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    • Deirdre
      This is Amazing under the covid conditions @LouiseV36   Light at the end of the tunnel
    • Deirdre
    • Deirdre
    • LouiseV36
      So I got a ghost update yesterday.  After months and months of silence it was really great to see that somebody touched my file.  I am hoping it was the security being passed and now just wait for that golden e-mail.  I do realise that the borders are still closed and realistically we would only travel September if that golden e-mail came through this month. It is great to see that they starting to open the VFS offices in other countries.  It seems that things are slowly moving on their side.   Anyways, the eternal optimist in me is forever hopeful we get to start packing soon. Hope everyone else is staying sane.
    • TJG
      Hi @OHCANADAAA I received my P.Eng license in April of last year. The PEO is going through a number of changes at the moment after its external review. As it stands, you will need to submit you education for review, i.e. transcripts, curriculum, degree certificate. I was requested to have my transcripts stamped and seal by my university, before submission.  If the PEO deems your degree as not satisfactory, they will assign you technical exams. I didn't have to go through the technical exams process, as my degree from Wits & ERC interview was satisfactory. You will have to obtain 12 months of what they term "relevant" Canadian engineering experience, and 3 testimonials, 2 of which must be from P.Engs. You will have to write the not standardized online ethics exam. I was one of the last few that wrote the written PEO administered exam. Once all the planets align, you pay your application fee, and submit you P.Eng application.  If you aren't licensed, you can still do engineering work, it will just be under the supervision of a P.Eng. You will just be and engineer-in-training. The one good "perk" of being a P.Eng, if you'e not stamping drawings, is that it does make you more marketable. I work in oil and gas, and to be honest, non of the mechanical engineers in both branches of our fixed and rotating equipment, are P.Engs. So, it just depends on where you work and what is required from you.