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    • ReneLestan
      Never mind everyone, we realised our mistake in completing the EE profile, phew that was a big stress!  Biggest relief ever! Best of luck to everyone else :-)
    • Talent79
      No word yet...
    • ReneLestan
      Hi everyone, I have a strange question that is quite unique. I started applying for my PR and towards the end of the stages started a relationship which I did not include at that stage as anything could still happen and my medical was about to expire. We thought to apply for his PR separately and add my details with my current PR status, rather than going the sponsorship route, but now much to our surprise, see his score is only 429, which is too low for a quick draw.  We really want to arrive at the same time, and so wanted to apply for a PR rather than sponsorship and then an open working permit. Our question now is whether it is possible to apply for a visitors permit before applying I land there, and then applying for sponsorship from that side?  We basically just want to land at the same time and start there at the same time. Appreciate any feedback in advance. Thanks Rene
    • Cobus
      What you need to determine is if you are eligible and what the chances are of success. Eligible does not mean you will be successful.  Based on on your age your probably require a job offer which can be very difficult to obtain as employers must advertise and prove a Canadian can not be found with a few rare exceptions. Cobus Kriek 
    • Paper application
      Anyone get any news? @Odijonk @Jolandie @Talent79 @RiaMeg