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    • JennyV
      Thanks Mary Jane. Everyday it counts down how many days I have left to submit so if the test is post the 57 days left which it is currently on then I am wanting to know if I have to redo everything.  I hope not. Regards Jenny
    • MaryJane
      Hi Jenny You will need to get the IELTS results to be able to submit an EE profile. Your profile rests on two things initially: the language test and the educational assessment (sometimes referred to as WES). Your second question confuses me a bit but I’m assuming you have started putting together info for the profile but are just waiting for a test date to take the IELTS test. As best I know you can complete, then submit at a later stage once you have the results of the language test. Not sure how long the system keeps unsubmitted info though. All the best with your journey!
    • JennyV
      Hi everyone Melissa Erasmus I am in the same boat.  Single mom with two kids. After so many negative comments about using an immigration agent I have started with an Express Entry application online. A question (a silly one I know but need to check).  Do I first need to sit an IELTS exam before I can submit the EE app?  I am assuming so (?) and if test dates fall out of the days you have left to submit can you still submit the application you already completed but not submitted or do you have to start all over again? At this stage I think an arranged marriage is the way to go. LOL. Pearls of wisdom will be appreciated. Many thanks Jenny  
    • LidiaS77
      You won’t have a problem finding rooibos tea in Canada, it is quite well-known here. It is available in many supermarkets, South African stores and David’s Tea has some yummy ones (plain organic and flavoured rooibos and other high-quality teas), this is one of my favourite shops!
    • iTee23
      Submitted on 5th of December. Medicals passed yesterday (15th of Jan). 😃 We now need to give biometrics.