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    • DucRider
      Hi all I moved to Canada about 20 years ago and became a Canadian citizen about 5 years later. My sister applied for landed immigration status in Pretoria around the same time - so =/- 15 years ago. Notwithstanding all her inquiries (and mine) it seems that for all practical purposes that document was never processed or even looked at. And yet we have 1000s of other immigrants coming into Canada all the time. Anyone around that can shed light on this? Over time I made several attempts to see if I can help matters along but was told every time that I am only allowed to sponsor parents or children... However I cannot help but wonder if this may be a (reverse) Racism issue. So much time has gone past that she very likely won't even qualify for immigration anymore if she had to restart her application (plus the Government sat on her processing fee all this time!) She for all practical purposes is my only relative that I have (other than my wife and kids, all grown up & married here in Canada).  -- Duc
    • Pierre & Liezel
      I am looking at taking the Bussiness Fundamental course that NSCC offers in Nova Scotia, we have an EE profile will this affect me negatively or not? I would like to study something that will help us gain the last extra points needed to have enough to get in and also to give me something behind my name for when we do eventually immigrate. My wife will stay in SA and we have a house and my business in SA will this be enough proof that I am only intending to study there and come back after that, or does the EE account make this look bad for my case?
    • Jaco_W
      Hi all We decided to redo our wills here in BC (current wills are from SA).  We will go to a notary or lawyer,  but I'm just doing some homework before the time and thought I would ask members of this forum what they did or learned. I know that it is recommended to have a will for each country where you have assets.  I assume pension funds /RAs don't count because beneficiaries are nominated for them and I think that this then bypasses one's estate.  Am I correct?  This is really the main assets we have left in SA.  We also have bank accounts in SA and UK. Also, the scenario that is probably a bit more complicated is should both my wife and I pass away leaving underage children.  I wonder how others have dealt with this. We would want to appoint my sister that lives in the UK as their guardian (kids have UK passports).   Can a Canadian/BC will do this?  And  because they are underage their inheritance will have to go into a trust.  Can a Canadian/BC will create a trust in another country like the UK?   I would also appreciate some ideas about what you did about executor in this scenario as I believe that we cannot appoint my sister for example as executor if she does not live in BC.  (If only one of us passes away then the other one will be appointed executor)  
    • Amy G
      @Sal oh interesting!  I can’t remember but will look on my WES profile this eve to see if it sparks my memory... 
    • Amy G
      Last week we had someone phone RBC and successfully change my hubby’s details (address, contact number, email address). Even changed his email address to one ending in But physical address given as USA.  We went into a branch to correct his details and RBC would not tell us how this happened (as in what details this person provided that verified his identity in order to be allowed to change personal information). All they said was that we would no longer be able to do anything telephonically due to this incident, which we were happy with.  Today my hubby received an automatic email notification stating that his online banking username had been changed.  He called the bank, apparently someone had just called in and changed his username and reset his password. He corrected it and added a 3 digit pin. How this was allowed again is confusing. In SA you would never be able to change these details without going in to a branch with proof of residence and ID.  Am freaked out, not really sure what to do about it