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  1. Any SACanada members currently still in the St.John's area?

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  2. How's Long Harbour, Nfld?

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  3. It's a beautiful day ...

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  4. Newfie!!! Leef julle nog ?

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  5. Newfieland

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  6. South African Acoustic Guitarist Tony Cox

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    • MRH
      Hi all, I searched this site and couldn't find anything relating to my question.   I was wondering whether any of you have made the move to Canada - and you were the spouse that was going to become the self-employed one. We are going the PR through EE route on my visa (I'm the wife). My husband is a building contractor who's small business successfully provides for us here in SA (I do the finances). The plan is that I find a job first when we arrive, and he plans on doing renovations/handyman jobs on a very small and informal scale at first, on his own. He will obtain the necessary qualifications as we go.(He is qualified in SA, but would obviously need time to challenge his trades in Canada) IF any of you did start out as self-employed when you moved - do you have any advice you could share? Also-  any thoughts on how the building industry is doing at the moment? Specifically in Alberta. Do you think that starting out as a handyman is an option at all? It would be greatly appreciated.
    • GeneeP
      Hi all, as I feared my it seems it may be the case that my only chance of getting an ITA is through securing a job offer. I desperately need advice on how to go about this? where to look - job bank? Someone shared a youtube video with me already which i am very grateful for.    Thanks!   Genee
    • GeneeP
      Hi all,  Thanks for all your help. Just scanned through all the options and it seems PEI is my only option if I don't have a job offer, so I'm trying to register an online application with them.  As I feared I will now have to turn my attention to finding a job as pretty much my only chance if I don't get nominated by simply being in the EE pool.  Any tips on how to find work, especially if you are still residing outside of Canada would be much appreciated! Is the job bank the best place to look? I have registered there with my job seeker code I got.    Thanks again!   Genee
    • Nelline
      PEI is fairly active in issuing Nominations, this past 2019. Contrary to popular belief you do NOT need a job offer, a job offer just makes it easier. Do research on the Province, show on your application that you actively researched the job market, housing, and what the Province offers, and what you can offer the Province. 
    • LouiseV36 I stalked that page when I was researching provincial nominations. Try the SINP or PEI.