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    • GeorgieB
    • AnelleR2008
      Oh, this was SO long ago!   We have since moved to rural Nova Scotia.  Our youngest is 6 and plays outside by herself, rides her bike in our dead end street, our second youngest is 9 and actually has a lemonade stand at the local post office in summer We live right on the shore of Bras D'Or Lakes and they go down to the beach together (without adult supervision), take the dog for a run in the public woods that border our property, etc. 
    • poorguy
      That's the beauty about Canada, if your applying for PR it makes absolutely no difference which passport you hold. They look at you purely on merit
    • Nettie
      @OutOfSa that trophy option in the like button should be for "excellent answer". I fully agree with you. @GeorgieB some chronic conditions can exclude you. You can google those (see if you can find the law online), or just see a doctor and find out that way. I am not aware exactly what would exclude someone. Once the medical is submitted, they do some math (too complex for me to understand, they're highly qualified, certified for the specific task) to see what/if any burden the prospective immigrant will have on the health system. Because of the long wait for psych referrals in Ontario, some family doctors in Ontario will prescribe pain and psychiatric medications. Another option is to find a Pain Clinic (usually associated with the big hospitals) and they would be able to help you out, because chronic pain and depression often go together. The first step would be to find a family physician who can do the referral. Some urgent cares in Ontario do referrals, I'm not sure about BC. You need to get your name on a waiting list asap.  Good luck!  
    • GeorgieB
      Hi  I have a SA passport and a EU passport. Which passport should I apply with?    Thank you