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  1. Bay of Fundy National Park

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  2. SA families in New Brunswick

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  3. Fredericton Katedraal

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  4. New Brunswick koue

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    • Deirdre
      Maybe be ask on the Facebook page SA2Canada Swift answers for questions
    • CapieCanadian
      Guys, I'm worried. I paid money to Yolanda van Hollstein from to help with my financial immigration. She said she should be done by end Jan but after following up I don't get any feedback. I see she has a complaint on hello Peter and several others chimed in to say she's a fraudster. Oh dear....has anyone here dealt with her?
    • MaryJane
      Hi @ThePenguin The question re: Canadian work is because you get additional points on your application if you have Canadian experience, but for Express Entry, this is not mandatory. This will definitely help a whole lot but just because you do not have Canadian experience does not mean you cannot immigrate. I'd echo @Nelline comment about getting work prior to immigrating. This is wholly dependent on what field you work in, how in demand your profession is, and whether there are employers out there looking for that specific skillset. IELTS is not required for work. I've never been asked to provide this document when applying for work. Some important documents required for immigration: birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, police clearance certificate*, medical*, bank statements*, work-related documents, etc. There are many more. The ones with asterisks can be obtained a bit later when you have already started your Express Entry profile. Hope this helps.
    • Mykhell
      I’m also interested in this. Applying for a postdoc soon. Read I qualify for the GSS two weeks processing process. Fingers crossed it won’t take the 17 weeks that’s being shown on the CIC website. 
    • JDP29
      I put the departure stamp date and the entry date stamp as my dates. IE. day I left SA and day I arrived back in SA