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    • Jowey Lewis
      The progress bar is not saying much beside reminding us of mathematics : like 6 minus 4 = 2 (and there is a "by the way". If you click on the "explanation" it says: this estimate time may vary depending on ... ). May help them as a reminder perhaps they will be receiving some kind of notification when it hits the 6 months but it definitely does not assist applicants in any way. Anyway, happy festive season to y'all :). 
    • LidiaS77
      Hi @Barries If you feel comfortable doing so, perhaps you can post a breakdown of your CRS score here. There might be an area where you can do something to increase your score. As suggested here, have you had a look at any of the Provincial Nomination Programs? Does your wife have any qualifications that could count towards your score?  
    • OutOfSa
      Hi Raymond & Barries THIS IS NOT AN OFFER OF WORK - OR ANY PROMISES -  BUT AN ATTEMPT TO OFFER A WISP OF HOPE.  I will PM you a message, respond to it if you'd like to. Please don't post the message or disclose the content on the forum.
    • Feto
      Yeah.... Finally saw the progress bar... LOS... even i could calculate that in excel... with a nice little graph... 🤪
    • MaryJane
      I was actually gonna say... If you have been looking at Canada since June, and you have a lawyer helping you, then you are probably aware that there are program-specific draws that happen. They are rare and unexpected but they do happen. The last time was in Sep 2018 and the previous one before that was in May 2018. So if your profile was already on the EE pool, then the chance might have been there to get chosen. Mind you, you still needed the score but I believe that the EE scores required for the Skilled Trades draws are not very high - 284 at the last draw I think. There is also the harsh alternative to the “anywhere but here” issue, which is to look at other countries, any country. There are many countries that have immigration programs, and Canada is just one of them. If your family is wanting to leave SA and you have the means to do it, it might be worth a shot to look at other countries. Just saying. Anyways, good luck. Hope everything works out.