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    • Ulrichm
      Hi Dedre,  Just checking on how things are going to your side? 
    • Nelline
      One of our clients (we're a dental lab) is looking for a talented Associate. If you're a great dentist wanting to come to Canada, reach out to me via pm or email and I can put you in touch. Just thought I'd put this opportunity out there for anyone interested. 
    • BobbyV
      This is possible (generally). Actually, this is exactly what I'm doing at the moment. I landed and activated my PR in September 2019 and have been back in SA since then. My PR card was sent to a friend's address and they managed to bring it with them to SA when they visited at the beginning of 2020. I plan to move permanently to Canada at the end of 2021. 
    • CapieCanadian
      I've heard that the island has a very high rate of drug abuse and related deaths compared to the rest of BC and Canada. I also heard that there aren't as many opportunities for young children on the island as one would have on the mainland. I mean sure, the island is smaller and doesn't have big cities like Vancouver but do any of you with small children share this sentiment? Obviously moving so the children can have the best future was the reason for immigrating in the first place.
    • Nykster
      Thanks so much @HoneyClare!