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    Hi All, So, in slightly less than ten days I will have been here for a full year. It feels great saying things like: "My first time skiing was in February last year..." to people who ask. At work, I'm not the new guy anymore. I don't need a GPS to get around downtown Vancouver, or most cities around here. I'm not cold all the time... I remember feeling like I'm getting frostnip the moment I walked out the airport last year. Unlike the locals though, I still appreciate the rain. And Raccoons. Snow is amazing. The silence around when hiking through snow is something else. I probably like winter more than summer, driving to work in the dark is fun. I had my fair share of Lower Mainland traffic enforcement being way more efficient than what I was used to. Turkeys are way bigger than I expected. Canadian Christmas dinners involve multiple families and more food than I've ever seen on one table. Biking in freezing cold for multiple days over hundreds of km ended up being the best thing to happen to me. This country is amazing, especially nature wise, but also the fact that you can bike like that without fearing you might be mugged. Early season skiing is fun, but don't take your brand new skis... Also, don't trust the liftees loading skis in Whistler. They do NOT care about your insanely expensive skis, and will scratch the crap out of them. A chicken korma pie in Whistler, had actual chicken korma in it.... It was so good. I'm going back for more soon. I've hiked more in one spring/summer/fall than I have ever done before. I made many random friends while hiking. Pretty much all my good friends here, besides the few made while apartment hunting. Worth talking to everyone, never know who you have things in common with. For some reason, caring about the environment has taken on a new meaning here. I'm not sure the same thing is happening back in SA. I hope so. I've gotten things done that I thought was out of reach in SA, like PRK. Biking/skiing/hiking in the rain, without glasses, is next level. Stocks actually go in a direction other than down...or maybe I have just been bad at it in SA haha. Of course, I have had many a day missing family, pets. The farm I grew up on. I have a playlist on Spotify I aptly named "Homesick Songs". It's basically my favourite songs by Spoegwolf. I find listening to Afrikaans music helps. First Christmas/new year away from family in ... 29 years, it was painful, but on the other hand I had a great time with my new 'families' here. Built multiple gingerbread houses. I've come to realize I wouldn't be able to willingly go back to SA. There are so many reasons to stay here, despite the US being stupid, the government doing questionable things, or housing being insane. It doesn't affect my health and safety (yet ). I can go lie down and have a nap in a park without being afraid of something being stolen. Was never a big thing, until I did it and realized why I've never done it outside our farm. I've been forced to cook. Ugh. Food options here are great, but I miss the ready to eat stuff that Woolworths sells. It was so easy to eat kinda healthy haha. People still don't get that it's Afrikaans, not African. My colleagues are my friends. I feel lucky.
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    We have been in Canada for just over a month and we have done and accomplished so much. Challenged, Change and Constant moving has been my name of the game but in the end Super excited and happy to be here. On the 10 December 2018 we still repacked our bags for te 3 time to get everything in. We showered and headed for the airport to meet everyone at dear old Spur. Checked in our 10 bags ran to get some forex and finally had my last nacho's and Savannah light. Enjoyed everyone friendly chatter and laughter and greeted one of my wonderfull friends earlier. We walked like it felt the last mile.. shed tears gave hugs and said goodbyes.. it broke my heart when my husband brother grabed him in a big embrace and prayed for us. It was 10:15 at night as KLM flights leave at 23:55 at night. When we got onboard the airplane We were beyond the point of being tired and as i grabbed my husband hand we greeted our beautiful SA with peace in our hearts. The kids and us slept the first 10 hours until we landed in Amsterdam. A pritty airport, rediculious small baggage trollies but yet again on the move to our reconnecting flight. We got onboard ate and yet again we fell asleep. Son was out before we lift off.. Shame these small bodies were exhausted... mine as well... my daughter played games for the next 10 hours and didnt want to sleep and the last 4 hours my son played and relaxed. They were extremely well behaved got good compliments from fellow passengers and let me tell you. DO NOT pack too many toys during this flight... at Calgary airport I could feel the weight lift off my shoulders ... finally we are HERE... beautiful Canada. we waited for our luggage and all our suite cases came around except 1. we waited for another 20 min and just before i decided to let the airline know 1 suite case is lostit came around... sjoe... with 3 huge trollies we went to boarder control. after about 20 min we were set to move through... beyond tired and hungry we got to the hotel, had that wonderful first shower and cup of Jacobs.. yes folks i am a coffee pot and took my own sachets just for the last spoil. We have experienced so many first in this month thats has passed and each stressed moment, cent and tear was so worth. The road is tuff expensive unkind and looooooong. But it prepares your for whats ahead, we are super busy and love every moment. Good luck to all of you still going down this rabbit whole, this platform and some wonderful friends i have made that is also now here in Canada give great support and advise. TOP TIP, it is your responsibility to make opportunities given to you work. Dont think for one moment we have not gone through hardships and everything was given on a silver platter..
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    Hey @Amy G, the wait has been pretty tough, especially when there are so many who applied long after us who are already in Canada now. We never thought our case was complicated - can’t think of anything other than my husband’s extensive travel history that could have caused the delay, but we also got a random question from the CIC about our marriage certificate about a month after we applied, so this could have pushed us back in the queue - other than that we really don’t know. It’s certainly been a test of patience and faith, but I’m sure it will all be worth it and we have a great adventure ahead of us. Good luck with your application - really hope it’s a speedy processing time for you!
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    Timeline... Hi all I wanted to post my timeline a while back, but it's been hectic planning our landing/move to Canada. Here's a quick summary: Applied/Entered EE pool in Oct 2017 with CRS 441. Withdrew application (with the hopes for provincial nomination) in March 2018 ITA 23 May 2018 AOR/Accepted ITA 23 July 2018 Medical Passed 23 August 2018 Not sure when I went into IP2 PPR 14 November 2018 Since then I've opened a newcomers bank account with RBC from SA. We've booked flights to Toronto - landing on 1 Feb 2019. We're renting an apartment in downtown Toronto via AirBnB for the first month. Hoping to get jobs as soon as we can in order to ease the process of renting an apartment in the long term. All the best for those of you still waiting for your PR email!
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    @ReneLestan We passed our medicals yesterday, yay Now the real wait begins... hope everyone gets some good news soon, especially those who have been waiting for what seems like forever.
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    This forum contains a list of designated employers under the AIPP - which means they don't need to have an LMIA to offer employment to a foreign worker: https://www.ppforum.ca/articles/changes-to-atlantic-immigration-pilot-applauded-but-more-are-needed/ This could be very helpful to some of you looking for employment from SA! Thanks to Tania who posted this in the "South Africans in Atlantic Canada" FB group
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    We've been in Canada for a week now, and still have to pinch ourselves when we realise that our four years of planning and persisting have paid off. Here's how the journey went for us: We left Cape Town at the end of October, and took a two-week trip in a camper van up to my folks in JHB. After another two weeks of blissful family time, my mom's church driver took us to the airport in a van. My dad followed in his own car to help us through baggage check, and my mom stayed at home. We agreed that it would be too much to say goodbye at the airport - this was a good move. We flew, with Lufthansa, out of OR Tambo at 8.30pm, and it was a bit crazy with the kiddos. They're usually asleep by 7pm, so they were both a little loopier than usual. The flight to Frankfurt was fine, but the tv screens were hazy and slow to respond which was a pain. I was pleasantly surprised at the legroom in the economy class, and we sat four across one of the middle row - my husband and I sandwiching the kids. In the end we gave them some Allergex and they slept a fair portion of the way. Frankfurt is a great airport for long layovers. We arrived at 6.30am and went through a hectic security check, then sat in a restaurant watching the sun rise, and contemplating our journey. When the kids could keep it together no longer we went to pick up some strollers (a free service at the airport) and headed to the showers. For 8 Euros we were able to freshen up in the spacious shower rooms (towels and soaps provided) and put our game faces on for the final leg of our trip. Next we found a spot in one of the many relaxation areas, and took turns pushing the kids to the various play areas around the airport. After a lunch of good beer and sausage, we boarded our flight to Calgary at 2.30pm. Flying for 9.5 hours and landing one hour later is hard, especially with kids. This time the Lufthansa flight was a code share on Canadian Air and the flight staff were the best. The airplane layout was different, so we sat three across next to the window, with my hubby across the aisle. We preferred this arrangement because our son had a window seat which was magic for him. The screens worked perfectly and we were comfortable all the way. Aside from our daughter screaming inconsolably for about three of the hours we were in the air, this flight was also fine. That being said, we're loathe to repeat the journey any time soon. Flying with small kids is pretty intense and we've aged in dog years since we left JHB. The flip side is that when you're trying to contain their tiny chaos, you don't have time to dwell on the massive life change you're undertaking. Our arrival in Calgary was uneventful, and actually a bit of an anticlimax. They processed us quickly, and were super friendly. There was no queue and the whole process took about 40 minutes. My mother-in-law and husband's aunt were there to meet us, so we were welcomed with cuddles and whisked off to our new temporary home in Chestermere. We feel incredibly grateful to land this way, and know that very few folks have the same comforts to step into. Our kids love the snow but are still adjusting to the time difference, so sleep is up and down. Fortunately Calgary is super sunny, which helps our circadian rhythms to recalibrate. The people we've met getting our health cards, SIN, and bank accounts sorted are all pathologically friendly and efficient. Chestermere has a busy community center, and we attended a drop-in kids playdate session this morning. We're feeling excited and overwhelmed. Heartbroken and optimistic. So just life, I guess. Thank you to those lovely forum peeps who have helped us on our way. If you're interested in the finer details of our journey, I've been blogging it here: http://unfoldingodyssey.com/.
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    Thanks @IsabelE, hope you hear something soon too! You are so right about the frustration of not being able to plan - especially in our case with two little children. We are living in complete limbo at the moment and our medicals expire in early March so would be so great if we at least had some clarity on what’s going on so we can move forward.
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    Awesome post. Well done. It sounds like you have a positive attitude which is the reason you’ve had a positive landing - attitude is everything in this process.
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    That you have settled in so well and have so much to be grateful for & recognise it is truly inspiring. One year and well adapted is certainly a feat all on it's own. Your life sounds pretty amazing - wow, you are so 'lucky' - er no, you made your own way and your own luck ! Funny how luck and determination seem to be lovers Confantasticulations !!!!!!
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    Thanks for sharing, @Eric N. I remember following your posts around this time last year and I’m so glad things finally came together for you.
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    Welcome to the forums and the beginning of your journey. There's good information in the posts above, regarding the immigration process. I believe that Pharmacists are governed in each province, like every healthcare profession: These two links should give you an idea on where to start regarding your qualifications. You will need to have it evaluated by some body like https://www.wes.org/ca/contact-us/ (WES) for instance, but start with the college that governs pharmacists in the province/s of your choice. They will tell you exactly which steps to follow and which is their preference, regarding transcript evaluations. It may be a lot of red tape, it may be tedious, but it will be worth it. ========================= http://www.ocpinfo.com/ Ontario College of Pharmacists. Office of the Registrar For information or to contact the Office of the Registrar: email: registrar@ocpinfo.com phone: 416-962-4861 ext. 2243 ------------------------------------------ Alberta College of Pharmacy1100-8215 112 St. NWEdmonton, AB T6G 2C8Tel: 780-990-0321Toll free: 1-877-227-3838Fax: 780-990-0328Email: acpinfo@abpharmacy.ca =============== These are only suggestions, each province will have it's own contact info. Hopefully this will give you an idea where to steer your google searches to. Good luck!
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    @TarrynLeitch@KitcatI do understand your frustration,our application only got approved after 12 months and 7 days. But they never explained to me why it took them so much time.I ordered 4 GCMS notes,raised IRCC webforms and called IRCC more than 10 times abd they were just asking me to be patient. We only passed our medical after 10 months and everyrhing was unleashed after the interview that I went at the Pretoria Visa Office. I really hope hope that they will finalize your application soon and they will probably not tell you why it took them a "lifetime" to send your PPR. Eric
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    @Amy G, no our application is so straight forward. We have a score of 470 which is well above the average intake. The notes we ordered didn't explain why our application is being reviewed, they did however say in a random comment, that we have provided no bank account history, only a letter from our bank showing the average balance for the past 6 months. Its so confusing becuase no where does it say you should upload bank statements, it says a bank letter, which we sent. Others have uploaded their bank statements becuase it is so hard to get a bank letter, and they have been accepted. I took the liberty of sending through our bank statements as soon as we received our notes. Who knows if they'll even look at them. I think the worst part of the wait is being completely in the dark. There is no one who you can contact and all your emails are replied with a computer generated generic response. I really do wish you all the best of luck! 🍀 I know the wait will be worth it !
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    For someone of your experience, this would be entry level. This position would probably be in the region of $40-$50k a year.
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    Welcome in Canada. We can meet up. Let us know...
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    A beginner's guide...excuse any typos. A South African's Guide to Express Entry_ MB.pdf
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    Hi @Liezelleroux i had a consultation with an immigration lawyer and was advised that this route should not be undertaken. She said that it would take too long for me to get to Canada and have my spouse and in my case my child sponsored. also if you try to sponsor your spouse as soon as you get there then CIC might look at this as misrepresantion and you would mention in your application that the spouse is not accompanying. In the opinion of the lawyer, CIC might reject or One would have to put up a strong case to prove otherwise. Please retake IELTS and also look into PNP programmers to better your chances.
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    Hello iguessee, I submitted my providendt as proof and got my PPR in May and received my passport with corp in June and will be landing in Toronto mid December 2018.
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    we have big dogs. A Boerboel (130 lb) and a Bouvier (100 lb). They get 6 raw eggs each in the morning (the only industrial eggs that I buy - we have "dog eggs" and "people eggs" in our house ) I buy organ meat from the farmer - works out to around $3 /lb (so, kidney, liver, lung, heart, tongue - when it gets old and she no longer want to sell it to people ). This is the same farmer that I buy my food from, so good quality stuff. I think it depends on the farmer and the place. I used to get a huge box of organ meat from the farmer in Fort McMurray for $10. I don't think he had another market for it, so he sort of charged me what it would cost him to bring it up. Here there is a bigger market to use the organ meat for dog food, so it is more expensive. Then I buy ground up chicken meaty bits from the shop (cheapest that I can find is $40 for 32lb). Together they get 650g of organ meat, and then 3lb of ground chicken per night. So, per day - $3 for the doz eggs, $3.75 for the chicken and $4.50. So, around $340 per month. It greatly depends on the supply of organ meat and the farmer, I find. If I have to go buy beef or pork or something not chicken from the petshop, that price goes up dramatically
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    We form part of the "passed 6 months" group. Also waiting for more than 7 months now with 2 June AOR. Our notes require review of elegibility and I suspect it is about our proof of funds, but until a senior officer take some time to have a look at our file, there is nothing we can do. The most frustrating part is not being able to plan for the future because everyting is so uncertain. Good luck @Kitcat and @TarrynLeitch, I hope we get some good news soon!
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    And He TWITTED [SIC] "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada" AND WOOOOPPPPIIIIEEEE .... THEY DID COME - 50 000 and counting..... And the RCMP welcomed them at the illegal border at the end of a dozy street in a once quiet part of Quebec. So while you poor law abiding, rule following, by the book paperwork people wait in torturous pain, the CIC is probably swamped by unknowns, dodgy paperwork and disappearing acts. "They" (The Pan Party People-o-love) said it would have no effect on applications - but how can it not?? - There are only so many people and so many hours in a day. Even in a perfect world where the budget balances itselfie, it's surely not possible for 50 000 new "applications" to have no effect on a busy system. Where's Captain Hook when you need him? (Did anyone tell Peter that those border crossing people are not the Lost Boys?)