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    • Seth
      Even me hey... So close to the end and you see other people getting their PPR mails. Anxious.  But, here's hoping that the mail comes for all of us soon. Be strong guys, do things after work. That seems to work for me. I used to go climbing once a week, now I go 3 times a week. Drinks on Wednesdays... haha.   Keep strong all! Soon!💪
    • Deirdre
      Little bit of hope for us all, my friend's Medicals and police clearances expired in November 2019 They received PR last week without having to redo medicals and police clearances! 
    • Slippers
      @Theron Feeling the same way. Think the more days that go by, the more I check my emails and profile. 
    • Theron
      Our estimated date of completion is March 3 and the last we heard something was on September 17 when we passed our medicals. Getting anxious here because so many people who applied just before and after, and even on the same day, have received PPR emails. So I'm hoping ours comes soon! Good luck to everyone else still waiting as well
    • GuyRussy
      Hi @JaQ I landed in Toronto permanently, yesterday. Having done a soft landing in October I was able to get a few things done (banking, sim card etc), which made coming back a little easier. Nonetheless, on your questions. 1.1) and 1.2) Its straightforward to make international transfers, of course you'll need a Canadian bank account first. My Gf and I decided to go with RBC's  (mostly recommended by the forum and new immigrants) newcomer package. The package has no monthly fees for a year, and you get some other benefits too (I think two international currency transfers a year, for free, was something that stood out for me). RBC will also offer you a credit card with no credit check (good to get your credit history going). We transferred funds from Standard Bank, entering RBC's swift code and our cheque account numbers. All of which will be given to you on opening a new account. The funds took two days to reflect! I can't imagine it being much different with ABSA, be it on the NovoFX app or not.  2) Can't answer 2, we didn't take any coverage. We're almost at 3 months from landing, so we've decided to wait it out til we covered with healthcare.  3) We decided on Freedom mobile as our operator (they're quite cheap, and have more "freedom" to choose from across their pay as you go service). I'm not sure what operators have stores at Pearson (honestly never looked for one) but don't feel too rushed to get connected at the airport. I'm not sure where your Airbnb is, but if possible, look at taking the Toronto UP express train from the airport (signs will guide you from arrivals, cost is CAD$12.34 odd including GST). It has free WI-FI on board, and you can order an Uber from within - that's what I did) and then once at your Airbnb, you'll get access to WI-FI and will have time to make a better decision on a cell operator. Note that the UP express stops at Weston, Bloor and Union (downtown) stations. Obviously if your Airbnb isn't along this route, don't take the UP express. Alternatively, connect to Pearson's WI-FI and order an Uber, then connect again at your Airbnb. Reason I suggest the above is that there are several options for everything you need, and you want to take some time to make the best decision for yourself. Alternatively alternatively, buy a sim from a provider at Pearson (I'm sure there's a Telus or Rogers store) and get connected. Either way, welcome to Toronto, haha.