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    • HoneyClare
      @Rfed it was so long ago cant remember the noc code, I had two I am a social worker, and in management, it only took two months at the time to get SNIP, once we were in the pool. That was a year ago already!    When you get the extra 600 points its an incredible moment.    We applied to Australia before Canada and it was way more expensive, Canada is very affordable 
    • Deirdre
      Thanks so much @LouiseV36 - doing all this tomorrow
    • LouiseV36
      I am in Durban and had to courier to PTA.  We used Postnet and sent it overnight (on a Thursady).  It got there Friday morning. We had to pay the one way courier package (R207.40) for each passport.  I did an EFT for each one and used passport numbers as reference.  Also we had to pay one package transmission because my youngest did not do biometrics. I put all the POP's in the envelope as well as the necessary consent forms for VFS so that the passports could be couriered back.  I have attached the consents. Shout if you need anymore help. null (1).pdf
    • Deirdre
      Hi Everyone We have to courier our passports to Vfs in PTA for our PR.  Do we pay courier to VAC and return to ourselves? Not much info in the email requesting passports - Just an address VFS Phone lines not working - also there is a VFS processing fee? They do not state is this is PER passport or once off for whole family? Any info would be welcome!   
    • LouiseV36
      And now you are in the hurry up and wait part. This was the worst part.  You will constantly check you CIC account.  And wait and wait and wait. But when you get that golden e-mail it is the best feeling in the world. All the best with this part.  Try not let it make you crazy.