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    • CDFLY
      Hi Nelline.   Thank you for the message. Sorry for the late reply. I was fortunate enough to get a pilot position in Gander. On week 13 now waiting for our Work Permit to be approved, so hopefully we will be coming to Canada soon!  Yes we will definitely buy a car cash, Ive also heard from soomeone, that you can try and speak to a bank manager, pay the bank for the car cash(like a 100%deposit) but finance it, and then you start building credit immediately, not sure if this is possible but we will have a go at that. In the mean time I got a letter from my insurance company in SA that states Ive been with them for x nr of years without a claim, and also now busy to get a verification letter for my drivers license in SA. Just maybe it will help with the license conversion and insurance.   We cant wait to get on the plane now, our lives really on hold now, as we live in a small rental apartment, and already sold my wifes car etc. Maybe we are a bit optimistic, but I guess if it falls through its all earthly things we can buy again.   Thanks again for the reply. Enjoy your week!  
    • AnelleR2008
      If you go that route, let me know and I can send you some links to groups
    • graciax452
      No police clearance is required on exit or landing, on SA side you show your visa/ counterfoil etc to check in and get a boarding pass, at immigration they just stamp your passport. On the Canadian side you provide passports and PR paperwork and goods to follow documentation. Congrats and good luck!   
    • ReneLestan
      @BobbyV and @Amy G thanks for the feedback, somewhat reassuring.  Sounds like the hold up is in getting police clearances from Cape Town police stations, will see how long it takes from this side then.
    • Chris1
      Hi All This is my first post here, but I have been following for some time. To start with, just a quick thanks to every one posting on this forum, it has been a great source of information and inspiration. We received our permanent residency visas in October 18. My wife has been able to secure a job in Toronto and we are now scrambling to get everything squared away on this side. We ideally want to purchase one way tickets but have a concern that we might need to produce a police clearance when we fly out on the SA side. The ones we used for our application has already expired. Does anyone know what the requirements are?