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  1. Anyone in Yellowknife at present?

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    • OutOfSa
      I think I have been converted to a Green , I can't argue against the idea that Cattle shouldn't be allowed to fart. And in other news! (I don't want to create controversy - but here's something that worries me...a little) A true well thought out green success: Scientists studied wind projects in Ontario for 10 years. They found that each wind turbine kills around 5 birds and 12 bats every year! There are 2 577 wind turbines in Ontario 2577 * 5 = 12 855 Birdies   and 2577 * 12 = 30 924 Batties / Year. (Just in Ontario). In the world there are 341 000 estimated turbines, so that's 1 750 000 Birds and 4 092 000 Bats, good riddance. Well, we all hate bats, 'cause they corona'd us in WoooooHAN, and who cares about birds anyway, all they do is tweet, and we all know twitter is rubbish. My conclusion is obviously, Green is far superior to carbon as at least the world will be bat free soon and there will be less poop on my car, BUT it (the world) will not end in 12 years !  Fortunately bats and birds have no place in nature or the eco-nomic system, and luckily "Birdie Scientist" don't get such big grants....  
    • Nettie
      I was recently advised that for Canada, you pay taxes based on residency (lots of information online re what constitutes residency for tax purposes). The situation however with US Citizenship, apparently, is that if you have US Citizenship, you have to pay taxes on foreign income, period. There are others on this forum who are more knowledgeable than me on  this topic. Being in a high demand job myself, I have also considered living and working in both countries. However, to keep your Canadian/Provincial Health Insurance (which seems to be the most prominent concern for Americans currently), you have to stay in Canada for x amount of days every year, which will make you inevitably a resident for tax purposes in Canada.  There are some people who work physically in the US, but are employed by Canadian companies. This will make you a US resident for tax purposes (remote work for tax purposes in the US is based on where the company is based, not where you live- information about 2 years old). Since it's tax season, I'm a bit more clued up, being a Canadian, working in the US right now. As I said, there are way more knowledgeable people on this forum. I believe @OutOfSa and @Jules may be able to better assist.   Imho 1) No 2) Yes, but they've taken away NAFTA. Not sure how that would work now. 3) Long term: Where will your kids settle? Are you and/or your wife prepared to be separated from them long term. Moving opens door for kids, but could also spread out families. In the US: What does your 401K look like? Have you paid into social security for 40 quarters? In Canada, you will have to pay into the CPP for ten years to receive benefits and also build up an RRSP, which may be challenging at your age. (No offence, I'm older than you)
    • Nettie
      I would suggest calling the airport where you are flying into for the most current information. Pearson in Toronto has been very helpful to someone I know and also very friendly. They had no problem finding a car, however, finding a place to stay to self-isolate was challenging. In the end they did find something. Nelline is right, you can order in and they will deliver to your door.  I just found helpful information from this webiste:    
    • M-N
    • Nabil
      Hi guys, Does anyone have any links to private companies helping with police clearance applications while outside of South Africa?    Thanks