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    We buy cars were absolutely fantastic when I sold my car to them. Highly recommended.
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    If you put stuff aside then you can can get cash crusaders or cash converters to come to your house to look at it and take stuff - they won’t give you a huge amount but they’ll give you a lump sum and also take the stuff in their truck thus saving you the hassle of having to take a few trips to them with your stuff. We recently helped my in laws downscale and this is what we did - they took furniture, appliances, crockery, general household goods etc.
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    https://webuyfurniture.co.za/ might do for furniture
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    Not an expert but I can share my experience and maybe that is useful in some way. Was in Calgary for a week for activation of PR. Booked an apartment on booking.com that had a really good rating and was pretty cheap. They may also be on Airbnb. This was located in China town. This ended up being a pretty good call since it was right next to the Harry Hays building which is connected to the +15 (stretch of connected buildings in downtown ~19km I understand including some of the big office blocks and the core shopping center). Harry Hays is also where you need to get your SIN. I think anything close to a building on the +15 in downtown Calgary would be great. Something I only discovered later, there is a +15 app that helps out a lot! The CTrain would also be close, but you can travel by bus as well. Just use google maps, select the public transport tab and it will plan the best route for you be it train or bus and on foot. If you get stuck you can always just uber. My feeling was that everywhere is safe and clean, some areas just more desirable than others e.g. China town was great for us. But maybe wait on others as well as I have limited experience. Be patient upon landing, you will go through declaration, declare any food etc that they ask on the prompts (dont want to start on wrong foot). We took an uber to our apartment, this was worth the expense for that first trip. Watch youtube videos on the landing experience. Calgary is pretty relaxed compared to e.g. Toronto (almost no ques). Freedom mobile is a good choice for mobile operator, since they have wifi hotspots everywhere so you don't even use your data, plus if back in SA you can use WiFi calling to use your Canadian number, not all networks have this feature. We only did this later (@ core shopping center). Good luck.
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    I used webuycars to sell mine and the sale was seamless. I have however been struggling to sell my place. Good luck with everything.
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    What a great forum! I am so relieved to say that we finally have our PR 👏🏼but I realize the hardest part is yet to come. I am a qualified teacher and my husband is a Mech eng. I am in the process of applying for my teacher certificate in Alberta but just wanted to find out if there are any teachers that would be willing to give me some tips/guidelines re the process of job hunting? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thank you!
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    Why answer in 1 line when you can write a thesis !!!! Cause I'm old now, and that's what happens to old farts. So there's a tad of confusion here.... you need to get a transformer to get 110V -> 220V. (increase or step-up.) .......................Skip to "Conclusion" if you're not in the mood for a science lesson. There are some Caveats - as Corwes says you'll need a big transformer (a genuinely rated one might weigh 10Kg.) I had a 300W (or VA) one wound in SA for me (properly) and it's about 7Kg. Beware the Chinese units as they say "1000W...." - but no..... Also, there is the matter of how much energy you need - whatever the SA appliance at : 220V is pulling from the transformer, it's doubled when it's pulled from Canuck 110V outlet. For example, a Canadian wall plug can supply say 15 Amps "energy", that means that the maximum a 220V appliance can have (after step-up) is 7.5Amps = or about 1600 Watts. (Science says you can't get something from nothing ! You can only fiddle the numbers around. ) There are other lighter methods to change 110v -> 220V (called switching supplies) same false claims abound. Beware ebay and Kijiji (Gumtree of Canada). Let there be light ! What most people don't realise is that 220V enters Canadian homes. So it's right there in the "fuse box" or breaker board. It's used to run the stove, hob, tumble drier and water heater (usually.) There is a difference in this power, it's 60 Hertz, SA is 50 Hertz. In almost all cases this is not an issue unless the item you intend to run, runs for long periods - like continuously. Certain types of motors will spin faster which creates issues. Or if it's an old-school power clock, then your going to gain time (about 17%faster time) each day ! Back to the 220V. If you own your place, or make pals with / seduce a tame electrician, you can have a 220 outlet installed. It uses a different plug so you don't blow stuff up. Most other gizmo's as Corwes pointed out are now universal 110 - 220V 50/60 Hz. Usually Play stations, Xbox's etc are. But do look at the label, as my PS3 (old) only works on 220V - which was annoying. Many of us hung on to dear possessions and lugged them here only to regret it. 1) Stuff here can be seriously cheap if you catch the right sale (real sales) and 2) Sometimes you don't want that thing anymore as EVERYTHING you thought you wanted an knew changes. Of course if an item is special (sentimental) then bring it over - even if it's 220V - it can be run in Canada one way or the other. Good luck and may the magic smoke remain in all your equipment, because if it comes out, the thing won't work anymore !!! (Nerd joke) And now that you are totally confused... I am king at doing that no matter how hard I try to construct a logical set of statements. New words today are Volts, Amps, Power and apparent power or VA. Oh, and Hertz (not car rental) - hertz (Hz) is how many times the power switched per second 50 or 60. Clear as mud. SA uses 220V AC, 50Hz and Canada 110V AC 60 HZ. and of course by sneaky electrician connections you can have ( 220V AC 60Hz too). Why the difference? USA and Canada opted for the lower voltage to lessen electrocutions among other reasons. I work a lot with Canadian power and I can tell you I definitely prefer being electrocuted by Canadian 110V to SA's 220. 110 is kinder, 220 just hurts like hell. In Conclusion: Almost anything will work in Canada / can be made to work. If it's special bring it, if it's not ditch it and get another better one here. (Not your spouse ! The gizmo !!!) Finally if you intend on doing in house home brew electrical work, when the electrician seduction failed, take note that North American wire colours make little sense. Hot is (Black) and Neutral is (White). Colonials tend to use red/brown as "Hot" which they call "live" and blue / black !!!! as "neutral". You can see the potential for a SA experienced person to fail badly in a Canadian breaker board. Luckily both groups agreed on Green / Yellow for earth. Purists, engineers, Sheldon Cooper : Chill, Power vs VA, Loses ,efficiency and heat not added into the monologue, it's already confusing enough.