New Brunswick (NB)

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    • PhilipCX
      @Deirdre Huh, how does that work? The police clearance is in most cases not valid once COPR is issued as it only has a 6 month shelve life, but medicals? When does his COPR say he must land by? PS: When was his AOR?
    • Seth
      Even me hey... So close to the end and you see other people getting their PPR mails. Anxious.  But, here's hoping that the mail comes for all of us soon. Be strong guys, do things after work. That seems to work for me. I used to go climbing once a week, now I go 3 times a week. Drinks on Wednesdays... haha.   Keep strong all! Soon!💪
    • Deirdre
      Little bit of hope for us all, my friend's Medicals and police clearances expired in November 2019 They received PR last week without having to redo medicals and police clearances! 
    • Slippers
      @Theron Feeling the same way. Think the more days that go by, the more I check my emails and profile. 
    • Theron
      Our estimated date of completion is March 3 and the last we heard something was on September 17 when we passed our medicals. Getting anxious here because so many people who applied just before and after, and even on the same day, have received PPR emails. So I'm hoping ours comes soon! Good luck to everyone else still waiting as well