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  1. Bay of Fundy National Park

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  2. Fredericton Katedraal

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  3. New Brunswick koue

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  4. SA families in New Brunswick

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    • Clay1204
      Thanks @Deirdre  we had our COPRS approved last year October, but then we had to add our baby to the application and return passports  and  COPRS .So we did all that and our passports are currently at the Canadian High Commission, but now we will have new issue dates. So now I'm wondering if we would be allowed to travel.
    • Deirdre
      Yes @Clay1204 PR's are excempt that is why we all waiting like hawks for borders to open At the moment the anticipated date is 21 Nov (holding thumbs)  You can ONLY fly if you reveived PR on or before 18 March 2020 OR If you have an immediate Family member in 🇨🇦
    • Clay1204
      Aren't Permanent Residents exempt from travel restrictions?     
    • Lolita16
      It 's preferable to wait until further info on travel restrictions before quitting your job especially at this time around where it so difficult to get a job. 
    • Moga
      @HoneyClare Good news is we received our COPR with PP's yesterday. Also received a letter we cannot travel until restrictions are eased. Therefore in so much doubt and have a bitter sweet feeling now. Do not know if we should cancel schooling, rental apartment or even quit my job (have 3 months notice period). Just so confused at this point.