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    Hi guys. My family finally landed last week. Nearly 3 months since I last saw them. After applying for PRTDs they finally joined me. The reunion at the airport was very emotional; kids running to see me i broke down in tears of Joy. The children have been registered at school and been going since day after Thanksgiving. We had our first ever Thanksgiving together in Canada as a family so definitely lots to be thankful and grateful for. Thank you to every single person who commented and encouraged me along this journey. Really appreciate it. Fluit fluit my storie is uit!
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    Thank you all for the kind words. Truly appreciated. The funeral is now behind me which was a day I never wanted to have to face. But it's done now. All that is left is some paper work Monday and Tuesday to close her accounts. She had no will and there is no monetary value in her estate so I'm just trying to close and settle her accounts because it's the right thing to do. I fly out Wednesday back to Canada. For those still in SA waiting to leave and if your folks are still alive then treasure this time and don't rush and wish time away while you wait. One day you will look back and realize just how priceless this time was!
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    Hello Everyone I've realized that I didn't introduce myself on these forums and have really not been too active, aside from one or two questions here and there. So below is our entire story from day one until today. I will highlight the most important points that we learnt in Bold When our son was born in 2014 we decided to move somewhere where he would have a better future in terms of basic education such as Maths and Science and tertiary education in terms of popular and great universities. We were pretty much all set on going to New Zealand when the visa regulations changed and we had to have a long and hard look at our options. As we only speak English, the choices were a bit small: England, US, Canada, New Zealand or Australia. While other countries in the world do speak english, the primary language is usually the native one. We actually did start learning German but gave up on that idea when we realized that even Germans don't understand all the local dialects! The US was out because of their political system and, whether it's opinion or fact, the public shootings were just far too many. Australia was another good option, but the problem for us was the "nanny state" comments made by some close friends of ours that have been living there for years. The UK was another good option, but we decided against it as my wife gets really down if it rains for weeks on end. I don't mind, I actually love it! So we decided on Canada! During October / November 2016 we went to Canada on holiday and we loved it from the very first moment. We stayed in Toronto, Ottawa and a little log cabin in Kinmount. (About an hour away from Toronto) Our experience was great. While I love the big city (I chose Toronto), my wife prefers being out in the bush. (She chose Kinmount) However both of us loved Ottawa most of all so we decided that Ottawa would be where we would try and get to stay. As soon as we got back to SA we started looking around at ways to at least land and experience the country. One of my colleagues moved to Canada on a student visa (so temporary) and we decided to go for that route. We filled in an application to study at Algonquin College in late December and received feedback mid-January. We then started working on our application. The application was really straight forward and we did everything online though the CIC website. If anyone ever wonders how to do it: It's really simple! We didn't submit our application immediately, instead we went for our medical exams and waited for the results. Once the results were back (that took about 4 weeks) we submitted the application. All my wife needed at that stage was her letter of acceptance from the college. After another few weeks, we were asked to provide means of financial support. We learnt the hard way: A pension fund statement or payout letter will NOT suffice! We had to max out our bonds and cash out shares and investments to make up the money that the government had requested. We were actually a few hundred dollars short (about $300) but we made it in the end. The most important parts of the application were: Proof of means of financial support: no pension statements! We actually opehned an FNB global account with CAD currency and that sufficed, though the statement didn't help. I had to get an "Account Confirmation Letter" for the account to accompany the statements an as the statements didn't show my name for some reason... Proof of return to SA: We got official bank statements for our bond showing the remaining duration of the loan and that seemed to suffice For our son we simply got a visit visa and it was issued! We all flew out together on 27 August 2017 via Emirates. (For anyone looking: cheapflights.co.za offers great prices. Seems like Travelstart has different "specials" or bookings, so check both and see which one works out cheapest!) We landed in Toronto on 28 August 2017 and the border control was a very smooth and effortless process. We supplied our documents to the border official, he took about 20 minutes and came back with our permits (work and study) printed and ready to go. Even though we were only in the border control section for about 30 minutes, we managed to take so long that our luggage was removed from the carousel at Toronto airport. After a few minutes we managed to find out bags scattered around another carousel. We collected them and headed for a hotel shuttle. We were booked at the Sheraton hotel for the first night. Very affordable, it was around $100 for a room and we managed just fine. The next morning I took the shuttle back to the airport and "collected" the rental car. We drove through to Ottawa immediately where we booked into our AirBnb for the first two weeks. Because the car rental agencies are skelms, they would've charged us an additional $800 for a one-way trip with the car! So we decided to take the car back to Toronto the next day and catch the train back to Ottawa. We decided this was the easiest way as we had six pieces of luggage and the train from Toronto Airport only allows one piece of luggage per passenger. The train tickets cost us just over $400 in total, though we arrived at the station 5 minutes too late and the train had already departed. Fortunately we were helped by a very friendly gentleman who listened to our story and helped us out. He only charged us a minimal fee for a rescheduled ticket and it worked out about $50 each. So in the end, just taking a one-way rental trip would've been much easier! The train took about 5 hours to get to Ottawa and it was rather pleasant! During our stay in Ottawa we found the following of particular interest: To get a bus pass, you need to go to a bus station. I'm not sure if you can get them anywhere else, though in Toronto you can get a bus pass at most Metro stores. I'd recommend getting a Presto Card because you can manage that online and top up or buy new passes for your card instantly. Convenience stores are just that: Convenient. They're NOT CHEAP! We paid $5 for a loaf of bread on average! Rentals are a pain! It took us about three weeks to actually find a place and we're only moving in on 1 November 2017! When renting a townhome as we did, we needed to get our own Hydro Ottawa account and tenant's insurance. We went with Sonnet insurance as ZipSure's customer service is pathetic! (I thought we're out of South Africa?) Our insurance is around $25 per month with a $2M liability. The hydro account is super easy: All online and it's done within two days! Drivers here are more relaxed than in Toronto and I suppose that's normal... Shopping!!! This is a pain because the prices on the shelves are all excluding sales tax! You can't go grocery shopping with $100 in your pocket because you'll never know what your total will be! So today I decided to go for my license. There's a lot of resources on here about going for your license and I'm forever grateful for that! Some highlights on the license process: I sent an email to "that David guy" at RTMC to which he didn't reply. I ended up going to their website and sending the same contact request to "info@rtmc.co.za" to which we eventually got replies. It took about a week for them to say our forms are ready and my mother-in-law collected them for us. We had to give her copies of our ID's and licenses just in case, not sure if anyone asked for them. She sent them via DHL and we received them two days later. (A side note on DHL: They'll just leave your package at the front door. No knocking, bell ringing, no attempt to make sure you're home whatsoever!) For preparation I went to "https://www.g1.ca". They have an awesome collection of tests and simulators that really helped me pass my test! I went to DriveTest today (1570 Walkley Road) for my G1 test. I arrived at 09h14 and walked out out of the building at 10h17. This included waiting at the reception as their ticket machine was out of order, waiting to write the test, writing the test, pictures, forms, etc... It was a very pleasant experience! I'll be booking my full driving test soon (not sure if it's called the G2 road test or just the G road test... will find that out!) as soon as I've had about two or three driving lessons. TL;DR For proof of financial support, a pension statement did not work for our application form on my wife's study permit Also for proof of financial support, a bank statement will work if it shows the account number, balance, your full name and address When renting a car for a one-way trip, make sure of the one-way "penalty" you'll need to pay. If you're going to take the same route as us, make sure you get to the station in time! Make sure you get your driving history from RTMC. You can still get it from over here, but it's a lengthy process. Not difficult, just delays you by a few weeks. Finding a rental from SA is very difficult. Probably not impossible, but to make an appointment for viewing if you're unsure of where you'll be it will make it very difficult. So that's our story! I'm sorry in advance, it's a LOT to read but it's hard to try and condense seven weeks into a few words here! I hope some of the takeaways above are useful or valuable to someone.
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    What are we doing? This is the question that runs through my head most days. When it's been a long day and I pop off to the shops on the way home from my comfortable job because I can't find the energy to dig through my mess of a freezer for something to cook. When my mum offers to babysit my son on Friday night so that the hubby and I can enjoy a date night (which is just a fancy way of saying we lie on the couch in our pajamas and binge watch whatever's on Netflix). When the entire family has a braai and we play 30 Seconds until our stomachs hurt from all the laughing. Those are the moments when I stop and look around and think, what are we even doing? Can I give this all up? And then the guilt comes trip trapping on my door. Life's easy here and comfortable but I know what the end goal is. My mind knows why we're doing this, my heart sometimes puts up a fight. Still, I long for car trips that don't include me scouring every inch around that robot (traffic light) before I dare to stop my car. Trips to coffee shops where I don't have to make sure I can physically feel my handbag at all times. Days when I don't get snippy with my seven year old for taking too long to get out of the car in the mall parking lot - just in case someone is watching and ready to pounce. My son's seven and so full of innocence and wonder. He has big dreams of being a robotic engineer even though I think he no idea what that really means. I close my eyes and see a day when he finishes high school having worked his little heart out, only to not be accepted into the university he wants to attend. I think even further to the day he's qualified and interviews for a job he's perfect for, that he will never ever even be considered for. And that's when the question arises - what are we even doing? Am I just being a paranoid mum? Do we have what it takes to make it through this? Is it normal to feel this way or is it smooth sailing for people wanting to leave? So here we are. We've spent years researching countries we could maybe get into, with no luck. Canada was always the mirage in the window, beautiful but untouchable. Then the Express Entry changes came into effect, and here we find ourselves: ITA received, application in the process of being completed. This forum has been an eye-opener. So many amazing stories of strength and perseverance and hope. It's exactly what we need during this time when we question our every decision. We're ready for this. Ready to face every hardship that gets thrown our way. Ready to start from the bottom. Ready to fight to make it work. To new beginnings... To new adventures.
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    It definitely sucks not to have family close by. No question. I used to drive home weekends when I was at university to visit with my family. We are very close. Now, my dad is in SA, my brother is in New Zealand, and I am here. We still know what is going on in each other's lives. We talk every Sunday, we have a WhatsApp chat group that we talk about general stuff (ha, I see it is still raining there , type of thing). My kids were both born outside of SA (one in NZ, and one in Canada). We finally went back for a visit when they were 7 and 3 (I believe). It freaked them right out All the things that they are allowed to do without question in Canada were being restricted. No opening the window when you drive, no running around outside unsupervised, no running ahead in the grocery store. It struck me then just how much you get used to the restrictions in SA. We were at a park next to the river the other day. My 9 yo was out of my sight for 80% of the time there. She was playing down by the river, or going ahead somewhere, or playing somewhere else. I can go shopping in the dark of night by myself without a second thought. I have two huge windows without any burglar bars (I now notice when a building has it on, rather than the lack of them ) The difference in the possibilities of their future is like comparing different universes. Less and less countries are accepting SA qualifications. Hard as this sounds, one day mom and dad will no longer be there, but kids will still have to make a future for themselves. And I believe that when our kids try to get out of SA it will be like someone from Somalia applying. How much weight would you put in a degree from a university in Somalia? Here they can go to university, or get a trade, or start a business, or go travel overseas, or... the possibilities are only as small as what they apply themselves to. Family can always come visit. You can still chat online. It is not the same, but it is enough most of the time.
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    @everyone My wife and I have struggled with this for a longer than a year. Finally, June this year we arrived at a decision to start the process. Next week we'll get our IELTS results and apply via the EE programme. Family is important to both us, but in different ways. I'm ok with just sending a message to my brothers once a week, but my wife needs to communicate daily. We're not very social people, so the friends we have here is from year and years of contact. These two thoughts weighed heavily in our minds while considering the move. The information we found on this forum proved to be the tipping point in favour of applying. Most prominent in our thoughts are our children (3 and 5 years old). We are afraid for them. I don't want their potential capped. I don't want them to live only 80% because the other 20% is too dangerous. We realise that the comfort we currently experience will not last, but we're going to redefine what comfort means. And from what I've read here, determination and patience will get us there. Good luck! (And stay away from paranoid thoughts! "What if something bad happens in Canada and by staying in South African it could have been prevented!" We act with the knowledge we have now and we believe immigration to be the best decision.)
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    Hey Jules, Yes this is not often spoken about but it is one of the toughest parts - leaving older family behind. Having just gone through this myself, I know how you are feeling - guilt, sadness, at a loss etc. I bet in some ways you want to be back in SA with close family. In my case, it was always the plan to sponsor my parents after my first 3 years here - however, fate (or crime in SA to be honest) intervened and I ran out of time. The call came much much sooner than expected (about 10 years too soon). On the plus side, I'm glad I left SA since this forced me to keep the relationship with my mom alive (after I moved) more than if was living in SA. Stay strong and don't let the guilt get to you - I doubt your parents would ever hold it against you - not that I know your situation. I'm sure your mom was happy for you - if she saw you were happy with your decision. There are always mixed feelings though. It's really tough to close that chapter normally, double as much when you live on the other side of the world. To everyone else, make sure you strengthen and maintain relationships with those "left behind". We tend to take this for granted and run out of time before we know it.
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    I'd HIGHLY recommend redoing your test. The only area which need to bump up is the listening, the rest all falls in CLB9 & listening is in CLB8. You need all areas to be in CLB9 to get an extra 50 points which will bump up your points to 452!! That would most certainly get you in the EE draw & you'll save a good R15k not having to go the Ontario route.
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    @tanchett good luck with your big move. all the comments above are so truthful and insightful. @GerhardSaNamCan post is so spot on, if you are concerned about it, it shows that you are really taking it seriously and like he says, preparation is key. The first few months are hard slog, especially with kids in tow, getting to a new normal and into a new routine is hard and keeping the spirits high for everyone while you are stressing or suffering is harder but needed. However, in the bigger scheme of things, the entire lifestyle is soooooo different to SA, that the hard work, the start from the bottom, start from scratch, reboot your mindset, is worth it. So keep that chin up
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    @tanchett We can relate to these feelings that you are having, having completed the whole process ourselves in September and we are planning on landing in Canada Feb 2018. I try not to see it as leaving family behind but rather giving family another option down the road as it is possible for you to sponsor family members once you are in Canada either as a PR or citizen ( this may be a coping mechanism on my part but it has a good foundation). With respect to the motivations that made us choose to act now I think you summed it up perfectly in your post: when it comes to our children in 15 or so years time what sort of country will they be in here in SA? I love reading the stories people post on this forum, especially the landing stories. These let me know that the first year is tough but manageable and that gives me the strength to just take the plunge and go. The people on the forum are so helpful and always willing to give advice based on their experiences gathered on their own journey to Canada. I truly wish you the best of luck with respect to the application process.
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    Never Ever, ever put off your application. (Scenario 2). You cannot predict the future and tomorrow they could close the gates and stop accepting SA applicants! In all likelihood not going to happen, but one just never knows. Then again the way things go in SA the powers might also prevent 'escape' at will J On scenario 1 consideration, activating PR and going back to SA to have baby.... Be very very very very cautious here. HUGE RED ALERT! Before I get there though (Some copy paste from other topics I've done previously) I have never seen the need nor understand the obsession with wanting to compare timelines. Your journey is your own, you might follow along similar lines as others, but things change all the time. Take our Journey for instance. We had approval for medical's in June 2012 (in theory we could probably have landed in December 2012 or there about). Then things changed, we found out about being pregnant and baby was expected in that December. We chose to delay everything and then still do medical's in early 2013, and even further pushed the time frame out to land in 2014, allowing us time to settle with a new baby and wind things up slowly. The journey was exactly what we needed and the extra delays and planning certainly helped us. So our journey was like many in the Pre June 2010 applicants (a very different process back then and so much longer than these 12 or less month times today) but small changes made our journey take over 4 years to get here. Thus enjoy your journey, it ends fast enough and why add to the stress by thinking you are beating someone else out the gate, or maybe stressing more because they beat you. The end of the journey still is the same destination country! Love the time you have while you have it in SA, things change and new challenges await you, so save the energy to deal with new challenges rather then waste energy in stressing over leaving. Now back to pregnancy and the HUGE RED ALERT! There are two things that happen, You can delay the medical's. It's your choice to do medical's while pregnant or not. There are enough reasons to not do them vs doing them while pregnant (the X-Ray part). They just need an X-Ray of the chest to check for TB etc, so a belly guard can be used. It's a personal thing and perfectly acceptable to not do medical's while pregnant. if you do delay, then yes, proof of funds go up. Also you need to resubmit family info forms to update the application. This means getting the birth certificate for the new arrival (shouldn't be an issue as they do full unabridged birth certificates now so no need to apply) and then you also need to get a passport for baby. After this you get updated medical requests that will include baby. It's a non invasive test on baby, generally just measurements and a push on the belly to check for liver issues etc. very easy. DO NOT UNDER ANY circumstances try and get through the medical's and not disclose your pregnancy status, even if you choose to do the X-rays. This will end up in your application being completed and your baby is not in that application. Many try and have baby back in SA after their PR is done, however you just screwed yourself into a huge other problem. The result is you now need to "sponsor" your child and that is a HUGE battle. Just part of the problem is You can only sponsor someone (even your own child) if you are in Canada for I think 2 years (need to prove financial and settlement stability), but you can't go to Canada without baby (unless the in laws are going to raise baby for about 3-5 years). So it's basically an entirely new application from the start to get baby into Canada as you did not submit the correct (updated) family forms BEFORE your application was complete, so they do not recognize baby under the 'original' application. This process can take a long time to overcome and it's not something to be taken lightly! Of course there is nothing wrong with getting to Canada before baby is born and having baby in Canada, but that is a whole new discussion. Hope this helps.
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    Enter the pool and do everything. You will have your application put on hold but they should process everything and once the baby is born they will ask you to have a medical done door the baby and finalise.
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    @Moni5 I don't think your scores are that bad. I personally would not redo the IELTS, but if you believe that you will get a better result perhaps it is an option. I have heard of people redoing the IELTS and getting worse marks because they received more difficult topics. Tough decision. And on a happy note, hubby and I received our IELTS results back on Friday. I got an 8.0 overall and hubby 8.5 Super happy!!!
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    @tanchette At this stage I can 100% relate to the fact that your head says go, but your heart is broken... But, I really do believe we are doing the right, rational thing for our children. Every family has to make this decision for themselves - but I believe we are making the right choice for our children. All the best with the road ahead. It is not easy. Luckily there are awesome likeminded people on this forum.
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    Hi guys, Just an update: we moved to NA2 today. I'm really feeling like there's hope for us PNPs for much quicker processing times than in the past.
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    So we just passed medicals today and status changed to IP1. We are so excited! MEP in less than a month, wow. That's super fast for PNP. If this time line keeps up we will have PPR before the end of the year.
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    I wish I did my homework a bit better before we flew out! Thanks for the heads-up Hennie, my sister is coming to visit during Christmas and New Years and I'm sure I won't have a car by then. I'll be sure to pass on this info! @SunshineGirl @Christelle @Jules Thanks, I'll keep posting updates as we go along. We're moving in 10 days so I'm definitely going to send another update soon! Regarding looking for a job: As soon as our visa's were approved I started looking for jobs. I'm a software developer with extensive experience in banking but unfortunately I do not have a tertiary qualification. Luckily because I've proven myself to my previous employer, they decided to give me a consulting contract for the next six months so I can have a bit of an income if I have a few hours to spare every day. I applied for a few jobs on Monster before we left but didn't get any responses. Only once we landed and I updated my profile (both on Monster AND LinkedIn) did I start getting phone calls from recruiters and hiring managers. LinkedIn seems to be the most important one to update with both your location as well as your contact details. I've had four responses to date from Monster jobs I've applied for and I'm waiting on feedback from two interviews I've been to thanks to recruitment agencies.
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    @Hopefully yours and @Luis Dos Santos , @chayne @FaithFUL Thank you guys for the support. You are dead right @Hopefully yours I updated my profile to licenced profession and agree with you. I'm just a worry pot but as you mentioned before to me to attach a printout of that section. Than you so so much for your help. My score increased to 412. Still too low but I'm going to book to re-do that test next year (all dates fully booked in CT this year it seems). It is amazing how much the English results can add to your score. Pretty much maxed out on my score for now. If only I had my husbands results. If by chance I get a PNP from Ontario then i'll definately take it. A Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush If i may ask is the Notice of Interest issued the same time when the ITA are issued or does Ontario issue it on random dates?
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    Hi all, I haven't seen much information yet with regards to South Africans applying for Permanent Residency (PR) via the Express Entry program from inside South Africa. This post is intended to share my experiences from before the application to the permanent residency being granted, hopefully it will help some people. Sorry about the very, very long post. I have tried to be as detailed as possible, but I am sure I have forgotten many things along the way. If anyone has any questions I'll gladly try help. To set the context with which I was applying. I am a 26 year old male and applied as a single person via the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category as a Mechanical Engineer. I live in Johannesburg and am a South African citizen. Preparation to enter the EE pool: Before entering the EE pool I had to get various things in place. I will describe these below. Language test: I did the IELTS English test (one can book at this link: https://ielts.britishcouncil.org/Default.aspx). For a PR application one needs to do the "General Training" version of the test. I live in Johannesburg but did the test in Pretoria as an earlier test date was available. Results take 13 days to be released, they were posted to me at my stated address. Test date - 2015/02/28 Test cost - R2 400 Education Credential Assessment (ECA): I decided to use World Education Services (WES) (see http://www.wes.org/ca) to do my degree conversion because it seemed to be the quickest and cheapest. I had to send copies of my degree certificates to WES (I did this by registered letter. If I were to do it again I would use a courier, for the sake of speed and traceability). I also had to get my university to send my academic transcripts directly to WES (WES supplies a form that you fill in and give to provide the faculty office with the relevant information). WES indicated 20 working days to perform the degree conversion, I seem to remember that it took about this length. I have a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Wits University. These degrees were valued at an equivalent level by WES. Registered letter cost - less than R100 Transcript request and couriering - around R300 Degree conversion cost - 200 CAD Delivery fee - 7 CAD (I chose standard delivery. Courier delivery is 85 CAD) Police clearance: Although not necessary to enter the EE pool, I applied for police clearance now because it is needed for the actual application and I had heard stories of it taking a couple months to be received. I applied at a normal police station and it took about a month to receive (see http://www.saps.gov.za/services/applying_clearence_certificate.php for instructions). A police clearance certificate is required for every country, other than Canada, that one has lived in for six months or more. One thing that I came across was that some countries required more than just a police clearance certificate (Australia for example). The requirements of each country can be seen at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/index.asp Cost - less than R100 Entering the EE pool: Once I had all of the above mentioned things in place (except for the police clearance certificate) I could enter the EE pool. This all worked out pretty easily for me. I had a CRS score of 456. To create an account and enter the pool you start from here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/mycic.asp Invitation to Apply (ITA): I received my invitation to apply on 2015/03/27, which was very exciting as the application can start moving forward from this point. The application: In order for one to submit the application one needs to get a medical done and get a police clearance certificate. I had already received my police clearance certificate as mentioned earlier (a police clearance certificate for the country you currently live must be issued within 6 months of your application). One also has to get proof of funds, proof of work experience, proof of education, digital photograph, and scans of one's ID and passports. Medical: I called a few medical physicians and the earliest appointment I was able to get was in two weeks. I can't quite remember what I needed to take to the medical but they will let you know. One can find a CIC approved physician to perform the medical at http://www.cic.gc.ca/pp-md/pp-list.aspx The physician enters all your medical results onto an online system which the CIC has access to, so I never actually saw my results. One just needs a "Proof of medical" form (or the IMM 1017B upfront medical report form) from the physician which you upload during the application. Cost - R2 051 Date of medical - 2015/04/15 Police clearance: As mentioned above. Proof of funds: One has to prove to the CIC that you have the minimum required funds (see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/funds.asp). As far as I know, these funds have to be readily available, so can't be in the form of property or the like. I have an investor who manages my unit trusts and the like, so I got them to write a signed letter on their company letterhead indicating when they opened each of the unit trusts and accounts for me. They attached six months of statements from each of my unit trusts and accounts. I then got my bank branch (Standard Bank) to write a letter on their letterhead indicating when I opened my accounts with them. They were very helpful and willing to do so. They also attached 6 months of statements (with the branch stamp on each page) for each account. I scanned in all these documents with a cover page summarising what I had in each account, the total value in ZAR and an equivalent in CAD (although I am not sure that this is strictly necessary). I indicated the exchange rate I used and the date on which I did the calculation. I saw a case where an application was refused because the required funds were "gifted" to the applicant by his father. This showed up in his six months of bank statements. I am not 100% sure but I think one can have funds gifted to you, but you then have to prove that you are not just borrowing this money. Proof of work experience: The CIC requires proof of your current and previous work experience. This is done by means of a reference letter and pay slips (where available) from your current and previous employers . The reference letters should contain the following: Printed on the company letterhead. Company’s contact information (address, telephone number, and email address). The signature of either your immediate supervisor or personnel officer. The business card of the signing person is also required. All positions held at the company. Job title. Duties and responsibilities (make sure that these match those specified by the National Occupation Classification (NOC) (see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/noc.asp) on your application because I saw a couple applicants get rejected because these did not match). Job status. Dates worked for the company. Number of hours worked per week. Annual salary and benefits. All the documents should be scanned into a single file (a separate file for each work experience) It proved to be a little awkward having to ask my current employer to write me a letter to help me immigrate, but I supposed it must be done. Proof of Education: Here I scanned my degree certificates and my WES results into a single PDF file. A mistake that people commonly make is that they only upload their WES results, it seems the CIC actually want your degree certificates. Digital Photo: The specifications for the digital photo are as follows: Dimensions: The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8" x 1 ¾"). The photographs must show the full front view of the head, with the face in the middle of the photograph, and include the top of the shoulders. The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31 mm (1 ¼") and 36 mm (1 7/16"). Digital dimensions are often expressed in pixels or DPI (dots per inch). The physical dimensions in pixels must be at least 420 x 540 Quality/Resolution: If an existing photo is being scanned, the minimum resolution must be 600 pixels per inch. File Format: The file may be submitted in JPEG or JPEG2000 format File Size: The final size of the image should be ideally 240 kB (kilobytes), but not less than 60 kB.Colour: The image must be in colour (24 bits per pixel) in sRGB colour space which is the common output for most digital cameras.National ID: I scanned in the information page of my South African ID book. Passports/Travel Documents: I scanned the information page and pages containing Visas that I had received in the past for both my current and my previous passport (I only have one previous passport). I scanned each passport into a separate PDF file and upload both of them separately (I am not sure if you have to upload your previous passports, I did just in case). Application: Many of the fields in the application are carried over from the application to the EE pool, but there is still quite a lot of information to be filled in. After all the forms have been filled in the above mentioned documents need to be uploaded. Payment: After the application is complete you can submit and arrive at the payment page. You have the option of paying the processing fee and the Right of permanent residency (RPRF) fee, or just paying the processing fee. If you pay just the processing fee you will be requested to pay the RPRF at a later stage when your application has progressed further. I selected to pay both fees now in an effort to save time. When it came to the actual payment I was using a Standard Bank credit card and the payment kept failing. I called Standard Bank and they said they could see that attempts were made to charge the card but could not tell me why it was not going through. I tried different browsers to no avail. I considered taking out a credit card with Virgin money just to make this payment, but I eventually borrowed a friend's Canadian credit card and that went through without a hitch. Processing fee – 550 CAD RPRF – 490 CAD Application submitted - 2015/04/24 Application incomplete: After my application was submitted I was going through the submitted forms and saw that the table of my family data was empty. I immediately sent an email (question@cic.gc.ca) and a case specific enquiry (https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx) with this missing information to the CIC. I got no response, but am assuming they added this information to my file. The wait: The wait was the most nerve wrecking part as I had no control over the progress of my application. All I could do was sit and wait for the various statuses to change. There are two places where application updates are shown: MyCIC and on ECAS (https://services3.cic.gc.ca/ecas/?app=ecas〈=en). Below I outline the various statuses of my application. Acknowledgment of receipt (AOR) - MyCIC: The AOR is a letter that is sent to one's MyCIC account. You'll get an email indicating that there is an unread message in your MyCIC account. You then have to log in and download the message as a PDF file. I received my Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) letter the day after my application was submitted. Some people receive this a couple minutes after submission, others a couple days afterwards. Date of AOR - 2015/04/25 Medical Passed: My medical passed status happened about a month after I received my AOR. I can't remember the exact date. Date of medical passed - approximately 2015/05/25 A day or so after my medical passed my ECAS status changed to "Application Received" In Process - ECAS My ECAS changed to "In Process" on 2015/06/19. Background Check "In Progress" People often worry because their background check status remains at "Not Started" for a very long time. Mine only changed to "In Progress" on 2015/08/25, about two weeks before my PPR. On other forums it seemed that inland applicants (inside Canada) had their background checks start and complete relatively soon during the process. I think that outside applicants' background checks are also started early but their status' only get updated later due to the EE system being very new with some kinks that still need to be ironed out. Maybe this will be corrected in the future. Date of Background check "In Progress" - 2015/08/25 Decision Made - ECAS My ECAS changed to "Decision Made" with no indication as to the favorability of the decision. From what I have read on other forums this does not mean that the decision has actually been made but means that things are being finalised. I have however only seen one case where an applicant was rejected after their ECAS status changed to “decision made". Date of "Decision Made" on ECAS - 2015/08/27 Passport Request (PPR) As far as I have been able to understand from other forums, when one receives your PPR your application is pretty much approved and complete. All that has to happen is that the CIC needs to stick in your Visa and issue your “Confirmation of Permanent Residence” (CPR), though I tried not to get my hopes up too much before I received my Passport with Visa and CPR. Some people have received their PPR via their MyCIC account, I received mine directly via email. Mine said that I should send my passport to Ottawa, but indicated that if I am residing outside of Canada or the USA I should notify them on the given email address so that they can arrange for my documents to be issued at my Local Visa Office (LVO). I sent them an email and got an automated reply indicating that it usually takes 20 days for them to respond to requests due to a high volume of emails. I called VFS (http://www.vfsglobal.ca/Canada/SouthAfrica/) a day later and told them the story and asked what I should do. They asked for my application number and said that they were going to call the high commission and that I should call back in 30 minutes. When I called back and they said that I can bring my passport and two passport photos conforming to (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/pdf/5445EB-e.pdf). I delivered my passport and photos on 2015/09/11. I also paid for a courier service to return my passport to me so that I would not have to drive out to Pretoria for collection. VFS gave me a tracking number with which I could track the progress. Date of PPR - 2015/09/09 Date passport sent - 2015/09/11 Cost of Passport handling by VFS - R296.10 Cost of Courier of passport back from VFS - 105.90 Permanent residency granted and application closed On 2015/09/17 I got an email from VFS that they had received my passport. I had specified, on submission, that my passport should be couriered to me so I called VFS and they gave me a FedEx tracking number. My passport was delivered on 2015/09/04 with my CPR and a letter explaining the entry into Canada. On 2015/09/17 my MyCIC account statuses changed to application closed and PR granted. The landing The final stage is now to perform my landing in Canada. I'll explain my understanding of how this works from what I have read: One needs to perform one's landing within a year from the date of your medical. One enters Canada as one would normally enter a country requiring a Visa, using the Visa now pasted in your passport. One presents your CPR to immigration in Canada. You will be issued a Social Insurance Number (SIN). One also provides an address in Canada to which your PR card should be delivered. It should be delivered to this address in about six weeks. From now on one uses your PR card like a "Visa" to enter Canada. Total cost of Express Entry Language test IELTS test - R2 400 Degree conversion Registered letter - less than R100 Transcript request and couriering - around R300 WES ECA - 200 CAD Delivery - 7 CAD (I chose standard delivery. Courier delivery is 85 CAD) Police clearance Police clearance - less than R100 Medical Medical - R2 051 Application Processing fee – 550 CAD. RPRF – 490 CAD Passport submission Passport handling by VFS - R296.10 Courier of passport back from VFS - 105.90 Total cost of application - R17 823 (Approximating 1 CAD = 10 ZAR) On top of the total cost one obviously still needs the minimum required funds (as indicated at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/funds.asp) available to you. Timeline summary ITA received - 2015/03/27 Application submitted - 2015/04/24 AOR - 2015/04/25 Date of medical passed - approximately 2015/05/25 "Application Received" (ECAS) - a day or so after medical passed "In Progress" (ECAS) - 2015/06/19 Background check "In Progress" - 2015/08/25 "Decision Made" (ECAS) - 2015/08/27 PPR - 2015/09/09 Passport submitted - 2015/09/11 Application status "Approved" – 2015/09/17 Passport received - 2015/09/18 ​
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    I for one am still waiting for my house to go through. Everyone at works knows I'm going, so that's cool, no awkwardness there haha. It's becoming very daunting! But exciting at the same time. Especially when I try to battle City of Tshwane for a refund due to me since last year, and an apparent increase of almost 29% in my property rates since last month... I doubt I will miss this government.
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    I’m sure it’s not going to be that much longer @Linda G, sometimes after people phoned Cic, ppr came through quickly afterwards...keep the faith
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    Hi guys! Just to give you some background knowledge, my wife and I have been trying to fall pregnant for the past 2 years unsuccessfully (having tried IVF twice) and being told that falling pregnant naturally was basically an impossibility. After our last failed IVF attempt in May this year we decided to stop putting our lives on hold and start getting all of our documents ready for an EE application. We had made peace with the fact that we would have to try IVF again sometime in the future once in Canada and had now shifted our focus to immigrating. All our documents are finally ready, IELTS all done and dusted and we're ready to enter the EE pool. Our score based on the CRS calculator is 449 so I'm assuming once in the pool we would get an ITA relatively quickly. Lo and behold, God had other plans for us and we've just found out my wife is 6 weeks pregnant (naturally). The initial news has left the both of us with so many mixed emotions...overwhelming happiness that we're pregnant, and utter frustration at the effect this has on our immigration plans. So I'm looking for some advice from others who may have been in the same boat. It's still early days into the pregnancy so nothing is guaranteed especially given our previous complications, but assuming all goes well I'd like to explore the possible scenarios and hear some opinions. Scenario 1 - We enter the EE pool immediately and proceed with the PR application (my wife won't be able to do x-rays so our application will be put on hold until the child is born although I have heard that there are special jackets that clinics now use to x-ray pregnant women). If she is able to be x-rayed we would then proceed with the PR application and hopefully be able to do our landing before the baby is born and return to SA to have the baby. Scenario 2 - We put off entering the pool until the baby is born and have to go through the whole process of obtaining certain documents and possible IELTS tests again (are the IELTS tests valid for 12 months or 2 years?) Any advice would be appreciated. I've still got a lot of research to do on the possible scenarios as we only found out yesterday so please feel free to correct me where I am incorrect above. Thanks a million!
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    @chayne I am just behind you - got ITA 9 September and submitted 2 October. Can't obsessively check for status changes (using agent ) but getting screenshots so that I feel like there is movement. So happy there are a bunch of us on similar timelines - hopefully it all goes smoothly
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    The day has finally arrived for us, we will be off to Toronto tomorrow (7th of October 2017) - flying to Dubai with a 24 hour layover and then the final leg on Sunday, landing on Monday (9th of October 2017). We have a bag of mixed feelings, extremely excited, but stressed and sad at the same time. Its been a year since we decided to look at immigrating to Canada and now the day has finally arrived. It has been a rollercoaster ride, never expected that the list of things to do and finalize would be so long, still feels like we missing something. My husband has already been in contact with a few people for interviews in Toronto and I intend to start my job hunting again once we in Canada. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the great contributions to the forum, you guys have been more of a support than you know, and a shout out to the Whatsupp group in Johannesburg, fantastic people! We are having a nice big family dinner tonight as a final goodbye for now. I have already checked that I can connect with everyone either via Skype or Facetime. Will make sure post once we in Canada again, I know our adventure will be awesome and with God on our side we can do anything.
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    I actually logged in to like the first post. Thanks for that @tanchett. For us, scary as it might seem, it was not the crime that has chased us away. Over the years we had come accustomed to hearing stories and reacting by increasing our security and adding preventative measures. All of which does nothing to address the root cause of the problem. Opportunity, that's what it came down to for us. Opportunity for me and opportunity for my children. Seeing my kids grow up in a society that offers them the chance they deserve.
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    @Sarika Fantastic! Thank you very much for the help.
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    Thanks everyone for the info. After having done some extra research and thanks to all the advice we've decided to proceed with the application and have our medicals delayed until after the baby is born. The doctor will provide an x-ray deferral letter to go with our application and we will do x-rays and baby medical and submit all necessary documents for baby soon after the birth. This will delay our landing until at least the end of next year but overall we're happy to have the baby here in South Africa. Being our first, we just cant imagine going through the process of having the baby in a foreign country with no family support. It also takes a bit of the stress out of trying to rush everything and gives our family some time to spend with the new arrival. Thanks again for the advice!
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    My wife and I have just gone through the application process with our baby, who was also an unexpected surprise! We got pregnant, then got provincial nomination and had to add baby to our application once we got an ITA. We added a note to our application that baby had just arrived, but didn't have a passport yet, then added her on later, got her medical and have recently received our PPR! But given your scenario, you shouldn't need to go through all that. The xray is actually safe to have, apparently the amount of radiation is way below the amount that can do any damage whatsoever, but my wife didn't want to take any risk, no matter how small (protective mama bear). So if you're keen to get going, then go for it. But... We also went through having our first child in a foreign country, and its tough, not only for you, but grannies, friends and family who will likely be super-thrilled with your wifes pregnancy. So think about that too, that support structure when you have a child is a huge help! It may be worth waiting until baby arrives then starting the EE process, if you do it now and application takes a while, you run the risk of not being able to do your landing before your wife is too far along to, then you'll need to sponsor baby after he/she is born which is more complicated.
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    Congratulations! So happy for you! On the immigration front, personally, I'd proceed - you do get extra time to "land" In a perfect world you'd land and then have the baby here, so instantly a Canadian passport for Baby. Whatever works for you in the end is perfect!
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    This is a bit late but I'll tell you about our experience with temporary health insurance. My parents and brother moved here to BC last November and had to wait 3 months before they were covered by provincial healthcare. We purchased travel health insurance for them from Manulife CoverMe ( http://www.coverme.com/products/travel-insurance-visitors.jsp?MKT=MFC) at $570 for the three of them. It was for emergency health coverage up to $50,000 each with a $75 deductible. During this time my dad fell ill and had to go to the ER. He had a few tests done including a CT scan but at least he didn't need to be admitted. At the hospital we didn't pay anything but I gave them my address to forward the bill which ended up being about $3,000. We filed a claim with the insurance company and they paid for everything but the $75 deductible. No stress or issues at all, they just paid the hospital and doctor directly. This was one instance where I was so glad we had insurance and I'm thankful the bill wasn't anywhere close to the $50k limit. I do agree with Nettie that if you can afford much higher coverage then definitely get it because you never know what can happen. Had my dad been sick enough to be admitted, then the costs would have been much higher (e.g. being admitted to a bed is about $1,000 per day and this doesn't include any treatments/procedures and doctor's fees). I read a story about an Australian couple that ended up owing close to a million dollars after having gone in labour early and the baby having to stay in the NICU for some months.
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    A big congratulations on the pregnancy! That is just awesome! I would say continue to get everything ready towards your current application and deal with whatever comes your way because of the baby news. Scenario 1 may get a wobble in it if you take into consideration how long you may fly while you're pregnant- I'm not sure, it's best to check the airlines for that. Scenario 2- perhaps wait with that idea until 1 doesn't work out. (I always have a plan B and sometimes even plan C). Perhaps 2 is best kept for in case 1 doesn't pan out. Don't fret too much about it. This is great! You have options! I would not advise x-rays while being pregnant.
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    I agree with the others. Just go for it. If your wife is able to have X-rays with a special bib, chances are you will have PPR long before baby is due. If not, then everything will be ready and waiting for after the birth and just a medical and baby's paperwork outstanding. Current FSW applications are taking from 3 - 6 weeks in some cases, so you could possibly even land and have baby there, covered by health insurance (some provinces have 3 month waiting period, so depends on timing).
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    Congrats!! I believe that pregnant ladies can do the medicals, but wear a special bib over their tummies. The choice would be entirely up to you guys. Some people wait for baby to come, other just go for it.
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    Wow Congratulations So happy for you. Type in 'child birth' or 'pregnant' in the search bar and you will find other relatable threads. My 2c opinion is that you should just go for it. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    You may need to decide if you want to go the chef route rather. (That sounds like the better option to me, since the Canadians love their qualifications). Are you able to work on your chef/pastry/etc experience perhaps part time? Will you consider working in this field for the sake of being able to emigrate from SA? Writing and challenging exams is just one of the fun things that we have to do in order to reach our goals. Once you're here you don't have to stay in the field and go back to Admin Assistant if that is what you prefer. The goal is to get here. Right? Welcome to the forums!
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    http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/immigration-levels-2018-canada-1.4347339 All parties seem to be calling for more immigration, and more expanded requirements, instead of just education. The last paragraph is worrisome, though: "He would like the 2018 target to exceed 350,000, but he expects the government will keep the figure between 300,000 and 305,000 due to stretched resources. "We know that the government doesn't have the capacity. No matter how hard we push, the machine is at full capacity," he said."
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    Thanks for the info @Wolverine @K&U I am more in the biodiversity conservation/species at risk field myself but would happy with anything in the environmental field. There was a really good post on Quora Digest re: getting your CV Canada ready and looking for employment. I really like the way he set up his resume and webpage. https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-get-a-job-in-Canada https://www.quora.com/How-easy-is-it-to-get-a-job-in-Canada
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    Staus changed to DM (Decision Made) on our citizenship application. So now waiting for the Oath ceremony.
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    Thanks @Marcola! We are still waiting to hear back from Alberta - things have gone very quiet! We decided to go ahead as a standard express entry application. All moving quite quickly, just hoping it continues this way!
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    Get photos of the items to follow. No need for color copies. Just black and white on a regular printer. They will stamp and give it back to you. Keep this in addition to the list. As your husband is landing after you, he can also declare items and give a list of goods to follow. In addition to yours. Goods to follow is not per family but per immigrant. Landing for immigration purposes and settlement for customs purposes are different. For example if you landing for immigration purposes and you go back to SA, you do not need to declare any goods to follow. Only when you are finally moving to Canada do you need to declare all the goods and goods to follow. Customs in Canada are very practical, and apply common sense. Do not worry. Enjoy the move.
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    Hiya @Arya! Looks like you're all set. The Goods Accompanying and Goods to Follow lists are one and the same document. You have one list for all items you are bringing with, whether they are with you when you land or arriving later. You need the list to be complete when you first land as this document will be stamped by Customs and this is the same document that you will need to use when you clear items when they arrive later on. You cannot add to the list afterwards. It goes without saying then that whatever your husband's bringing with should be included on the list. So when you arrive, bring this document and get it stamped. Email a copy to your husband. When he arrives, he present the same list with the stamp (or you can meet him at the airport with the original stamped one). When your other goods arrive much much later, you go to Customs to clear the goods with the same document. Hope this helps.
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    the Environmental field is quite big and diverse here. i'm a hydrogeologist and was based in AB, now in the NWT. In AB, the environmental field took a hit with the declining oil prices. Elsewhere, i'm not sure. However, i think that chances of being employed in the Env field are greater in provinces with mines.
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    @tanchett Welcome! We arrived in Toronto this week, so I can only talk to what we have experienced, to say it is a rollercoaster ride is an understatement. It took us about a year to get here, and this is actually only the start of it all. It is MOST DEFINITELY not only smooth sailing (at least not for us). It is tough to "leave family behind", to leave your comfort zone, and to start something new. I think most people on here will attest to that. Most people will however also attest to the fact that is was for the best, especially for the next generation. Hang in there and good luck! Shout if you ever need anything, there is a lot of knowledgable people on the forum, and almost guaranteed, someone else has gone through or experienced what you are, so you are not alone.
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    So today we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada and we've had much to be thankful for. In the past week I've celebrated 6 months in Canada, 3 months being employed and the family have been here just over 2 months. We were able to celebrate with some friends made since landing and enjoyed a combination of potjie, ham, paella and milk tart. In addition, we were able to explore a local park close to the Toronto zoo and enjoyed a walk through the woods. It's a beautiful time of the year (fall) and one in which you're able to enjoy the beauty of changing leaves... not very common in SA as the seasons change quickly. The kids started school at the beginning of September which has helped getting settled and into some form of routine. Both our kids have enjoyed school so far and enjoyed their teachers. Both have been pushed forward half a year compared to SA as school here is age-based. It's a concern for our little one who has not yet received the reading basics but something we're working on. Our eldest has settled in quite well and made a few friends at school and in the neighbourhood which has helped tremendously. The wife has been able to source some interim employment and that has helped her network and settle in too. We have a roof over our heads, transport to get around, employment to fund the settling in process and friends to keep us sane... plenty to be thankful for. And we have family coming to visit in November as our eldest has their first Holy Communion. Great times indeed. Anything we miss??? Yes, family and friends to a certain extent but we've fortunate to have made some really good friends already here in Canada with similar family structures, culture and likes. Property is ridiculously expensive... concerns about dropping lifetime investments as a deposit in a property. Missing our domestic to a certain extent too especially with the ironing, folding and house cleaning... priorities do change here though. Purchasing of non-crease clothing is important. All good and haven't disappeared. Have been helping the family settle in. Work has gotten really hectic and budget seasons is a new and foreign concept for me so much learning taking place. Been travelling to the US a bit too which has been great. What an awesome feeling to be able to travel and not be concerned with the safety of your family. We've been really fortunate with the weather... apparently and so we've been told. It's normally quite cold by this time of the year but our kids were in the heated swimming pool today so not that cold just yet. And how... I must apologise as I'm not as "addicted" as much as before. The forum remains a fantastic source of information for those seeking guidance and assistance. I have been contacted in a private capacity by a few colleagues and I've tried to aid them directly wherever possible. I am still available and present if someone needs some help but I'm not as active as before. Responses may therefore be slightly delayed.
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    Don't lose hope @BloodRaven and never say never. Things were looking bleak for us too and somehow things just turned for the best. It took a lot of patience and you might also have to wait a while. But remember, where there's a will, there's a way. Good luck.
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    Hey @Annasofe13. I started my new job last week. So far so good. I got off to a flyer have been given my work assignments for this Quarter and so I am just tugging along. My manager works at a different office for now. There is a lot of trust here lol. Had a few unexpected surprises so payday here is every week. That's way different to the once a month back home. Got a company phone too and the company benefits are pretty darn good. I am tremendously blessed. I have signed for a lease at the start of Aug and moving in Sep when the family comes. The new house is not far from the office in Mississauga so glad I don't have to do the commute in Toronto traffic. My kids new school is a few blocks away and will take them for assessment and registration when they get here. All in all a soft landing thus far. GOD is good.
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    This past two weeks have been full of progress and so far all going according to plan. I think an update on the landing story is appropriate First weekend in Canada I met up with this oke @Ribsy who generously offered to assist me in my search as he landed a few months earlier and walked the beaten path. He steered me in the right direction, gave me some names of recruiters and, vetted my Resume. He even paid for breakfast, what a genuine guy. He truly is a LEGEND! Last week I met with a few of the big name recruiters in the financial field, if interested PM me and I'll send to any CPA/ CA landing soon. Some of them were quick on the draw, others not so much. The same evening, after I met with one of them, a received a call from one of the contract specialists, who asked if I would be interested in meeting up with one of his clients the following day. I duly obliged, and thought I would gain some experience on the Canadian style of interviews and because I was rusty would be some good practice. I stayed up late, researching the company and felt prepared. Met with the hiring manager and was invited back to meet with the CFO two days later. They really liked me (more to follow below) On Monday, I went for my G1 knowledge test (which was harder than I expected on the road rules, there were 3 questions I had never seen before, and those were the ones I got incorrect (go figure). On Monday afternoon of this week, I was phoned by one of the recruiters to ask if I want to come for an interview the following day. I met with a company for an internal audit position, something I had been doing in the preceding (nearly) four years in SA. Once again, I researched like crazy late into the night, and went for the interview the next day. Met with the Director of audit and the senior VP, and I felt the interview went well. Gave my feedback immediately to the recruiter that I felt it was a solid performance. After I spent some time at the mall after the interview, I realized that I had left my "ringer" still on silent and the recruiter was trying to get a hold of me. I spent that evening stressing, tossing and turning, "why would she want to call me, it must be bad news that little voice of doubt kept saying" Turns out the company really liked me and after speaking to their HR, they were expediting the process. She had phoned to give me the news and asked if they make a decision what will my answer be? YES oh YES, where do I sign lol. Went for a third interview with another company yesterday afternoon. Yeah, you know the drill by now. This one offered some travel to US, Canada and Chile, imagine me smiling, when I read that in the Job description. Anyhoo, has the suspense built up yet? The first company came back to say that liked me and want to place me in a posisition they were thinking of filling in 2 months. I had to apply for that one again but the contract position I interviewed for (IFRS specialist) I didn't get The third company gave feedback that the VP was concerned that I had just gotten PR, what if I dont like it here and decide to go back to SA. Like really now, are you kidding me? Does he know there is a president with a butternut shaped head messing things up? God bless his soul, the hiring manager wanted to move forward with me but guess no Chile and US trips for me anytime soon. Back to the 2nd one, recruiter phoned me back Wednesday to say that I have been made an offer!!!!!! I received the paperwork today and had to get my documents Notarized for reference and background criminal checks, the usual stuff. I duly accepted the offer, it's based in Mississauga so guess thats where we will be living soon. Two weeks in and to God be the Glory, best news ever! My wife cried when I told her last night. I am still on cloud 9. I only start next month, as my line manager is away for Vacation. So guess for the next three weeks I am on vacation too! I was never expecting this so soon, ok maybe I was, as I am a man of faith Now on to finding a place in Mississauga! I have made contact with Linda already and she is already on the case. Thank you to all of you as well for the many many great topics and advice. Cant wait for the family to join me now.
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    The long awaited Nova Scotia Demand: Express entry is OPEN. My application is IN. I'm shaking, crying, laughing... and now stressing that maybe I missed something. UPDATE: it is closed again.
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    Yessss, my NOC is on there!!! BUT we'll have to watch this stream like a hawk... 250 spaces will fill up within a few hours. If it opens while we're sleeping I'm not going to be happy.