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    • RFed
      Wow, that is great score! Based on recent draws, you should definitely get your PR. We entered the EE pool this week on 454 points. Age is slightly against us as I am 34 and wife 37 which is why we lost points. If anyone knows of any job avenues we can follow besides Canada Job Bank, please let me know! I work within the banking field in data analytics and have B.Eng (Stellenbosch), B.Com Hons (UCT), M.Com (UCT) and MDP (Stellenbosch business school). Wife works as finance manager (CA SA) and has B.BusSci (CA option @ UCT),  Masters in finance (WITS) and MBA (UCT). Please inbox me if anyone knows of anything as we would need a job to get the +50 CRS points to qualify for PR.  
    • JohanR
      Congrats, now the final stretch. See you are coming to my valley. Shout if you have any questions  
    • JDP29
      Hi Ozzie1404, we received back our ECA from WES on the 21st July, so Wife got masters approved and a couple of bachelors, and my LLB was approved as a 4 year bachelors.
    • MaryJane
      Hey Ozzie PCC should be valid for 6 months, with an option to renew around the 6th month mark.
    • Ozzie1404
      SO, you CRS score is 482 without the ECA results??