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    It's been a long and winding road for our family over the last two years, but we are so excited to share that we are finally in Canada! Here is a run down of our landing experience in Calgary - hope it helps those still on their way. We flew with KLM from Cape Town to Calgary, with a short stop over in Amsterdam, with our twin five year olds and soooo much luggage, so we were very grateful to fly via the quickest route. We were pretty stressed about the long flights ahead with two little ones, but they were such little troopers and were so excited to go on the big airplane. We bought them each special "Elsa" earphones, which we presented to them at the airport and they were so happy to have their own tv to watch cartoons to their hearts content. I also packed in some colouring books and bought them each a magnetic sketch pad and little white board to draw on, and this kept them busy for quite a while. Thankfully, they both slept really well on the plane - in fact, on the first flight my one daughter was so exhausted that she fell asleep while the plane was taxiing, and only woke up seven hours later. We landed in Calgary at 13:30 to a beautiful sunny day of 3 degrees. It was a surreal experience touching down in Canada and we both felt quite emotional - it was so exciting seeing that "Welcome to Canada" sign. By this stage the kids were totally over the journey and so tired and grumpy, but we still had to get through customs and immigration. The admin was actually such a breeze and I had stressed about it all for nothing. There are machines where each passenger scans their passport and ticks a bunch of boxes for their landing card - so lovely that this is all automated instead of having to try find a pen and fill in documents. Then you go through the passport control who sends you to section E to activate your visa. I sat in this queue with the kids while my husband went to collect the luggage, which amazingly came through in about ten minutes - and he arranged a porter with a huge trolley to help us. Fortunately there were only about three people ahead of us in the queue for immigration and we were in and out of there in about half an hour. We had our goods accompanying and goods to follow list on hand, which was the only document requested by the officer - he didn't even ask about proof of funds, medications or jewellery etc. - all the random things I'd been stressing about. And then he said "Welcome, you are now permanent residents of Canada" - WOW - that felt good! Since stepping out of the airport we have been completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the South African and Namibian community in Calgary - from the lady who offered to fetch us from the airport, to the couple who has given us accommodation for the first few days, to the others who have taken us shopping, given us lifts, and even invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. We have just been inundated with love and support, and it has just been amazing. We look forward to paying this forward one day. Calgary is a great city - clean, great transport, friendly and welcoming. Everything is sooooo BIG - from the cars to the roads and the shops, the sky even feels so much bigger. It's quite overwhelming going into a supermarket and seeing all the different options. Driving on the other side of the road has been interesting and I keep going to the wrong side of the car haha. We've managed to sort out most of our admin such as SIN numbers, phones and bank accounts, pretty easily without much fuss, and next up is to sort out our health insurance and a rental, and of course the daunting task of finding work. We have really enjoyed exploring Calgary - the kids loved taking the train into town - and we're hoping to take a drive out to Banff this coming week. Overall, we have had such a pleasant experience and we're very grateful to have had such a "soft" landing. We are so excited to see what life has in stall for us in Canada.
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    Good Day to the Forum, So this story has been long over due and I hope you at least have one laugh reading it. We started our journey in June 2018 with our EE application and getting all the required paperwork in place, finally by end Feb 2019 we received that coveted golden email as you say. At first you talk about immigration and as the process follows you start informing family of what is to come... but when that email hits your inbox, you suddenly have an epiphany: "What the hell should I do now? I am so not ready for this". Then you start working through a list, one by one ticking off the items. Suddenly you don't own a car, you live with family and frankly to everybody else you stuff is worthless, but you sold all of it. You have reduced you life into 8 suitcases and 4 backpacks. Ahead of us lies the next step, saying goodbye to family, some of which we will see for the last time, and you limit the gathering at airport. Don't care how tough you are...it hurts saying goodbye. Holding back the tears you wave as you pass through security. Wow... it hits you again, now what. The twins (almost 2 year old boys), they are going nuts in this big building with trolley rides and escalators. We take a seat on a bench to check our tickets again and then make our way to the boarding gates. The lady asks for our boarding pass before we can enter the staging area to wait to board the plane. We had all our paper work neatly in a flip folder, I put my backpack down and suddenly get that cold, scared and shock feeling from my ears to my heels. Where is the folder...passports, COPR, tickets, proof of funds, etc.. its all in there...THE BENCH... I flip around and bolt through the airport, I skip two three steps up the stair case hoping no-one has taken it... as I turn the corner approaching this bench I see two security ladies have just noticed our folder, out of breath I am trying to explain to the ladies that they can check the folder, my passport is in there with a terrible photo this guy in it. Ok got it back... Walk back to find my boys all over the place, and my poor wife trying fruitlessly to get them to sit still... but wait we went the Doc a week before our trip and he prescribe some awesome stuff to calm the buys down. Don't get me wrong I don't give my kids anything other than medication when they are sick and vitamins...but we are about to spend 27hours on a airborne box with two year olds that are hard to control at home... gave them a dose and 45mins later being boarded they were a lot more docile. Flying emirates, we had a stop over in Dubai 8hours later (Stop over 19hours)...boys slept the entire flight... we get out of the airport to go to a hotel, just to break the trip up and give the boys a bath and rest a bit before we continue our trip. Back on the plane, dosed again... 14 hour flight to Toronto... 3:30 hour stop over (enough for landing paperwork)... then on to Calgary... Oh no, no no no... Flight delayed in Dubai... All landing paperwork took as expected 1H30 including S/N numbers... but now our bags were offloaded, we need to get them, get on a mono-rail shuttle train and get our connection with westjet to Calgary... get there... O sorry, booking closed they cannot except more baggage... really? Now I leave the wife, kids and bags there... because the emirates counter is back on the other side of the airport... back on the rail... looking for one small emirates desk in the airport terminal. I finally found it... no more flights today... What? after I calmed down... ok next step... explain... O first flight in the morning...We are on it. Good, let me spend some more money to book into the airport hotel. Get back to the wife who is now livid with the boys because we have no communication between us... ok everybody calm down... hotel... there we go... nice room... had a good bath and rest. Next morning first thing we are at the gate...bags and all... "O, my apologies sir. You tickets have the kids booked as on-the-lap infants, this does not correspond to your original bookings and they will need to rebook your tickets again"............I go silent....... then..... what the do you mean... "Sorry Sir emirates will have to rebook you again"... Now... Wife, Kids, Bags...all of it back on the mono rail... other terminal... where the is emirates... O no sir they only have a desk person when there is a flight, only this afternoon there will be someone....bbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp.... my heart just skipped a beat from the frustration... Ok... phoned them... through a airport link phone... booked us Air Canada to Calgary in departing in 30min... there we go. Finally we land in Calgary... no hassle... I got a bag with some prized cutlery, my pocket knife collection and so one... No-one stopped us once to check any of it... Awesome. We get a cab, get to the Airbnb and finally stretch out... we have made it. Since then everything has been great, awesome support from the communities, met some wonderful South Africans. Helped us a lot. Found a good job and we are enjoying Canada very much. The boys are still alive, we have settled... enough... have a place to sit, sleep, eat and watch the rugby... Well done Bokke! Glad we went through it all, it will be worth it in the end... I truly believe that.
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    Hi all, It looks like we are closing out the March applications (on myimmitracker al least). I obsessively checked my email this morning (it has become a daily ritual) and low and behold at 4:30am we received the "golden email" requesting us to drop our passports and photos at the Pretoria VAC!!! I don't think the full realization has set in just yet, more than 6.5 months of waiting has left me quite numb (and stressed). For all those that are still waiting; remember "No news is good news", relax and it will come in due course. Here is our timeline: Oct 2018: decided to make the move Oct 2018: met with consultant at Canadaabroad.com to better understand the process & our options. Oct 2018: Booked IELTS for 5 Jan 2019 Nov 2018: friend shared her experiences when moving to Toronto Nov 2018: WES application submitted 4 & 5 Jan 2019: Wrote IELTS 10 Jan 2019: WES evaluation complete 17 Jan 2019: IELTS results (Primary: L9,R9,W7.5,S8.5, Spouse: L8.5,R8.5,W7,S8) 22 Jan 2019: Submitted Express Entry application with low score of 440 (mostly due to age. Primary:36, Spouse: 43) 30 Jan 2019: ITA - invitation to apply (blown away how lucky we were to get ITA at 440) 5 Feb 2019: Booked medical exam at Rosebank Travel doctor 12 Feb 2019: Medical exam completed 28 Mar 2019: AoR - Acceptance of receipt .... The wait begins! 10 May 2019: Medical passed 13 May 2019: Biometrics request 22 May 2019: Biometrics submitted .... The wait continues! 23 Oct 2019: PPR We plan to our submit passports tomorrow and expect the 10-12 day wait as you guys said. Then we are planning a soft landing (to pick a town to live in ) over December. We know this is not the best time, but it is what it is. During this trip we hope to apply for the PR card, do bank accounts, etc. The real move will then happen next year late March/ early April. (skipping the worst of winter for year 1) Again, too all those 'patiently' waiting, try to sit back and relax. Trust me it is better for your health. There is nothing you can do to speed it along. I have watched similar application to ours be processed in half the time, and there are people that have waited longer than us. Easy to say I know, but I hope this gives you some solace.
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    @Seth try not to think of it. Our PPR took 6.5 months and the last 2 weeks was hell. I can suggest only expecting a response after 6 months and using your energy elsewhere, I would be far less stressed if I had done that. Take a look at the average processing time on myimmitracker and work out your date from there.
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    Hi All, For completion, wanted to update our timeline above. We received COPR on 9 October 2019 (just 4 days shy of the 6 month mark)! Our updated timeline is below: AOR - 13 April 2019 Review of eligibility - 1 Oct 2019 Review of additional docs - N/A Interview - N/A Biometrics - Competed 12 June 2019 Background Check - Completed 1 Oct 2019 Final Decision - Application approved on 9 Oct 2019 We did not reach out or communicate with IRCC in any form or means for progress of the application at any stage. However, after a long "silence" after completion of biometrics, we considered calling IRCC on 1 October 2019 (5.5 months post AOR). Before making the call, we decided to double-check our application details of IRCC website - this is when we noticed that the status update under the heading "Background check" had changed to "We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information". On 2 Oct at around 2pm, we received the "golden email" from High Commission of Canada in Pretoria requesting that we submit our passports for finalisation. We submitted our passports at VFS Global Cape Town as requested on 3 Oct. On 9 October, we checked our profile and saw the notification that our application had been approved. On 10 October, we received email notifications from IRCC to check our profile for status of application for a message. The status and message communicate approval of the application. On 11 Oct, we received notification from VFS that our passports were ready for collection. We collected our passports from VFS on 17 Oct 2019 - visas were affixed and COPR forms included. We thank God for His grace on this. We wish everyone going through this process the best.
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    Here’s my full timeline below guys: AoR: Apr 9 MEP: May 17 BIL: May 17 Biometrics Complete: May 23 July 4th called CIC: VO CPC Ottawa Jul 30th Ordered GCMS Notes (Criminality passed, eligibility and security not started) Last update on file June 19 16 Sept called CIC: No update RPRF Request: Oct 18 RPRF Paid: Oct 18 Ghost Update: Oct 21 PPR: 22 Oct Passport Submitted: Oct 28 Application Approved: Nov 6 Visa Stamped: Nov 6 Return Tracker Activated:Nov 7 CoPR/Passport Received: Nov 8 Landed: Nov 11 I’m still at the airport waiting for my ride, just went out for a quick smoke in the snow (might be my motivation to quit haha) Landing was a breeze, took less than 10 minutes, I have no goods to follow and nothing to declare so it was a smooth process through immigration and customs. It’s Remembrance Day here today so Service Canada and Banks etc are closed, I’ll apply for my SIN and all the other stuff tomorrow.
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    @Kitcatwe got our PPR email on Friday afternoon! Thank you so m so much for your advice and encouragement
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    @Clarence, @GeneeP AIPP is all about being proactive, you have to job hunt like there is no tomorrow. At least 5 applications a day, all customised😝😝, and contact people directly on LinkedIn as well, i.e. CEO's and HR people in your field. NB: Look for jobs from designated employers as well as non designated ones (who will have to become designated to go forward) NB: At the same time take IELTS and get ECA (ECA takes at least 2 months-ish so get it done sooner rather than later) Get a job offer. With the job offer your employer endorses you to a settlement service provider who will help you with getting a settlement plan etc. and all your documentation processed Send settlement plan back to employer Employer uploads all info - endorsement plan, job offer etc. to AIPP Get certificate of endorsement (needed to apply under AIPP) Apply for PR for whole family under AIPP - it's paper based application, i.e. you send it in via post (documentation similar to EE just with lower thresholds, e.g. IELTS score, Proof of funds) Wait for PPR - (supposedly faster than other streams) OPTIONAL -> Apply for Temporary work permit at the same time OR after submitting PR application so you can arrive early and begin work. This permit can be gotten in as little as 1 month. PR application will still continue. If an employer you get a job from is not yet designated they can apply for designation and from there the process follows normal AIPP. If you convince them you are an asset they are willing to go through the process of designation, so market yourself and sell yourself as the next best thing, better than sliced bread. This youtube video is VERY helpful especially showing how to look for job offers
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    Good Day @Zanah, We found it challenging to find jobs in our field in Canada (wife still searching, I got lucky), so I don't know how easy it will be from SA. Knowing that we sent out a couple dozen CV's after we received our paper work. That said, here are a few tips: 1) Tailor your Resume for every job you apply to. Reason (Most companies use tracking software to weed out resumes before it even hits a desk), if your resume does not contain corresponding key words to the job posting it will not make it through ATS to begin with. 2) Your resume should contain no personal information, except name, surname, location and contact details. ATS does not care if you are married or how many languages you speak or how many kids you have. 3) Don't include a header or footer - ATS cant see it. 4) Its worth researching ATS software, some of them give you 3 to 5 free resume scans to see if you are hitting the right key words. (Not something they generally use in SA yet) 5) Keep LinkedIn profile up to date... have a reference or three in you profile... people will contact you. Once here it will be easier, because they do consider location when weeding out applications. To find a transition job for the coveted Canadian experience is also not hard, depends on what you are willing to do to make it. You can pay basic bills on minimum wage here... but you will still hemorrhage savings until you settle back into your profession. Hope it helps a little bit... Good luck and Don't give up...
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    I got PPR guys my timeline is below: AoR: Apr 9 MEP: May 17 BIL: May 17 Biometrics Complete: May 23 July 4th called CIC: VO CPC Ottawa Jul 30th Ordered GCMS Notes (Criminality passed, eligibility and security not started) Last update on file June 19 16 Sept called CIC: No update RPRF Request: Oct 18 RPRF Paid: Oct 18 Ghost Update: Oct 21 PPR: 22 Oct
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    Hey everyone! This is a small piece of my landing story that I thought best to share on a separate post. Maybe it can help someone out. I arrived in Toronto in January 2019, knowing that it will take some time to find a job. Maybe I get lucky and I land something quickly? However, I did not want to leave it up to chance so I Googled “odd jobs Toronto” or something like that so see what I could find. I came across dog walking and grocery store packing jobs. But dog walking will require building up a customer base and I did not want to be locked in to a full-time 8-5 at a grocery store. But I did stumble across an app that made my arrival in Toronto a LOT easier. It is a handyman take on the new wave of mobile marketplace apps. Uber for cheap labour in short. TaskRabbit! You set your availability and skills on the app and this allows people to book you based on your profile, skills, hourly rate and availability. Minimum is $15 an hour for very basic stuff like waiting in line (no jokes) to $35 for heavy lifting and help moving. But you set your own rate and you can increase the rate if you have a car or some special skill that makes you stand out. The only category where you have a different pricing model is Ikea furniture assembly. But more on that later. To get started you sign up and go through a security background check before you get an email that runs you through some educational videos of how to use the app and set up your profile. Once the security background check is done and you have completed the training, you are ready to start tasking. Because I didn’t have any ratings or reviews, I kept my availability open on the app 24/7. If a customer wants to hire someone, they specify the date and time they want to do it and select from the people who are available. There is also something called Same Day Tasks for when jobs need to happen on short notice. That is probably how you will get your first job on TaskRabbit. So keep your availability up to date. Depending on the job you can earn anything from $15 for a single job of one hour, to $350 on a good day. It all depends on you. And the good thing is that TaskRabbit does not take a cut. You set your rate and that is what you get. The price they advertise to clients is based on your rate + their hourly percentage markup. And they charge a client a minimum of one hour. Some jobs only required me to help move a couch for 5 minutes and you still get paid a minimum of one hour. Back to the Ikea category. You will quickly learn that Ikea has a monopoly on affordable home furniture in Canada. They keep prices low by making everything self-assembly. But the assemblies require more than just an Allen Key. They therefore decided to buy out TaskRabbit and use them as their in-house furniture assembly team. As mentioned, the pricing model works slightly different. With Ikea you get paid per assembly and it increases based on the complexity of the assembly. The amount of time you get “scheduled” for is also based on the job complexity. But until you get familiar with the assemblies you will take longer than the scheduled time. But don’t fear. Soon you’ll be assembling beds with storage in two hours flat. And then move on to the nightstand and two chests of drawers that the client bought with that. To do the Ikea category you need some basic tools. Invest in a basic set and some fasteners and you will quickly make back your money. Check on the Home Depot website for basic tool and drill combos. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive. Just enough to get the job done. All else that I can say is that I signed up at the end of January and I kept doing it till the end of June. Not sure how many taskers there are but they only started in September 2018 in Toronto and the client base will keep on growing. They are all over the US and have expanded to other cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax and so on. And if you are not happy with TaskRabbit there are similar apps out there that you can try out. If people like you they often like to use you outside the app because it is cheaper for them. After a couple of months I made enough between the app, private clients and additional odd jobs to cover rent and living expenses. So this helped me not to dig too deep into my South African savings. One last thing; I actually also used the app to network. The app is mostly used by middle class and above because they have some money to throw around. And more often than not they are educated and have contacts in industry. SO, when they hear that you are actually an engineer, accountant or any type of professional, more often they offered help or a reference if you want to apply at the company they work at. And in the end I got a job offer through one of my clients. Didn’t end up taking it but it can happen to you. Hope this helps some people out. Good luck and happy tasking!
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    Dreaming of a White Christmas @OHCANADAAA
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    It's certainly not as active as here on the forum @graciax452, but yet another way to connect with fellow South Africans!
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    Here's the link to the advert on Indeed: http://ca.indeed.com/job/qualified-dental-technician-dd106cb6e141cd19?fbclid=IwAR3j36r8i0PpJUvx_v1UkgY6eNLdLam1sc810naZ5jUeaNaDW4keTbvQVIQ
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    Hi Everyone So I finally received my golden email. Will do the photo's today and prepare the documents. @GuyRussy you mentioned you filled out a VFS consent form (link in the ready for visa email). I can't seem to find this form/link. Is it on the VFS website? Also do I need to make an appointment to go submit my passport in PTA? The system only has appointment options for biometrics. @Kitcat Don't want to drive there and realise I need an appointment.. Thank you everyone for the help through this process!
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    Sorry to hear that, @DC85, id take it as business days. I always maintained during our wait that no news is good news. I don’t believe they would waste your time by asking you to redo medicals if they weren’t prepared to take your application further. Holding thumbs for you!
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    Hi @Bheni welcome! Being over 40 (or 30 for that matter) does eat quite heavily into your points for Express Entry. As Lizelle mentioned, you can calculate what your points are and google the trend of points over the last few months. We were very lucky to squeak through with a low score of 440 when the very low score requirement hit. This could happen again. You will get more points for the following things that you did not mention: French speaking Family in Canada Work experience in Canada Education in Canada Otherwise you can try for a provincial nomination. Being in IT there is a good chance that your husband should get it from Vancouver BC or Toronto as they seem to still be looking for those skills. I think BC is still running a "tech pilot". If EE does not work other there are other options though. Ask around the forum if you think you EE points are too low.
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    The wait is a long one but worth it in the end. The constant thinking of what you'll be doing, where you'll be staying is such an amazing 'fantasy' that one conjures up for oneself. I did the exact same thing before coming over (we're here on WP currently) and honestly, EVERYTHING is different compared to how I expected it 🙃😶 We adapted well but it's taken a while. The 'what if' will drive you crazy so try not doing that. Everything will work out fine if you've made it this far except if they have a problem substantiating one/more of your supporting documents. It's rare though (happens in less than 2% of cases) so i'm sure it will be fine! Personally, I don't like Tim Hortons unless the 10 or so branches I've been at are the 'bad apples' 🤣Second Cup (also Canadian) is better and if you're trying to be flashy and pay $6+ for a coffee then Starbucks is always there. We're currently on 57 days (second attempt) today and it seems most applications get PPR between 4-7 months currently so we have a few more months to go! Keep strong people!
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    Start by checking what your EE score will be. That will give you a good indication of how much extra work you may need to put in (or not, if your score will be high enough to be selected almost immediately).
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    Welcome to the group! Being 40 and in the group, I know if you work hard you can do this, and on your own. I did my whole application on my own, didn't have enough points so explored provincial nomination, and got it! Just submitted my application this month.... I never had much luck with finding jobs not sure if I tried hard enough. A lot of people get in this way and its worth a try. Good luck just get started
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    We never had our application on hold but it took forever to process (16 months). We got our PR about a week after passing our re-medicals. Getting a request for re-meds is definitely a good sign - holding thumbs you hear some good news soon!
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    @OHCANADAAA - Thank you. Updating our timeline was the least we could do as 'paying-forward' to the forum. We learn a lot from what others post. Wishing you the best with your application. IRCC seems to be finalising pretty close to the 180-day mark, so hoping yours is just around the corner.
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    Congrats on the PPR. Off course, now the real work begins -- waiting was a doddle compared to packing up and having to move :-). We did a "soft/half" landing over the summer and did the SIN, health insurance, Bank thing. We are currently heading for Winterpeg (Manisnowba), and we found the following: 1) The health insurance required a "proof of residence" which consists of a utility bill and some other document such as a lease agreement. I don't know if other provinces work the same, so it may be worth-while looking into getting those docs ready if you intend to apply for health insurance. 2) (We went with RBC). Opening bank accounts are easy, but we had to book an appointment and then return another day. The chap who helped us was really great, and depending on your profile you could be offered a credit card account. This has some implications: the card can only be collected at the bank, which means if it arrives after you've left, you will be reminded every couple of days that the card is ready for collection. Eventually is is destroyed. Your debit card will also have to be sent somewhere, so be prepared to have an address. 3) We got a "Declaration of Tax Residence Status" which, apparently, is something new. My contact couriered it to me, and RBC wanted me to complete it and return it within 4 weeks of it being sent. It has to do with the DTA between SA and Canada. I phoned their help-line and Paul quite calmly explained that it wouldn't be a problem if we returned the form late (will be sent to them with another friend at the start of Nov). In retrospect, I think the hassle with not being in the country when the gears start moving added to some of our stress. Even though I now have a credit record, I don't know that such a dormant account adds to my "credit worthiness". All the best with the landing! logan.
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    Thank you @GuyRussy for your response...i hope you are right! i check my email and CIC website what feels like 100 times a day!
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    @frycongrats on PPR 😀. I'm also planning a soft landing this year, but in November. Either way, make sure you take some warm clothes with you! From what I've read, you don't "apply" for your first PR card. Rather, the processing of it begins when you land and activate your visa. The photos you take when submitting your passport for stamping will be attached to your CoPR form, and subsequently used for your PR card. Anyway, glad your wait is over, and like you say, patience is key during the process, although, I must admit, I was also checking for daily updates like yourself, haha.
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    Hi @PhilipCX We got through and we are in PTA My husband usually phones SA (evening) when its start of the work day in Canada The lines ring and then cuts off but we try about 3-4 times and then it goes through Number - +16 13 9444 000
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    http://www.inspection.gc.ca/animals/terrestrial-animals/imports/policies/animal-products-and-by-products/2001-01/eng/1359039786504/1359039919425 The Health of Animals Regulations, section 42, states the following: Raw Wool, Hair or Bristles, Hide or Skin A person may import into Canada raw wool, hair or bristles or an untanned hide or skin from a country or a part of a country not referred to in section 41 if the article is transported under seal of an inspector directly from the place of entry to an approved disinfection establishment for disinfection in accordance with these Regulations; or in the case of an untanned hide or skin, an inspector is satisfied that the article is a hard dried hide or skin of an animal, has been pickled in a solution of salt containing mineral acid and was packed in a leakproof container while still wet with such solution; or is the hide or skin of an animal and has been treated with lime so as to become de-haired. SOR/97-85, s. 34; SOR/97-478, s. 10(E). CLICK HERE FOR PROHIBITED THINGS AND OTHER RULES: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/C.R.C.,_c._296/index.html
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    🤔 He’s Right ! Thinking back, we bit the bullet and hired a car from day 1. Then I redid my licence within a week or so. (sit at the drive place until a “no show”) Then we bought a car - cause they won’t insure foreign peasants, you know..... and then we realized that the cost of the insurance for 1 year for one car would buy us a nice new car each....😡🤬🥵😱 Then, we just paid......and cried, and paid... Its almost cheaper to rent ! For us it was $600/ month all in for a nice rental, and about $650 all in for the cost of a car and insurance. New car was $250 / month and $400 for insurance !!?! 🤢 But don’t worry, if your drive good (as they say when they murder grammar), then you should have went (fav expression !)home with better rates soon. Weekly, or bi-weekly (which means two-times a month, not twice a month - what’s the difference ? I dunno, they say 2 times here and not twice..... which makes it twice as hard to understand finance stuff... Jokes aside, I’d be very wary of signing up for anything before you have a little experience - everything is amazing early on, but as the rose fog clears and reality settles in, you will see stuff that is not compatible with your new life choices - so you may want to move to a more compatible environment, you don’t want to be stuck in an expensive mess. I know from experience that the desire to root immediately is strong - especially with kids, but don’t rush. Canada is like any western culture - the closer to the inner city and the more compact the environment, the more problems kids have. Take your kids somewhere where they can be kids and grow up with a little innocents and open space if you can - well that’s my opinion. Good luck !!!
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    Oh! As the prospective candidate will need to enter Canada on EE with a Provincial Nomination (the latter which we will arrange), you have to have at least a post secondary qualification in order to be considered.
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    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum. I have been reading and keeping up with the forum while waiting for my profile to be approved. The forum has been so helpful to us with starting our journey. My husband and I both work in IT, we are hoping to settle in BC. We have two daughters aged 4 and 1. We are also hoping to get my Mom and 17 year old sister, to join us eventually. My husband did his IELTS test on 28 September, we are waiting for the results, hoping to get them on Friday, 11 October. All documents have also been sent and received by WES. They are in the process of evaluating. The wait is what's getting to us the most now, hoping to do our Express Entry profile mid-October.
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    Hey @Celeste_J I work close to Joshua Creek (I pass by it everyday) but must admit that I don’t know anybody who has kids going to that school. In general, I find this area in Oakville good and close to many things. Not sure if that is what you are looking at. Ranking the schools...am assuming you have looked at the Fraser Institute ranking? (http://ontario.compareschoolrankings.org/elementary/SchoolsByRankLocationName.aspx) Seems like the schools you’ve chosen are well-ranked. For French immersion, I seem to recall that one needs to apply beforehand. One of my colleague had a daughter who was admitted last year and they had to submit an application to get her in. Good luck with the move!
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    I feel similar... I think the call us Xennials.
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    @guyrussy Awesome thanks, so hopefully we will have our COPR soon! Will definitely try to write up a landing story - might even start a vlog/blog, will see how things go haha. Best of luck to you!
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    Update : Had my interview on 1 October 2019 and received passport back with B1/B2 visa today, 4th October. How efficient is that!!
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    NZ is a little bit too "Lefty Trendy" for me but then again seems like Canada might be moving too fast in that direction too... SO! Soon, I might start a blog on how I moved to Texas! Anyway @Jaco Goosen don't give up on your Canadian dream, do some research, make your own decisions. NZ would never have worked for me.
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    Great post @ReneLestan. We used KLM as well and I will recommend this route to anyone.
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    Great topic...... it's great to hear what is required from the job applicant from the perspective of an employer, this is great advice. I just want to share through my own experience of how important the cover letter is. My strategy was a little different as I was headhunting prospective employers and not applying for specific positions. I made a list of a number of canadian companies in the same industry, tracked down the owner/s, CEO or HR Manager's contact details and started approaching them directly through email and LinkedIn. I knew I had to have a killer cover letter otherwise the message / email will just be ignored...... The fourth person I approached responded, I went for an interview and was offered a position The cover letter is a deal maker/breaker
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    Hi there. I managed to get an offer in Canada while in SA. Yes, it's true alot of companies are reluctant to go through the process, however if you are a specialist in your field or can market yourself as a necessary assets they'll take the chance. I'm in the IT field toovbut I worked for a very specialized software company and the work I did was very particular to the product, the company I'm working for works with the same software so it was a great match for us. We applied directly with the employer from their website and I sold myself in my cover letter mentioning that I would be willing to relocate. I always say, you won't know if you don't try. Good luck.
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    Hello everyone. My first post here. Been a follower on the Facebook group for a while now. I plan to travel to Canada during the South African school holidays over June/July this year. What complicates things is that I'm in my final year, Matric (grade 12) and write my finals a month or two after i get back. After that i need to go to University. Which ushers in my reason WHY i want to go to canada later this year We have a flight-plan and tickets sorted; accommodation; And So far it's set for me to start travel around London in Ontario from University to University and College to College applying for further studies after i finish Matric end of this year. Granted i pass... I get about a 80% average so far across the board and have Maths, Business, Accounting and Computer Tech (CAT) as my subjects. I'm aware that I can apply online at most of these places, But this way i can see if it is really everything I hoped it'd be. (I've been planning to immigrate after school since i was a kiddo) Now what i need help with : * What documentation must i bring with me when going to apply/enrol on the spot at the universities and colleges for next year? (Grade 11 Report card + Term 1 and 2 Grade 12 report card?) * Is residency a better option for university than finding private-housing like rent? * What sort of VISA I need to get * Where to get the VISA in South Africa * How long it will take to receive the VISA after applying * What is the best (cheapest) form of public transport to make use while there? (Uber? Bus? Walk? Train? Plane?) * What payment form to take along with me? Is there some sort of Credit Card/Debit Card/Master Card i can use while i'm there? (Because Cash Passport only supported US Dollars last time my brother traveled) * Is it necessary to take an English Proficiency test to apply for VISA? * How does the school terms work there compared to South Africa? Sorry for this textbook of info. I appreciate it Thanks, Sorry if i posted in wrong place. Flashie