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    Hi @ThePenguin The question re: Canadian work is because you get additional points on your application if you have Canadian experience, but for Express Entry, this is not mandatory. This will definitely help a whole lot but just because you do not have Canadian experience does not mean you cannot immigrate. I'd echo @Nelline comment about getting work prior to immigrating. This is wholly dependent on what field you work in, how in demand your profession is, and whether there are employers out there looking for that specific skillset. IELTS is not required for work. I've never been asked to provide this document when applying for work. Some important documents required for immigration: birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, police clearance certificate*, medical*, bank statements*, work-related documents, etc. There are many more. The ones with asterisks can be obtained a bit later when you have already started your Express Entry profile. Hope this helps.
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    PNP Provincial Nomination , when a province is interested in what you have to offer and ‘sponsors’ you 600 point for express entry which kind of guarantee that you’ll at least get an invite. AIPP, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, as Neline explained, employers proves you are the best person for the job and you get invited to apply on those grounds. NS, PEI, NB, NL lol... the Atlantic Provinces, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland (and Labrador) .
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    Maybe be ask on the Facebook page SA2Canada Swift answers for questions
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    Is anyone in the process of waiting for approval of their work permit? The lawyer working on behalf of my employer gives a processing time of 8 weeks however the IRCC website gives 17 weeks. I was asked to submit biometrics 3 days after I made my submission online and did the medical prior to submitting. Anyone had a job specific work permit approved this year and how long did processing take for you?
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    Good evening, I am by the final step of the approval process and also bank with FNB. You would need to go into the bank and request a format similar to a visa letter. On it will state the date the account was opened, account details as well as your full name. This needs to be bank stamped and not electronically stamped. If your funds is in your FNB savings pocket, you would need a letter for your main account such as savings or cheque and also a letter for your savings pocket as these are 2 different account numbers. Same format with a bank stamp and date. I completely understand your frustration as the bank consultants are hesitant to provide this and you have to go into the bank for this so if you have a private banker, they can’t assist you electronically. Hope this is clear, if not, I would happily elaborate.
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    Hi All, I am going through the ECA scores and trying to figure out where I fit in I have a Bachelors of Accounting Science, Post-graduate diploma in Accounting Science and matric. So I am trying to understand will I get points for each separately? Grade 12 is 5 points, degree is 21 points. 1 year post grad is 15 points. But then I also see 3 year degree plus one year certificate/diploma is 22 points. It doesn't seem fair that you lose 14 points because the studies were linked?