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    • Nelline
      Also, depending on where you land, you'll be surprised at how many ex-Saffas will rally around to help as needed. 
    • Nelline
      Many newcomers make use of "vacation" rental spots for the first few weeks. There are many, many online ordering options for grocery delivery (and many other necessary things)  You shall be fed! 😘
    • Flashie
      What is IRCC's recommended plan for people who are expecting to arrive June/July/August this year, without any local connections? Where are we supposed to self-quarantine at? My plan before Covid-19 was to book into a Backpackers for a week and find a more long term rental for my international studies from there. How are we intended to quarantine if we don't have a dwelling to do so in? If this quote is anything to go by, then those of us who arrive from international travel without any local social-connections are just expected to survive the 2 weeks, without access to food 🤔 I guess maybe Scott Moe can go without food for 2 weeks but I sure can't. I'd love some clarity on the specifics of the matter.
    • Jules
      Besides the human loss, this COVID-19 is like an economic bomb blast and the after effects will linger for a long time unfortunately. I would not want to land in Canada this year and start a job search. 
    • Tarryn8
      Hi Guys, So it seems that  everthing is slowing down..There was an article in the Toronto sun a couple days ago saying Canada has hit the pause button on immigration.The IRCC nevertheless is saying they are still processing and accepting applications.. so only time will tell how much they can do given the unfortunate cirumstances the world is facing.  Given the lockdown underway in SA I doubt you would be able to get your COPR in your passport anyways?  Easier said than done, but hang in there everyone!