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    • Reibtseb
      Haha, please don't ban me. I promise to behave from now on... Also, @bzboarder2002@yahoo.com, I hope this isn't your actual email address!   Getting the visa would greatly increase your chances of finding work, but then getting the visa... R230k is a lot of money in SA, and then you also can't rely on surviving on that for long while finding work here. Settling in is not cheap, at least not in North Vancouver. Unless I guess, you know, Craigslist has a free section. I've seen some cool things on there.
    • sueannejoe
      Hi @louisesmith1964, incase you don't have any luck with a shared container, I would recommend you use Ubag to ship your boxes. Their service was amazing when I used them to bring some boxes across.
    • ateotia
      Hey @Cornel, i would say now that your medicals have passed, they have accepted your medical updated, reviewed it and passed it. It usually takes 2-3 weeks from the point of when the status changed to passed, but this is just a guess based on feedback/comments i have seen across various forums
    • louisesmith1964
      Hello all, I am new to this as i will be leaving SA in two weeks to travel to Canada. So new to this that i have struggled for 2 hours to upload a profile pic of myself and given it up as a useless waste of time. So, i currently have 4 x 88 litre plastic containers of books and other items i wish to bring to Canada - will probably need to get one more for clothing that won't fit in my suitcases for my flight. Looking for someone who has space for me or any suggestions on how to get them to Vancouver.
    • AnelleR2008
      Roxi, have you looked at the AIPP?   Companies do not need to get a LMIA for that.

      I don't know the answer to your questions but I don't think that you'll be able to bring your family for those, especially as an au-pair as it is seen as a "youth" position for a gap year, usually.