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    • Nettie
      @Odijonk   Are you going to Centurion or Akasia? Do you have to book an appointment or can you just walk in.  Would you please share the link where you book the appointment on. Is payment due at the time of booking or when you go in? Thanks.
    • Hennie vdB
      Ja-nee, I'm still licking my O&G unemployment wounds, so tough to recommend Alberta at this time. Oil&Gas is in trouble, and the way politics and Greenies are gaaning aan, it is not going to improve quickly, if at all. But, still many manufacturing and operating plants are running, so opportunities do exist, just keep on trying, keep on trying... 
    • aa35
      Thanks, Nettie and Nelline.  I have a little more clarity now.  It seems that Alberta is still recovering in this field, and it may be even more difficult than normal to get a job in his field there. 
    • RiaMeg
      @Odijonk my hubby is a Tool jig and die maker by trade, so we are in the skilled trades group for EE. 
    • Odijonk
      @RiaMeg... i know you must log a request on WES website so that you can get a ref number, check that you load the correct discription of the qualification. It was for a Bcom degree that i requested credential evaluation.. i am not sure what you mean with skilled trade... can you elaborate so that i can give you info i have or referred you to the correct info.