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    @Clay1204 Oh my goodness 🙈 That is such an inconvenience and such an expense! Hoping your application will be complete soon and you can start the next part of this journey!
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    Another note - all the beds, mattresses and bedding are different sizes to those in SA. We furnished our entire house from IKEA. And we bought our dining room table second hand off of Kijiji. Not everything needs to be brand new ?
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    Welcome to the forum. Just to share, the fridge, stove, washer and dryer are most of the time already included in the house when you rent or buy. Dishwasher sometimes does as well. I echo Nelline's advice. If it's furniture, I'd say it's probably better to just buy here. Bring only the items of sentimental value.
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    Buy new here (when you can), only bring what is of sentimental value. It also helps to have some familiar things around you BUT the cost of shipping does not warrant taking a whole household of goods across. Just my opinion. Consider buying a small share in a container / u-bagging space for some personal things and heirlooms (Ouma's geelhout eetkamer tafel for example) etc, but sell the gomma-gomma sofa and the cheap dining room table in SA.