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    @Clay1204 Oh my goodness 🙈 That is such an inconvenience and such an expense! Hoping your application will be complete soon and you can start the next part of this journey!
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    Just my two cents, hubby took a job at a call Centre which had nothing to do with his IT field, but he did that for a year before he got a great job in his field. They pay you while you are in training as well.
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    Let’s say you take a minimum wage job working in a coffee shop. You are wondering what that does to your resume? Well you could just leave it off... but you earn some money. I would then also find a meaningful volunteer role which could look good on a resume (for some Canadian experience) while leaving the minimum wage job off the resume.
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    I'm in the accounting field and at that point in time, was getting antsy over not having a job for so long so I took the first one that offered me an office job. Frankly, I was even willing to go unpaid (yes, I had another offer, if you could call it that), but am glad that I didn't have to resort to that. The office job had a fancy title but basically was much like an office/admin clerk. I call it my survival job because while it wasn't at minimum wage, the pay barely made it through the 15 days till the next one. But I understood that I was doing what I needed to and it wasn't going to be a long phase. Having a job brought about routine and normalcy and I needed it at the time (after the uprooting of lives 🙂). When I started looking for the second one, it was actually easier to explain that it was a transition phase for me. Nowadays, I don't mention my survival job on my resume anymore (it doesn't add anything to help get me the job). The pace of integration and settlement differs from person to person. Even within my own family, each member dealt with it their own way. But it does get better.
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    Specifically in Ontario the closest you would get to something similar to Cape Town would be the Niagara-on-the-lake town which reminds me of the Cape wine route (in the summer obviously). It’s a little out of the way for commuting and rather expensive considering how far it is from the city (about 70km form Hamilton and about 150km from Toronto). I view Niagara as a town and not a city. In fact Niagara on the Lake is a small town. But here’s a solid piece of advice: don’t try to recreate SA in Canada otherwise you will never settle and be happy. You are leaving SA, and Canada is nothing like SA. If you want to find SA in Canada you will search forever because SA is unique. So is Canada. I’m not saying you need to turn your back on SA but be very careful about trying to recreate what you have decided to leave behind. It’s hard to live with feet planted in two separate places.
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    Thanks MJ! The link worked, and my medicals are updated now. Hi Deirdre I redid mine voluntarily this month. Just made an appointment with panel physician and redid the whole process again. Then I submitted the new medical forms in the webfrom link provided above. After about a week my profile showed that my medicals were updated.
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    Thanks @M-N, that's good to know and gives me a bit of hope! And congratulations on your citizenship 🙂
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    FWIW. We did ours last year. Submitted application end of April, received AOR only around june/july and got our invitation to write the exam shortly after. We Said our Oath in November. I also believe that it varies from province to province, for example BC is apparently much quicker than say, Ontario. I’m sure COVID might have some influence but from what I understand they’re still going full steam. Good luck.
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    Yes, we sent in our citizenship applications at the end of July 2020. The documents were delivered but we haven't received AOR yet - that seems to currently take a few months. Members on the CanadaVisa forums created a spreadsheet to track applications and according to that info those who sent applications in January/February this year only got AOR at the end of July/August. I'm pretty sure it will take much longer than the normal 12 months processing time, but one upside for me personally is that by that time we might have a physical ceremony again instead of the online ones that they are currently doing. It will probably take long either way (probably first-come-first-serve), so in my opinion it would probably be best to apply as soon as you can anyway. One reason is if the rules change in the future making you ineligible for some reason then they might continue to process your application if they've already received it. You can have a look at the spreadsheet here and see the July 2020 discussion thread here.
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    Here's the link to a form where you can submit changes to documentation: https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
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    Welcome to the forums @nadine.diniz! For someone starting out, the Canada Immigration website should be good place to start: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html I've been in Canada since 2012, did the application myself. This was, of course, before Express Entry so it's a little different from what most applicants are going through now. There are some similarities to the requirements so I can speak to some of them, but not all. I've heard of both Canada Abroad and Matrixvisa, but since I DIY'd my application, I cannot comment on the services offered and delivered by either company. I know of people who've used one and the other. There are many reviews online (even here, if you type their names into the Search bar). There are many people who've done it through agents and equally as many who've done it themselves. There's a lot of reading involved if you want to do it yourself. There's a lot of asking as well. Using an agent is a personal choice. IELTS and educational assessments are required to create a profile, so normally those are the first to be done. Funds should be ready. I always take it for granted that people have the necessary funds when they wish to immigrate, but it's not always the case. You have to be prepared. Once you have your profile and are in the pool, you can be invited anytime (especially if you get high points). Once you are invited, you have to show proof of funds. Cobus is correct. You need to check if you are eligible first. If you click around the website above, there's a place where it asks you to check for eligibility. Do the questions and find out. I don't remember our exact costs, but we spent between R25k to R35k without the agent. Again, this was from 2009/2010/2011 so quite a while back. To get a bit of perspective on how expensive everything has gotten: When I took the IELTS, I paid around R2,500. Nowadays a test will set you back around R4,500. Hope this helps you to get your start! Good luck!
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    I also found it very difficult to get any job offers while I was still in South Africa/Namibia. I'm an electronic engineer and I've applied for numerous jobs all over Canada and hardly heard back from any of them. I eventually got in with EE(just made the cut off) and got a job after my 2nd interview and probably 40 job applications on numerous sites. I moved here without a job and then only started applying. So from my experience it's quite difficult to get in like that, but not impossible from other stories that I've heard. I have friends and family in SA and Namibia who also wants to come over, so if anyone else have more info regarding this please help all of us. Thanks so much.
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    Another note - all the beds, mattresses and bedding are different sizes to those in SA. We furnished our entire house from IKEA. And we bought our dining room table second hand off of Kijiji. Not everything needs to be brand new ?
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    Welcome to the forum. Just to share, the fridge, stove, washer and dryer are most of the time already included in the house when you rent or buy. Dishwasher sometimes does as well. I echo Nelline's advice. If it's furniture, I'd say it's probably better to just buy here. Bring only the items of sentimental value.
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    Buy new here (when you can), only bring what is of sentimental value. It also helps to have some familiar things around you BUT the cost of shipping does not warrant taking a whole household of goods across. Just my opinion. Consider buying a small share in a container / u-bagging space for some personal things and heirlooms (Ouma's geelhout eetkamer tafel for example) etc, but sell the gomma-gomma sofa and the cheap dining room table in SA.