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  1. Any SACanada members currently still in the St.John's area?

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  2. Newfieland

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  3. How's Long Harbour, Nfld?

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  4. It's a beautiful day ...

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  5. South African Acoustic Guitarist Tony Cox

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  6. Newfie!!! Leef julle nog ?

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    • MuggleOnline
      Hi, I know this is a biologist thread, but are there any Chemists out there? Hubby and I are both Chemists (with PhDs in Chemistry) and are starting to look for jobs in the field. It seems like Toronto is where most of the industry jobs are - but this is just from looking at Does anyone have any advice for getting Science jobs in Canada? Hubby has Canadian Experience (he post-doc'ed at McGill for 2 years) but I am fresh out of my PhD.
    • MuggleOnline
      He has enjoyed it, it really is a beautiful city but it is very difficult to live there if you don't speak French.  He took a job there to get some Canadian Experience, which helped massively for our EE points.
    • Karen 1225
      Hi there Finally got our Passport Request email.this morning. However i have a problem, my husband is leaving for botswana tomorrow till roughly the 11th of december (2 weeks there 4 days rotation). So they actually give an e-mail adres to mail if you wont be able to make the deadline. So I emailed them explaining the situation just to receive a mail stating it can take up to 30 days to reply😕. Luckily i did put my uci ( not application number) in the subject line so hopefully reply will be quicker.    Does anyone know if I can send my passport so long to get my pr visa and then we just send his passport once he is back. I need the copr that i can say i am eligible to work in canada and i dont want to wait till january.     
    • Nelline
      Ummmm @billgeek PM me I may or may not have opportunities for you to look at. NO promises and it would mean a move so that might be a no-go  
    • Amy G
      @Nyx thanks so much for replying, big sigh of relief 😊😊