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    • Amy G
      @Sal oh interesting!  I can’t remember but will look on my WES profile this eve to see if it sparks my memory... 
    • Amy G
      Last week we had someone phone RBC and successfully change my hubby’s details (address, contact number, email address). Even changed his email address to one ending in .co.za. But physical address given as USA.  We went into a branch to correct his details and RBC would not tell us how this happened (as in what details this person provided that verified his identity in order to be allowed to change personal information). All they said was that we would no longer be able to do anything telephonically due to this incident, which we were happy with.  Today my hubby received an automatic email notification stating that his online banking username had been changed.  He called the bank, apparently someone had just called in and changed his username and reset his password. He corrected it and added a 3 digit pin. How this was allowed again is confusing. In SA you would never be able to change these details without going in to a branch with proof of residence and ID.  Am freaked out, not really sure what to do about it  
    • Sal
      @Amy GPlease can you tell me when you registered with WES for your diploma to be assessed, did you choose for it to be evaluated course-by-course or document-by-document?   I am thinking perhaps here could lie the difference in evaluations?
    • Gabriel Israel
      Congratulations and all the best going forward!!
    • Jules
      The only glitch is if the bags are searched and your parents are asked who are the items for? Could be an awkward confusing  discussion for your parents especially if they get quizzed by a difficult border control officer. Personally I wouldn’t bother to put the cart before the horse