible. I will add in the steps as we go along. I hope you enjoy! Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) - 2 Adults We decided to start with his step due to possible delays in getting them granted, and rather get them out the way first thing. I contacted PostNet Pretoria in regards to their assistance, and they sent an email with all the steps and costs in this regard. This is how our process went: Printed out form SAPS 91(a) and went to Durban North Police Station bright and early at 8 when the lady started work, paid our R300 (R150 per applicant) to the cashier and received a receipt, took our fingerprints on the form and took back both the completed set of prints and receipts. In and out in 30 min. Printed out the Application for Police Clearance Certificate and filled out all info. Made certified copies of both ID’s, and marriage certificate and scanned all above documents. Dropped off the following at PostNet for courier to Pretoria PostNet, Cost R113: • Original form 91(a) • Application: Police Clearance Certificate • Certified ID’s and Marriage Certificate • Receipt of Payment for PCC Timeline: 1/07/2020 - Did fingerprints and couriered to Pretoria 20/07/2020 – Email to say our certificates are ready to be sent back. 28/07/2020 – Collected from PostNet Total Cost: R1 213 Application - R300 Courier to Pretoria - R113 PostNet Pretoria Fees - R800 IELTS: 2 July 2020: We were both really nervous for the English tests, due to the extreme difference in possible points if it goes bad, plus the cost of R4 429 per test. But this was the first real step in making this all come true. So, I hopped on to the IELTS website and booked my wife’s test for the following month (8 August) and made payment. I then went to book a test for myself, but there were no more dates available for August. Now I generally like to get things done as quick as possible, so my first instinct was to book in JHB and catch a flight for the day for early August, but my wife convinced me to rather book in September in Durban, and save a possible flight if one of us needs to redo the test at short notice (smart lady I married). In the end both tests booked: • Wife: 08 August 2020 (Cancelled Due to Covid) • Myself: 12 September 2020 Little did I know how frustrating IELTS would become, 1 week before my wifes exam, the dreaded email arrives, cancelling her exam until a still to be announced future date. At this point you become frustrated, because form here on out, every week lost is another week added to the process, and the question of draws and points and limits start to play on your mind. The communication from the British Council was poor at best. No updates, the same generic answers to your queries, you feel like you are left in a void, just waiting for them to grace you with their decisions. 2 days before my exam, I receive an email to rebook my exam. At literal lightning pace, I follow the link and am relieved to find a new date in Durban the following week, so I was able to rebook for both my wife and myself for the 17th September, and at the end of the day only 5 days lost through the whole ordeal, not bad in hindsight. Total Cost: R8 858 2 x Tests - R4 429 each. Results: Reading Listening Writing Speaking Overall Wife 8.0 9.0 8.0 8.5 8.5 Myself 8.0 8.5 7.5 9.0 8.5 As you can see from above, unfortunately there is now clear proof that my wife listens better than I do, and that I speak too much. However, we were both ecstatic with our results, knowing that we now had guaranteed our points were going to be enough for the next draws. We received our provisional results on our IELTS profile on the 9th October, but had to wait until the 19thbefore we got our couriered results. You have to wait to get the TRF as you need the certificate number and date of results on the certificate in order to submit your EE application. WES Assessment: Next on our list was applying for our ECA through WES. We decided to get both my wife’s education assessed as well as mine in order to get maximum points. Wife’s Assessment: • Bachelor of Arts (UNISA) The easiest way of getting the official stamped transcripts from UNISA was to go to our local UNISA office, for us that is Bram Fischer Road in Durban. They would put them in a sealed envelope, stamp and sign the seal and I would then send them to WES. However, due to lockdown, no UNISA offices in Durban were open, so we had to do it the hard way. I managed to track down an email address for someone at UNISA who knew about WES and their requirements etc. and WES had instituted a process whereby they were accepting digital documents, as long as they came from the University directly. He was immensely helpful, replied to my initial query at 7AM with exactly what we needed to send to him, which consisted of: • Completed WES form (WES Provides) • Copy of Degree Certificate Received an email back at 7PM Friday Night letting us know that our documents had been sent to WES. Timeline – Enquiry 7am 10 July Documents sent 7pm 10 July WES Confirmed receipt and acceptance 14 July. Completed Evaluation – 21 July If I hadn’t found this gents email, we would still be floundering around with UNISA until their offices reopened. • Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology) (UKZN) • Master of Social Science (Health Promotions) (UKZN) UKZN tended to be more difficult, due to their alumni offices being closed due to lockdown. However, we tried our luck and sent off an email with the WES forms attached and hoped for the best. 2 days later we received an email back from UKZN informing us they had digitally sent off the transcripts. My Assessment: • Bachelor of Law (UNISA) See above, followed the same process as my wife’s application. Cost: UKZN Transcripts x 2 - R140 UNISA Transcripts x 2 - Free Courier to WES – No cost, all digitally sent. ECA Assessment WES x2 - R2 976,44 each (230 CAD) = R5 952,88 Total Cost – R6 092,88 Total Cost: R16 163,88
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    FWIW. We did ours last year. Submitted application end of April, received AOR only around june/july and got our invitation to write the exam shortly after. We Said our Oath in November. I also believe that it varies from province to province, for example BC is apparently much quicker than say, Ontario. I’m sure COVID might have some influence but from what I understand they’re still going full steam. Good luck.
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    Yes, we sent in our citizenship applications at the end of July 2020. The documents were delivered but we haven't received AOR yet - that seems to currently take a few months. Members on the CanadaVisa forums created a spreadsheet to track applications and according to that info those who sent applications in January/February this year only got AOR at the end of July/August. I'm pretty sure it will take much longer than the normal 12 months processing time, but one upside for me personally is that by that time we might have a physical ceremony again instead of the online ones that they are currently doing. It will probably take long either way (probably first-come-first-serve), so in my opinion it would probably be best to apply as soon as you can anyway. One reason is if the rules change in the future making you ineligible for some reason then they might continue to process your application if they've already received it. You can have a look at the spreadsheet here and see the July 2020 discussion thread here.
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    Here's the link to a form where you can submit changes to documentation: https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
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    Lol until you realize that no bats means more bugs, I’m all for the zombie apocalypse, but count me out if mosquitoes are gonna take over the world!
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    Of course "the world economy is not in ruins because of climate change." But what is happening now is exactly what the climate change cabal wants. They want to close factories to "minimize emissions." They want to stop oil production. They want to prevent us from driving cars. They demonstrate against livestock farming. What we now see is how the world looks like when all of that is happening. The world they envision is not sustainable. M-N educate yourself a little by reading today's National Post article by Rex Murphy: "Canada must stop self destruction."
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    Also, depending on where you land, you'll be surprised at how many ex-Saffas will rally around to help as needed.
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    Good morning, If there are any Saffas landing in the Waterloo Region that need to self isolate, please feel free to give me a shout if you need groceries, I would like to help those that need to self isolate, but need groceries. Stay safe, Anna
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    @archiryan123 Just an FYI, if you haven't applied for insurance yet. OHIP is waiving the 3-month waiting period during these unprecedented times - https://news.ontario.ca/mohltc/en/2020/03/ontario-expands-coverage-for-care.html
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    And in sunny SA..... Coronavirus scam: The Reserve Bank isn't collecting your 'contaminated' banknotes 2020-03-18 18:15 The South African Reserve Bank suspects that criminals have been visiting South African homes and telling them to hand over banknotes in their possession, claiming the banknotes were contaminated with the coronavirus. The creativity of the South African Criminal is astounding ! Never in my wildest dreams would I have come up with this one, I feel ashamed. I'm paid to think. Tonight I am going to my neighbours to tell them that the Canadian Reserve Bank is collecting all notes that are contaminated... I'll include credit and debit cards and ask for the codes to allow us (the bank) to transfer the funds to their new cards, which, of course I'll deliver in a few days....
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    Hi guys. I received my golden email this morning 😁 129 days past AOR. I also didn’t hear anything since biometrics in December. It seems that the visa office was Ottawa. Good luck to everyone still waiting. Holding thumbs that the other November applications are being processed now 😊
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    @Clay1204 prices seem to very much linked to the following Where in SA are you moving from? (JHB may be more expensive. Moving out of a complex may be more expensive) Where in Canada are you moving? (Toronto is cheaper than Vancouver) How much stuff are you taking? (Groupage containers are cheaper, but take longer) Which company you use and how well they estimate your goods? We have just finished getting quotes from a bunch of companies after we were shocked by the first two quotes that we got. I found https://sirelo.co.za/tips/international-movers/, which seems to provide a good list on which movers are you there. The best thing to do is reach out to some of the companies on that list and get them to come give you a quote. It is free and they then answer the above questions and give you a quote. I am envious of @Margaret's quote as it is seems cheap in comparison to our quotes, but we are looking at shipping more than double her volume. The best price we have for shipping 20m3 of goods from JHB to Kelowna, BC is R140 000 without insurance. This is in an exclusive container. Going with a groupage option will bring this down to about R100 000.
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    Hi there, my 2 cents; Take a look at Job Bank, I did a search for "Heavy duty mechanic" and various options came up to fit the bill e.g. Heavy duty mechanic - agriculture. I chose 'heavy-duty equipment mechanic (7312) since I had a gut feeling this may be what fits best but please take a look at the link to see if that is in line with what your hubby does. The code next to it is the NOC code, super duper important since hubby needs to perform all of the duties mentioned in the lead statement of that code and most of the main duties to qualify under it. Jammer, you probably know all of this in anyway! On this site you can get an idea about the wages for a role across the country, career outlooks etc. Just select a different tab on the page. Perhaps this will give you an idea where most jobs are available and where money is best? At the end of the day for the most part, we end up where we find a job. The "employment requirements" tab will show you what hubby needs to do in order to work in his field of expertise since this is a regulated profession (again, perhaps the title I chose isn't a fit so please check). The "employment requirements" tab will also show you what needs to be done in each province to have his skill tested and vetting to make sure he his certified in his trade for that province. If you have a province in mind, look at the PNP options, each province has different criteria. Perhaps look at BCPNP's various skilled immigration avenues : https://www.welcomebc.ca/Immigrate-to-B-C/BC-PNP-Skills-Immigration There is huge shortage for health care workers in BC, investigate if you can perhaps land a job as in applied kinesiology? I landed in BC in 2017, it was indeed a culture shock of note but from my experience, it is what you make of it. Immigrating has by far been more stressful and draining than I could have imagined or put words to but after time the good days increase and the bad days become less. From my experience Canadians are truthfully kind to their core. I'm originally from CPT and see many similarities to it here in Vancouver. It truly is Beautiful British Columbia. PS: If you guys are financially able to apply for one study permit then the accompanying spouse will get an open work permit. Down the road, the Canadian Experience Class which gives you PR may be an option. The trick is to get into Canada. Once you're here you can't easily be kicked out
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    We buy cars were absolutely fantastic when I sold my car to them. Highly recommended.
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    This is probably too late for the OP, but in case anyone comes across this posting in future, WES does accept faxed copies of the certificate Same happened to us and found the info on their website stating that it can be faxed. We did this and the status changed within a day or two.
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    Happy New Year All, I recently joined the forum and thought it is only appropriate to introduce myself and wish all SACanadians a Happy New Year. To give a bit of background, I am married, father of two and started considering a move to Canada in 2015 (even wrote IELTS) but could not at the time convince my significant other to leave SA. After years of convincing she finally agreed to the idea in May last year. We then proceeded with ECA evaluation of both our degrees through WES, which we got after about 45 days and wrote IELTS together (mine had already expired, wonder how my English knowledge could expire after two years but that’s a discussion for another day) in September. Unfortunately, with the current CRS score cut-offs we did not have enough points for an ITA although we both had CLB9. We then decided to go for TEF Canada (as we both speak French) we were luckier with the TEF Canada and I got a CLB10 this allowed us to have enough point for an ITA which we received in the draw of the 27th of November 2019. We are now going through the process of collecting all documents to submit the e-APR. I have on many occasions received invaluable information from this forum and hope to contribute with the little I know. Thank you all
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    OMG!!!! also got a ghost update guys!!!!!! @OHCANADAAA's prompted me to check our account!
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    So quick update, we got the golden email last week. Passports are in pretoria. Hope you all get news soon!
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    @Clarence, @GeneeP AIPP is all about being proactive, you have to job hunt like there is no tomorrow. At least 5 applications a day, all customised😝😝, and contact people directly on LinkedIn as well, i.e. CEO's and HR people in your field. NB: Look for jobs from designated employers as well as non designated ones (who will have to become designated to go forward) NB: At the same time take IELTS and get ECA (ECA takes at least 2 months-ish so get it done sooner rather than later) Get a job offer. With the job offer your employer endorses you to a settlement service provider who will help you with getting a settlement plan etc. and all your documentation processed Send settlement plan back to employer Employer uploads all info - endorsement plan, job offer etc. to AIPP Get certificate of endorsement (needed to apply under AIPP) Apply for PR for whole family under AIPP - it's paper based application, i.e. you send it in via post (documentation similar to EE just with lower thresholds, e.g. IELTS score, Proof of funds) Wait for PPR - (supposedly faster than other streams) OPTIONAL -> Apply for Temporary work permit at the same time OR after submitting PR application so you can arrive early and begin work. This permit can be gotten in as little as 1 month. PR application will still continue. If an employer you get a job from is not yet designated they can apply for designation and from there the process follows normal AIPP. If you convince them you are an asset they are willing to go through the process of designation, so market yourself and sell yourself as the next best thing, better than sliced bread. This youtube video is VERY helpful especially showing how to look for job offers
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    Good Day @Zanah, We found it challenging to find jobs in our field in Canada (wife still searching, I got lucky), so I don't know how easy it will be from SA. Knowing that we sent out a couple dozen CV's after we received our paper work. That said, here are a few tips: 1) Tailor your Resume for every job you apply to. Reason (Most companies use tracking software to weed out resumes before it even hits a desk), if your resume does not contain corresponding key words to the job posting it will not make it through ATS to begin with. 2) Your resume should contain no personal information, except name, surname, location and contact details. ATS does not care if you are married or how many languages you speak or how many kids you have. 3) Don't include a header or footer - ATS cant see it. 4) Its worth researching ATS software, some of them give you 3 to 5 free resume scans to see if you are hitting the right key words. (Not something they generally use in SA yet) 5) Keep LinkedIn profile up to date... have a reference or three in you profile... people will contact you. Once here it will be easier, because they do consider location when weeding out applications. To find a transition job for the coveted Canadian experience is also not hard, depends on what you are willing to do to make it. You can pay basic bills on minimum wage here... but you will still hemorrhage savings until you settle back into your profession. Hope it helps a little bit... Good luck and Don't give up...
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    Hi all, I thought you may enjoy an update after I went radio silent. For those that are interested below is a description of our journey from Johannesburg to Vernon over the weekend. I posted it on the Canada Covid Support whatsapp group which was invaluable in getting information on the repatriation processes. For those in need please check out https://stuckinthemudza.wordpress.com/
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    Hey @novascot I'll share what I did.... I put in my Canadian address. I believe this is a yes. I say this because I didn't do it then since this box was non-existent when I left SA at the time. I know people who've ticked this box after they've left and it triggered a SARS audit. I am told that it wasn't specifically bad but it was hectic for a couple of days (as all audits seem to get that reaction). However, since you left in 2018, shouldn't you have done this for the 2019 tax return? This is just a question, not meant to start a panic. I know that once you tick that box, it will ask you for the date. Just be prepared for the audit, gather your documents. I said yes because I had rent income in SA. My understanding of income as per SARS is that it is (tax) residency based. If you are considered non-tax resident, you are taxed on income from SA source only. I know there were talks of changes in recent years (something about taxing on worldwide income), I don't know if it has taken effect or anything so take this last one with a grain of salt. As you can see from my answers, I am no longer as clued up with SARS as I once (used to think I) was. My situation is that I never financially emigrated, had rent income for a while and eventually sold the house. I filed returns up to the time I sold the house. After which, I phoned and sent follow-up emails to get SARS to de-register me. Hope this helps somewhat. Some of our current active members may also be able to share their experience and process. Good luck!
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    Just adding this here. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/coronavirus-special-measures.html?fbclid=IwAR07TXh3GBvLPfTFdln3lvAJYI5RulJy-oSr03AnOh0uhJbOPh_VXK8HaPI
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    Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!!
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    I would suggest you think long and hard before you follow this route. Now, I moved from NZ to Canada, and I have regretted it ever since (search "New Zealand", and you will find loads of what I posted). There is someone else that moved from Perth to Canada that loved it a few years ago, I don't know about now. Maybe if you search "Perth" you will find her. If you are unhappy in Oz, I would suggest that you consider NZ before Canada. Even ignoring the fact that I like NZ better than Canada, practically speaking, I am not sure you realize just how long and expensive the road might get in front of you. Getting a job offer when not in Canada is not unheard of, but it is very hard. With the oil sands really struggling, I am going to guess that there are no shortage of heavy duty mechanics in the job market. That removes the incentives from employers to hire an outsider. Getting a trade assessed in NZ is very easy (1 week of lessons and a test, pretty much. And cost very little). Getting a trade assessed in Canada is a seriously tedious affair (Red Seal test?? I think). And every province has their own body that deals with it. You are looking at a multi year effort to maybe get into Canada in a few years, costing you thousands to get there. In the mean time you are unable to settle down since you have no certainty about your future. As an Oz PR, you can move to NZ tomorrow and start working, costing you very little.
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    Hi JaQ Can't you just purchase travel insurance here in SA and state the period so that it overlaps the date the you expect your Med coverage to kick in by one month? So let's say you expect to have your Med coverage kick in on 1 May, then ask for travel insurance up to 31 May. Not sure what it will cost though, or if travel insurer will cover you for the fact that you are immigrating. I was going to investigate this option closer to our landing time. Regards
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    Congratulations @OHCANADAAA I can imagine your excitement!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just received our golden email!
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    Hi there. I received an Ontario nomination. They sent me a letter through my EE profile expressing interest and asking me to apply for a nomination. My NOC is 0114 and my points before the nomination were 440. Ontario hold draws every now and then and target specific occupations. I don't think they will do a draw this year as they are close to hitting their quota for 2019. They might do more draws next year.
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    Thank you so much! Very excited but still in shock, things seem very real now. We will be heading to Ontario- my husband is hoping he will get a job in Toronto. I am slightly anxious about everything that needs to be done now, we are hoping to make the move by June next year
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    Why did you decide on Canada? Did you visit the country before you decided? Saw a picture of Emerald Lake. Never been here. Or to North America. How did you decide in which province/town/city you wanted to live? Mountains + Oceans + Forest = BC. Found work in Vancouver. How long have you been there? Was it difficult to adapt and when did it start feeling like home? Or does it never feel like home? ~1.5 years. No issues adapting, no longer felt the urge to leave like in SA. Home is where the heart is, and mine is here. Did you fit in easily with Canadians or do you still feel like an outsider? Try to find Canadians in Vancouver I have more international friends than Canadians. Is the life-style attractive or is it also a daily struggle to survive? Never struggled, but I landed with work. How long did it take before you were able to stop looking over your shoulder or freezing in fright whenever a beggar comes up to you? Immediately. Only things scaring me here are bears. Have you ever been back to SA for a holiday? What was it like? Were you glad to go back to Canada? No, and not planning on going back. If you could redo everything: would you rather stay in SA or choose Canada again? I would have left years earlier. What is the work environment like? Is there a good relationship between colleagues or is it each man for himself? Depends on the company, but my colleagues feel like family. What was your first thought when you set foot out of the airport after arriving in Canada? Holy ^&#@ it's cold!!! - Me wearing summer pants in the middle of winter. Does everything seem strange and unfamiliar? When did this feeling pass A couple months? Took me close to a year to start thinking in $ terms, and being okay with feet and pounds being used erratically.
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    Hi everyone @Jiv @PE/HALIFAXchic @zandekock I've been really quiet lately with settling in and all that. So a quick update from my side. We arrived on the 11th of May, landed in Halifax via London. Clearing immigration and all official processes took about an hour. The next day we went out to get medical insurance cards, ID cards (got the drivers handbook as well, this is at the same place), and went to the bank to pick up bank cards (bank account was opened from SA). I am happy to report that none of the things on day one and two took more than 30 minutes, I don't even want to think how long this would have taken in SA. Next day we got our SIN numbers sorted out and started looking for a rental to stay for the next year or thereabouts. (moved into a house on the 1st of June) We also started looking to buy furniture, appliances, other household requirements etc. My experience here is that most things are slightly cheaper than SA, with a couple of things being more expensive here. Also, for those of you that like to shop online, don't do that for the major purchases, most places give good discounts when you go in person and they realize how much you will be buying. I did my licence written test on day 3, and did my road test and got my full licence on the 19th of May. With regards to the comment above by @zandekock on shoes, I can't comment on any of the local shops as I have not had a look there, but I've bought two pairs of Merrell shoes from Amazon for less than half of what I would have paid in SA, given they were on discount. Another thing, when the stores here have sales and specials, you can really get some good deals. Huge saving are available from time to time. With regards to vehicle insurance, I worked through a broker called Cheep insurance, they arranged insurance for me through a company called Wawanesa or something like that, and they were willing to take my SA driving history and insurance history into account. I am currently paying about CAD120 / month, which is less than half of what other companies offered me for the same coverage and same deductibles. Other than that we are really enjoying it so far. Everywhere you go the service is excellent. The outdoors is great. We were able to take the kids to Monster Jam. Minimal traffic on the daily commute to work and back. The only bad thing so far is the weather, it's been up and down with some really nice days, and some horrible days. But then again, we did not come here for the weather. I hope everyone else is doing well. Cheers