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    • HoneyClare
      Hi Everyone,    So the timeline keeps moving and as we get closer there is so much more uncertainty now with the Covid-19 around the world. It definately changes landing plans for us, if there are no jobs. Has anyone had any news @GoDz85 you should be getting close?    Keep healthy everyone 
    • Jules
      Yeah I was wondering how the heck people get home from the airport if they used a taxi or public transit to get to the airport before they left. And what if there’s no food at home? Not everyone has access to a social network or extended family. Online shopping for groceries has huge wait times. 
    • Deirdre
      Thanks for the heads up @QB87 Interesting times for us during "visa process" times 😞
    • vinceb
      It's annoying to say the least, we arrived from Mexico last night and took a taxi to go home and woke up this morning to read that taxi travel from airport to home has been prohibited, how is a person supposed to get home? Our kids are far away and when we tried the delivery service from 3 different chain stores, we could not get anyone to deliver within 3 days, all booked up. Luckily a friend was kind enough to buy groceries for us and leave them on our front door step. It is all very well making rules and insisting on observance but when those very same rules leave people bereft, what then. The trip back from Mexico was shambolic, the airport crowded with hundreds of people trying to get back to Canada - some going to Quebec, others to Toronto and some to Calgary, and basically the Airline (which will remain unnamed) sent an email to some who had booked flights and basically told them that their flights had been cancelled and if they wished to travel back to Canada, there would be repatriation flights on such and such a date and if they wanted a seat, they should present themselves at the airport. I cannot think of a better way to encourage cross transmission of infection than the chaotic crowding of people at the airport in Mexico. A little communication goes a long way and it would have been better organized and much less frenetic if representatives of the airline had been present to orderly orchestrate everybody who wished to travel back.
    • Annasofe13
      Good morning, If there are any Saffas landing in the Waterloo Region that need to self isolate, please feel free to give me a shout if you need groceries, I would like to help those that need to self isolate, but need groceries. Stay safe, Anna