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    • CallMeIshmael
      Here’s my full timeline below guys:  AoR: Apr 9 MEP: May 17 BIL: May 17 Biometrics Complete: May 23 July 4th called CIC: VO CPC Ottawa Jul 30th Ordered GCMS Notes (Criminality passed, eligibility and security not started)  Last update on file June 19 16 Sept called CIC: No update  RPRF Request: Oct 18 RPRF Paid: Oct 18  Ghost Update: Oct 21  PPR: 22 Oct Passport Submitted: Oct 28 Application Approved: Nov 6 Visa Stamped: Nov 6 Return Tracker Activated:Nov 7 CoPR/Passport Received: Nov 8 Landed: Nov 11 I’m still at the airport waiting for my ride, just went out for a quick smoke in the snow (might be my motivation to quit haha)  Landing was a breeze, took less than 10 minutes, I have no goods to follow and nothing to declare so it was a smooth process through immigration and customs. It’s Remembrance Day here today so Service Canada and Banks etc are closed, I’ll apply for my SIN and all the other stuff tomorrow.    
    • KelvinK
      Hi @Annelisef. For your NOC, the main focus would be on the responsibilities/duties, and not the education background. I myself studied Civil Engineering, but my NOC was for a actuary/mathematician/statistician. Even my NOC said that a degree in Maths/ Actuarial Sciences are usually required, and had no problems at all with an Engineering degree. As I said, most important is to ensure that the duties are in line with what your husband does. 
    • QB87
      @BobbyV I saw you mentioned something along this way. Are you able to give some advice? 
    • ruan27
      We are using DocAssist for our police clearance, but we are already now in our sixth week of waiting after DocAssist received our fingerprints. It seems pretty slow so far.
    • PhilipCX
      SAIPA or SAICA? I think if you are registered with SAIPA it is a lot more than redoing tax exams, but that is just from what I've read? What is your designation, AGA (SA)?