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  1. Bay of Fundy National Park

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  2. SA families in New Brunswick

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  3. Fredericton Katedraal

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  4. New Brunswick koue

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    • KelvinK
      Hi @Tarryn8 . We used DocAssit for our PCC and it took less than 3 weeks (might have even been 2 weeks if I remember correctly. So definitely possible to get it before 2 months, but I'm not sure if DocAssist sped up the process for us. You might want to get in contact with them as ask if they can assist? Their email is All the best!
    • KelvinK
      @CallMeIshmael  As far as I know, most banks offer good packages for newcomers. Personally, we bank with RBC. We have a current account, savings account and credit card all with no fees for the first Year, plus a sign on bonus (think it was $100 or something). Excellent service as well (the branch employees went out of their way to assist and always eager to help if we have any questions). Have a look at BMO, ScotiaBank, TD and CIBC as well - they might have better packages since the time we opened ours. All the best! 
    • CallMeIshmael
      Any suggestions for banks with the best “newcomer” offers??
    • CallMeIshmael
      @MaryJane I was here for a short while in June and was spending 20 dollars a pack!!! I almost cried when I saw my FNB statement hahah. I bought the maximum allowance of smokes this time from SA so I’m thinking I’ll quit after that lol!    @hdub07 that sounds hectic! Besides me there was only one more person doing the landing when I arrived so it was totally opposite! 
    • hdub07
      I landed in the middle of January at Pearson... apparently in the middle of returning students season, it took 4 hours to get to see outside the airport after disembarking the aircraft 🥵