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  1. Anyone in Yellowknife at present?

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    • Sal
      @Amy GPlease can you tell me when you registered with WES for your diploma to be assessed, did you choose for it to be evaluated course-by-course or document-by-document?   I am thinking perhaps here could lie the difference in evaluations?
    • Gabriel Israel
      Congratulations and all the best going forward!!
    • Jules
      The only glitch is if the bags are searched and your parents are asked who are the items for? Could be an awkward confusing  discussion for your parents especially if they get quizzed by a difficult border control officer. Personally I wouldn’t bother to put the cart before the horse    
    • MaryJane
      Hiya @wensyb I’m assuming your parents are coming over as tourists and that these items will be part of their checked luggage for travel? I try to be prudent and advise most folks to hold off on sending goods over until after landing and you have your “goods to follow” document stamped at Customs to avoid unnecessary issues. In having said that, I personally don’t think there would be an issue sending smaller, low-value items over with people you know. Just make sure they are okay to bring it (and have an explanation) in case they are asked/searched at the airport. This is not norm but on occasion, it does happen. This is my 2c. The conundrum here is that these items are arriving early but will ultimately form part of your “goods to accompany/follow” later on anyway (i.e. what you import into Canada).
    • wensyb
      Hi Guys So we are busy getting ready to enter the EE pool, fairly confidant we will get drawn quickly.  My brother lives in Canada already and my folks are going to visit him next month. Would I be able to legally send a suitcase or 2 of things to Canada with them as they wont be using there complete luggage allocation? Thinking of send my childs books and sentimental goods.