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    Thank you for the reply. These uncertain times we are facing...Will keep posted if there are any developments my side.
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    Just a MS discussion I found @PsyCLown https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/migrating-with-multiple-sclerosis.563390/
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    @Seth sorry for the late response but yes as @Spafty said we got out on May 24. We just finished our 2 week self-isolation this week so have been exploring a bit.
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    I have not posted here in a while, but saw this and the urge was too great. I absolutely love it that Greta lives for free in the minds of the climate science deniers. Go on girl! Keep posting. The world needs more young passionate people like you. So who to believe, climate scientists who use the scientific method that is in by itself self correcting or the oil industry lobby that spends $100's of million trying to lobby politicians and ad spend. The same industry that now uses the self same ex-tobacco industry researchers, who lied and covered up the tobacco-cancer link and have now minised the oil-cancer link. Fossil fuels will run out. It's just a matter if time. There are no new dead dinosaurs. Should the world wait until it has run out and then panic and then try to find alternatives or act now, develop alternatives now and start implementing them now. The answer is obvious to me. I got into similar argument with the anti-vaxxers posting here. I see that thread has now been deleted. I can't promise to respond soon.