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    • Nelline
      As far as I know you cannot fly with pets as hand luggage from SA to Canada. It'll make a nice change once you're settled  over here because depending on size / weight restrictions you WILL be able to fly them in the cabin. We've done this twice, once from the UK to Canada, and once within Canada domestic flight)
      I recommend KLM if you're  going to be flying them in the hold.
    • LaraDK
      @Ruan123Tools are expensive here. There are cheap options (don't think it would hold up to professional use though) and lots of sales, but if you need to hit the ground running, bring your stuff with you if it is good quality. I regret not bring more over and selling it for peanuts in SA. Travel insurance: if you are with a big scheme like Discovery, they will cover you for 90 days of international travel (not 3 months - literally 90 days from when you set foot on the plane in SA). That should tide you over until your provincial coverage starts, which seems to be about 3 months in most places? You will need to keep paying your usual monthly premium to get this cover (it is not standalone insurance). I looked into getting bridge cover (i.e. cancel SA medical aid and get local medical cover until the provincial plan kicked in) but it was cheaper to stay with Discovery and I got just about the same cover. There is a pet travel thread on the forum that you can search for but TL;DR KLM seems to be the preferred choice, although dogs are not allowed in the cabin as far as I know. Accommodation - Air BnB will probably be your cheapest option while you look. Don't rely on photos for renting a property - you must go see the place in person. I got quite a fright when I saw some of the places ... the photos posted online must have been taken a decade ago  I echo what others here have said about scammers. Use the realtor sites if you can.  Best of luck!
    • LaraDK
      @MargueriteEPlugs are quite easy to find here - Home Depot or Canadian Tire (like Builders Warehouse) will probably have what you need.  I changed over all my lamp plugs and they are just fine. The only thing I noticed is that the live and neutral wires are different colours here, so just make a note of that when switching over your plugs. If you are gathering electrical supplies though, you may want a few of these:  https://www.acdc.co.za/products/b22-e27-lamp-holder-adaptor?variant=30481328268 Turns out they don't have bayonet light bulbs here and almost all my lamps took those ... This sorted it out very cheaply (happy a friend from SA could bring these over on a visit - they are wayyy more expensive on amazon - plus shipping ....). 
    • M-N
      I don't think it matters.  I've got so many official (Canadian) documents that's in my maiden or married name. I've never really experienced any issues.   As long as you can prove your that person they don't care.  
    • AnelleR2008
      Its not for everyone, but those of us who do it, usually LOVE it. 

      This is our 18th year.   We still have 7 at home.
      Our eldest is studying a dual degree (Chemical Engineering and BioTechnology) at Ottawa U, our 18 year old should have finished grade 12 last year, but choose to do his final year over two years so he can work 30 hours a week and save up for a 2-3 year world trip with working holiday visas - the joys of having a Canadian passport

      The others are 15, 13, 12, 11, 9 and 7. 

      We really love homeschooling and everything that comes with it, even though it is harder where we live now (rural Nova Scotia) due to very, very few other homeschoolers and not as many resources;   we can't imagine anything else.