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  1. Bay of Fundy National Park

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  2. SA families in New Brunswick

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  3. Fredericton Katedraal

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  4. New Brunswick koue

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    • Piper
      Help! I just had unexpected surgery (which I never would have been able to afford in South Africa) and I was booked 5 days off.  The thing is; I just recently started a new job and I’m not there for two weeks after this week so it will look *very* suspicious.  What is the best way to inform my employer? I’m still on probation!
    • Sav
      WOW!! Am so pleased. Well done!!  
    • Carine
      Thank you for everyone's reply. @corwes I'm familiar with the entrepreneur VISA which you are referring to, but I think that one is specifically for immigration.  The link that I posted was specifically for a Work permit.  In the work permit link they refer to the general eligibility requirements being of course that you need to prove that you can support your family for the first few months until you're settled in, and also you must be able to show that you'll create significant employment opportunities with running your business.  What exactly "significant" means;  my guess is that you need to eventually employ at least 10 people or so?  Anyway, I think not being able to work for a Canadian employer under this work permit for the first few months just adds too much risk, so guess we'll also look at the NZ option.  Otherwise, my husband could try and establish a market before we go and apply for the entrepreneur work permit. Again, thanks so much for everyone's input.
    • MaryJane QUALIFICATIONS   Must have or be working towards a CPA designation Advanced knowledge of accounting software Advanced knowledge of Excel functions Strong understanding of financial statement preparation and analysis Strong interpersonal skills and customer service focus Must be able to extract, analyze and communicate financial information Please include salary expectations in your application. Job Type: Full-time Salary: $60,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year Required experience: Accounting: 3 years
    • Nettie
      I would say it depends on how often you wear it and what you do while you're in it. Mine doesn't really get dirty because I use it on the coldest days and I'm fortunate that I don't perspire then. My first season, I used a parka-parka  a whole season, even for skiing and didn't get it cleaned until the end of the season. The kid's jackets weren't down, so those were washed more often.